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May 11, 2023

FunnelKit Automation Version 2.5 Is Live Now 🤩

We feel proud to announce that FunnelKit Automations version 2.5 is out now!

This update is packed with new features, integrations, and many precise improvements.

✔ Automated birthday reminders

✔ Enhanced delays with respect to event variables

✔ Conditional webhooks

✔ Integration with Advanced Coupons

✔ Integration with Formidable Forms

✔ Broadcast cancellation feature

And a whole lot more 🔥

👉 We have covered everything about FunnelKit Automations 2.5 in our detailed post.

March 13, 2023

Presenting FunnelKit Cart 🥳 Boost Sales with a Seamless Add-to-Cart Experience!

Stoked to announce the launch of the all-new FunnelKit Cart! A seamless slide-out cart experience.

FunnelKit Cart is a modern alternative to the traditional WooCommerce cart page experience. It gives you complete flexibility to create a seamless add-to-cart and checkout experience for your shoppers.

✅ A modern slide-in cart experience

✅ Relevant upsell offers right inside the cart

✅ Milestone-based reward system

✅ Complete cart customisation options

Read all about FunnelKit Cart today.

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