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Stop Losing Money On Ads Deploy One-Click Upsells

Create WooCommerce One Click Upsells & boost average order value by at least 15-20%

"How do I increase order value?"

When you search how to increase AOV, a bunch of tactics show up. 'Add cross-sells on product page', 'show a pop-up on cart', & many more. But what no one tells is pre-purchase tactics obstruct checkout flow & slash conversion rate.
Not post-purchase one-click upsells. It's your secret edge over competition that is still relying on random tactics.

How Post-Purchase One-Click Upsells work?

Step 1
Checkout Page
Your customer places the order so you secure the initial sale.
Step 2
One-Click Upsells
He’s shown appropriate upsells & downsells to accept with one click.
Step 3
Order Confirmation
Voila! You close the sale at a much higher order value & ROI.
"Seeing about a 40% increase in AOV!"
I knew that AOV is the most important metric for a business but I was struggling with it. I tried pop-ups & all kinds of tactics but nothing really worked. The opposite happened & there was a decrease in my conversion rate. After FunnelKit, we're seeing a 40-45% increase in our AOV. That's more than I could ever imagine!
Tom Hoah
Serial Entrepreneur

Create Irresistible Post-Purchase Offers That Convert

Use Upsell to create upsell funnel for global & product-specific checkouts.

Make relevant offers based on smart rule engine

Show different offers to different customers based on what they bought, how much they spent, the payment gateway used, and 16 other conditions.
Items bought
Your upsell will be most relevant when you know what the user bought.
First time buyers
Show different offers to first-time buyers and repeat customers.
Past purchases
Never annoy your customers. Skip offers if buyer has purchased product in the past.

Create upsell pages that look polished

Not being a trained designer should not come in the way of making your upsell pages look polished. Create gorgeous pages using one of three ways.
Upsell’s very own page-building tool with custom templates. Modify an existing template and launch your offer within minutes.
You get access to our pre-made Elementor templates & 10 widgets to create pages customers will love.
Your favorite page builder
Use shortcodes to create personalized offer pages. Works well with every page builder – Divi, Thrive, Oxygen & many more.

Track the performance of upsell funnels

Discover how your upsell funnels are performing and know how much revenue is being generated due to upsells.
Timeline view
The timeline tells you how long a user stayed on the page before accepting or rejecting the offer.
Major Earners
See which upsell has made you the most money in a defined time period. Scale it.
Compare funnels
See the conversion rate of every funnel and compare one against the other.

Show multiple upsells on a single page

Why make just one offer when you can give a choice? Deploying psychological techniques like the decoy effect and bundling can increase your uptake rate.
Psychological pricing
Ever bought the $7 large popcorns because the medium was $6 and the small was $3? Offering choice leads to a higher-order total.
List or Grid view
Choose how you want to show your offers. One next to the other i.e. grid format or one below the other i.e in the list format.
Mobile-optimized blocks
Offer blocks are 100% optimized for mobile which means mobile shoppers will love the experience just as much!
"...UpSell generated $18k in sales..."
We recently had an online course launch campaign over the last 7 days. That generated about $180,000 USD in sales. We offered a one-click upsells as well. And that generated almost $18,000 in sales. Nearly 10% of our profit came from a one-click upsell. Money that we never would have had if it were not for the work of your team!
Everything was flawless! We had two support issues that were resolved within hours. Thanks to the quick response of the team we never had ANY problems with the orders.
Matt Kloskowski

Optimize Revenue With Smart Options

Use these features to go beyond just upselling.

Dynamic Upselling

Create an upsell tree by connecting offers with each other. Decide which subsequent offer you wish to show based on the user’s acceptance or rejection of the previous offer. We call this dynamic upsell offer paths.
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A/B Testing

Eliminate guesswork with A/B testing. Know which offer converts better, at what price point, and with what messaging. The A/B testing module allows you to split your traffic into custom percentages and show them one of the variants.
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Purchase event pixels

We know how important it is for you to be able to understand how your ads are performing and attribute conversion. Upsell fires purchase event for the main order as well as the one-click upsells for accurate tracking.
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"If you care about money, make the switch!"
I’ve only known about XL Plugins, who’s built FunnelKit for about a month and I’m kicking myself to not researching earlier, cause they've been absolutely amazing to answer any questions I had prior to purchasing the plugin. The software the team has built here quite honestly blows any of their competitors out of the water in terms of One Click Upsells. If you care about money, make the switch!
Danny Neess

All the Impressive Features at a Glance

Here's everything you get with Upsell
Mobile-Optimized Templates
Choose from mobile responsive templates. Each template is showcases the upsell product attractively to get maximum conversions.
Unlimited Upsells
There is no cap-off limit on the number of upsells & downsells you can create or add to a funnel.
15+ Payment Gateways
FunnelKit is compatible with 15+ payment gateways that allow paying for upsells with one-click.
Dynamic Shipping
No need to worry about the shipping charges for the upsell offer, as the cost of that is included in the offer price.
Subscription Compatibility
Offer recurring-payment products to users, due to compatibility with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
Smart Offer Skip
Ensure that an upsell is skipped over if the product being offered was bought by the user in the past.
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Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Q1. Which gateways does one click upsell support?

Upsell one click upsells is compatible with Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, Square, CIM, Braintree, Mollie, NMI, COD, BACS, Cheque ,PayLike & eWay.

Q2. What's the difference between upsells and one-click upsells?

Upsells, in general, could be pre-purchase upsells. They are suggestions based on what the customer is browsing.
But one-click upsells are strictly time-bound upsell offers that you make after the user has submitted their credit card details for the main order, but before they’re directed to the thank you page.

Q3. Will I lose my initial sale, too, if someone doesn't accept my upsell offer?

No. The upsell offer is not shown until the initial sale is secured.
The payment for the initial sale gets deducted right away, and then the card is tokenized for the next payment, i.e., the upsell offers.

Q4. Do I need a developer or designer to create my upsell pages?

No. This is a huge advantage that Upsell enjoys over all other One-Click Upsell plugins that exist.
With Upsell, you get custom pre-built templates that you can edit in Elementor. You can use 10 special widgets to make your upsell page is optimized for conversions as possible.
If you want to build completely custom upsell pages from scratch, you can use Shortcodes to build those as well.

Q5. How is Upsell able to charge users with a single click?

Upsell uses your gateway plugin to send a tokenization request. The gateway returns a surrogate value or algorithmically generated number called a “token.” This token is stored in WooCommerce by your gateway plugin.
Upsell then creates a charge against that token if the buyer accepts an upsell offer.
Note: Upsell does not store sensitive credit card information; it only triggers the gateway plugin's tokenization process. The process is fully PCI compliant and is built right inside your gateway plugin.

Q6. Is Upsell compatible with variable products?

Yes! Upsell works well with variable products. This means you can show different product variations on your one-click pages, and your customers can add the variation they like with a single click.