Ebooks are long and boring. Discover what funnel type is working now & build it!

The Five Types of Funnels That Generate Leads & Sales

You’ve got leads to generate and an email list to build! But let’s be honest, coming up with unique ideas to create opt-in offers that convert is HARD.

Cheat sheets, PDFs, ebooks have all become so mundane that people ignore ’em all the time! You’ve gotta be creative to unlock true value for your potential customers.

In this video training, we show you five popular and proven funnel types that’ll drive more leads and sales with half the effort. Too good to be true? Well, find out!
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Why this training is worth your 10 minutes...

You know that your business needs funnels to get consistent leads. You know that introducing cold traffic to your products and trying to sell won't work. You must offer them something for free, capture emails and then build a relationship over emails.

But this isn't as simple as it sounds: We're in 2021 and people are no longer psyched about free ebooks!!
What you need instead are opt-in bribes that are working now and pulling people into sales funnels. In this point-by-point training, I show you the five funnel types that will work for you. 

The first one was deployed by a mental health coach very recently to create a wildly successful pre-launch hype! So what are you waiting for?

Start the video training now.
Tavleen Kaur

Knowing what people truly want is the first step to building something that converts.

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