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If you'd like to create captivating marketing pages in minutes, no matter what niche you're in.. without any frustrating coding or restrictions... and without spending yourself broke on another page builder service...

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Creating Stunning Web Pages That Convert Like Crazy Just Got Even Easier

photoHi. My name is Emilis Strimaitis (or just Emka). If you're anything like me, you hate pouring time and energy into creating squeeze pages, sales pages, and any other marketing page.

You likely don't have a big budget to spend on advertising (neither did I when I first started)...

So you need a quick and inexpensive tool to help you create compelling squeeze pages that will suck traffic into your funnel and give you the opt ins you need... Then you need spellbinding sales pages that convert your subscribers into customers...

But as I'm sure you're aware..

Every other tool on the market simply:

  • Isn't worth the high upfront investment or requires a costly monthly subscription service...
  • Limits what you can do and lacks customization options...
  • Or requires you to still learn complicated coding and hacker lingo just to get your page up and running over the course of weeks or months, NOT minutes...

Like you probably have as well, I finally got fed up with the lack of effective, efficient tools and trying to create high-converting squeeze pages, sales pages, and other marketing pages on my own, so I decided to do something about it.

I created funnelKit, a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily build ANY online page.

And people absolutely LOVED it.

Just Take A Peek At What Others Have To Say About The Original Plugin:

"This is a great product!"

Igor Kheifets

"Capture pages in just a couple of minutes!"

Dustin Custer

"It's really intuitive and simple to follow!"

Carolina Millan

"Create awesome awesome capture pages!"

Godsave Tichadini

Anyway, here's the deal:

I've got something different to show you today...

But I already know you're going to love it even more than the original!

You see, I've decided to redesign funnelKit and incorporate some tweaks and upgrades that make this plugin even easier to use – even if you're a complete newbie with zero technical skills.


I've made sure this plugin is lightning fast. I've "trimmed all the fat" so to speak and made this software so streamlined you won't believe how quickly and easily you can create your pages now. You'll have a captivating webinar sign-up, a spellbinding sales page, a lead-generating squeeze page, all in literally 5 minutes or even less.

In short: This redesigned plugin is now even better than ever.

More Speed, More Efficiency, More Features...
So You Can GO From Zero To Massive Online Profits FAST

Create Any Marketing Page In Minutes

Now you can build mobile-responsive webinar pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, downsells, upsells, and literally any marketing page you can dream up in just a matter of minutes, not weeks or months... so you can see cash-pulling results even faster!

Marketing Without Limits

Create unlimited, fully customizable, beautiful pages that captivate viewers – without any restrictions on the amount of visitors, number of clicks, etc.

Best of all...

You don't need any previous experience or technical know-how to do it!

Drag-And-Drop Builder Even Grandma Can Use

Get your pages online with just a few simple clicks thanks to our recreated drag-and-drop editor that gives you the stunning pages you want without ever touching html, css, javascript, or php.

Insane Conversion Power

Even though we've removed the unused functions that slowed down the original funnelKit plugin, this new, streamlined version still has all the same opt-in pulling power as the original... so you can effortlessly create marketing pages that convert as high as over 84%!

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

We've Asked Our Customers Why They Like FunnelKit:

I am a novice when it comes to using for marketing.  I was looking for something that was straightforward and easy to use.  That is why I like using funnelkit.  I still am a novice when it comes to using most tool, but funnelkit is one tool that I really enjoy using and one that made things easier for me.

Michelle Boyd
Michelle Boyd

I like using Funnel Kit for local clients because it generates geographically targeted pages that really look unique.

My clients love it!

Jim Galiano
Jim Galiano

I think Funnel Kit is the best of its kind. Easy to work with, beautiful and of course, the support desk is excellent!

Napat Sup
Napat Sup

We love funnelkit for its simplicity, because anyone can build a page without previous knowledge. We saw a friend using funnelKit and since then we use it too!

Sandra & Adri
Sandra & Adri

I purchased FunnelKit to get my salespage more easy to create, edit  and change if needed. I noticed that optin rate increased and  that resulted in better profitability of my campaigns.

Zoran Nedic
Zoran Nedic

Funnel Kit was my very first option at the point when I was getting started with internet marketing. It as good as ready to go. Worked perfectly for my business. Thanks Emka for making this available.

Abraham Anthony
Abraham Anthony

Ready To Start Building Lead-Generating,
Cash-Pulling Pages In Minutes?


funnelKit GO

The New And Improved Version Of Smart Marketers' Favorite WordPress Plugin For Automagically Creating Pages That Convert!

Order the new funnelKit GO today and discover:

Build Any
Marketing Pages

A SUPER EASY TO USE SOFTWARE that lets absolutely anybody build any marketing page you can envision – even if you're a complete beginner with no technical skills or experience!

Targeted Pages

The only WordPress plugin that offers the unique "GEOGRAPHICALLY TARGETED" PAGE function that allows you to show a map in the background of where your visitor lives... instantly creating a more personalized feel for your visitor and maximizing the conversion power of your page!

Use With Your WordPress

A plugin that runs on YOUR hosting so you can stay in COMPLETE CONTROL and run your biz the way it's supposed to be run!

Mobile Responsive Pages

Freedom from design restrictions and marketing limitations... Unlike other tools, this plugin puts you in the driver's seat and doesn't set any limitations on your pages so you can create the exact page you want... PLUS your PAGES ARE MOBILE RESPONSIVE!

Drag And Drop Editor

A RECREATED DRAG-AND-DROP EDITOR that makes it easier than ever to custom design your page by simply picking and choosing the parts you want then simply dropping them in place!

Super Easy To Use

A cleaner, MORE ATTRACTIVE and easier-to-navigate interface that has been streamlined in order to help you get your pages up and running faster than you ever dreamed possible!

And much, MUCH more!

Here's How The Easier, Faster, Better funnelKit GO Works:

Step 1: Background

Select your "geographically targeted" page background in the editor to display a map of your visitor's country/state/city whenever they land on your page for a more personalized feel.

This upgraded plugin also lets you customize the background by selecting satellite view, road view, images, and more!

Step 2: Layout

Choose the layout of your page in just seconds with this SUPER EASY editor that has fewer advanced settings to make your page building process much more efficient.

Just select full width or boxed width, decide if you want a background image, choose your border style, decide where you want the container and if you want an outer glow, then hit "next." There's no more getting tripped up on in-depth layout options that just slow down the process. This way you can start capturing leads and making sales faster!

Step 3: Opt-In

You'll love the new opt-in form builder that has received a face-lift as well to make your life even easier...

You can quickly create a stunning opt-in form just by copying and pasting into the editor that also supports every major autoresponder that lets you build html forms.

Step 4: Content

Creating the custom look and content of your page is as easy as paint by numbers thanks to the recreated drag-and-drop tool.

Use the builder to drag columns, text, opt-in forms, images, and more... PLUS this new version allows you to also easily rearrange the content of your page just by picking up the parts and moving them anywhere you want on the page. This is so easy and intuitive, any beginner can build their page in minutes using this software.

Step 5: Final Touch

Effortlessly put on the finishing touches of your beautiful, conversion-focused marketing page in this final step.

This is where you add meta keywords, name your page, insert JQuery exit messages that are unblockable pop-ups, and much more.

In this version, you can also disable the geographically targeted backgrounds function of your page in order to optimize your page load speed. You're also able to insert tracking codes for Facebook retargeting, Google analytics, and more in order to quickly and easily make your pages as efficient and effective as possible!

See For Yourself How Easy It Is To Create High-Converting Pages In No Time With funnelKit GO:

TIP!Don't settle for small video... Click the fullscreen button at the bottom right of the video player!

Here's How funnelKit GO Stacks Up Against The Competition:

Check Out These FABULOUS Pages We've Built For Our Business Using funnelKit GO:

Order Now and You'll Also Receive These 4 Video Trainings You Can Use To Explode Your Online Business... Absolutely FREE!

Inside this video, you'll learn how to get top-quality traffic by finding the best solo ad providers. I'll show you everything you need to know to make sure you don't get scammed and only pay for traffic that actually converts.

You'll be able to buy traffic with complete confidence knowing you'll get a great ROI once you learn the secrets to finding quality solo ad providers at great prices! Just watch this video, learn how to buy traffic to feed your funnel, and watch your leads and sales explode!

In this video training course, you'll discover everything you need to know about tracking and conversions (and integrating this into funnelKit GO) so that you can WIN the Internet marketing numbers game... instead of spending yourself broke on campaigns that flop.

Learn how to track clicks and conversions after you get the traffic from your quality solo ads so you can find out if the traffic really worked for your campaign and how well it converted.

Never touched WordPress? Don't know where to start using this plugin? No problem!

In this training, I'll take you from total beginner with ZERO marketing or technical experience to online marketing success story. You'll learn step by step how to get a domain name, set up hosting, connect all the pieces of the puzzle, install WordPress, and install and use funnelKit GO. This foolproof training video will have you up and running in just a matter of minutes – not weeks or months!

This training is also perfect for beginner marketers because I'll show you how you can start using autoresponders with funnelKit GO like a PRO to build your lists.

You'll discover how to build an email list from scratch by setting up an autoresponder account, connecting everything to funnelKit, how to build a webform, and how to start collecting a flood of fresh subscribers using your new plugin!

The New And Improved funnelKit GO Plugin PLUS These 4 Amazing Bonuses Valued At Over $168.00 For One, Low Investment

And I Want To Add A Solid GUARANTEE...

sealasThere are plenty of other software developers and marketing "gurus" out there who already think I'm insane for charging less than $30 for a plugin this powerful, efficient, and super easy to use...

But I don't care what they think. I want you to experience this plugin for yourself. And I want you to be able to do it with confidence.

That's why I'm backing funnelKit GO with 30 day money back guarantee.

Go ahead and download the new and improved funnelKit GO plugin today. Over the next 30 days, try out all the easy-to-use features and build any page you want, in any niche, in minutes.

If something is not working out, just let us know! We will give you a hand and help you get up and running with funnelKit GO! If it doesn’t work for you, and we cannot help you, and nothing can be done – we will give you your money back!

Does that sound fair?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a monthly recurring product?

    No! You only have to pay once for funnelKit GO and you’re set! You will also get updates and upgrades for free!

  • Are there any limits on page views or visitors?

    No! You can create unlimited pages and have unlimited amount of visitors. There’s only a limit of domain names you can use, but if you have Developers license you will be able to use it without any limits!

  • Is this a Wordpress plugin?

    Yes! funnelKit GO is a WordPress plugin – meaning you will be able to use it on your hosting, and there will be no limitations! If you’ve never used WordPress – that’s not a problem, because we have a special training that will teach you how to use it!

  • Do you provide customer support? Can I contact you with questions?

    Of course! You can always send us a ticket to our support center and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, the included tutorials answer most all questions.

It's Time To Make A Smart Investment In Your Business...

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