Introducing Funnel Builder 2.4: Take Your WooCommerce Checkout Pages To A Next Level

Editorial Team
October 3, 2022
Introducing Funnel Builder 2.4: Take Your WooCommerce Checkout Pages To A Next Level

Our WooCommerce checkout page solution continues to be the most popular and in-demand part of the entire funnel builder pack!

Hence this release, Funnel Builder version 2.4 - is a game-changer.

It makes checkouts by FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) even more powerful and modern.

As a WooCommerce user, who sells physical or digital products online - you're going to love every bit of this update.

Let's get started.

Feature 1: Smooth Store Checkout Flow

If you're a user of FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels), you know that it wasn't exactly a cakewalk to create a global checkout.

You'd first have to add a funnel, import all the steps, keep the WooCommerce checkout and thank you step and after customizing those pages - mark them as global from the main settings.

Now we've made the process of building store checkouts or global checkouts highly intuitive.

All you got to do is - access 'Store Checkout' from the WordPress menu.

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Access 'Store Checkout' from the WordPress menu

When you add a new checkout page here, Funnel Builder already knows that it's your new default WooCommerce checkout page!

You just have to click on 'Create Store Checkout' and start building your flow.

Click on 'Create Store Checkout'

You’ll get directed to the templates screen.

Choose your page builder and click on ‘Preview’ to select the template you want.

Choose your page builder and click on ‘Preview’ to select the template you want

This store checkout funnel has three steps: Checkout page, One Click Upsell and Thank You page.

Choose the number of steps you want on your WooCommerce checkout page and import the funnel.

Choose the number of steps you want on your checkout page and import the funnel

Next, enter the name of your store checkout funnel and hit ‘Add’.

Next, enter the name of your store checkout funnel and hit ‘Add’

Great! Your store checkout flow is ready.

You can now customize your checkout page design, modify the form fields, add optimizations, and more. Plus, you can do the same with your upsell and thank you page.

The process of customizing your funnels remains the same.

Once you’re done, hit the toggle on the top right to enable it.

Hit the toggle to active

Feature 2: Brand New Riveting Templates

The template library continues to evolve. As promised, it's an ever-expanding library.

So when you first signed up for Funnel Builder, you had a limited number of options at your disposal. But since then we've collaborated with top-notch designers to create conversion-friendly designs.

When you're using one of our templates you can be sure of leaving a great impression on the mind of your visitors.

  • New Lead Generation Funnel Templates - Incentive, Convention, Summit and Masterclass
Funnel Builder 2.4 - New lead generation funnel templates
  • New Sales Funnel Templates - Shoppe, Livewire, Courselog, BestTaste, Optic, and Hific
Funnel Builder 2.4 - New sales funnel templates

These templates are optimized for all types of devices and can be easily customized with different page builder tools.

Feature 3: Real-Time Email Validation

15% of emails collected on the checkout page are invalid. Capturing invalid emails means you cannot reach out to abandoned cart users, can't send order confirmation emails, build post-purchase relationships, and more.

FunnelKit checkouts always had the email validation feature. The only difference was - when you tried submitting the form, the error message popped up.

But that's not the case anymore!

Now the moment a user enters their email and clicks away from the box, an error message appears in case the email is wrong or there's a typo.

Take a look:

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Email validation on the checkout form

Feature 4: Phone Field Validation and Country Flags

Our goal is to make your WooCommerce checkout page look classy and modern. Of course, it needs to be very intuitive and functional.

Keeping that in mind, we now have a small country flag image right next to the phone input field.

You can enable the phone field country flags and validation from the 'Optimizations' tab when customizing your checkout page.

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Enable the Phone Field Validation and Country Flags

Having a small country flag next to the phone field reassures the users and auto-selects the country code for them when they select their country.

Phone field country flags

Also, the validation checks the phone field for errors or wrong inputs and immediately notifies them with a “Please enter a valid phone number” message.

Phone field validation

Feature 5: Checkout Button Enhancements

Funnel Builder version 2.4 is packed with several checkout button enhancements to make it more appealing than ever.

Ability to add the button text and subtext

We have provided the customization feature to add or customize the text/subtext of the checkout button.

You can add any text to reassure your users of their purchase.

Add the checkout button text and subtext

Show total price and icon on the Checkout button

You can now show the total cart price and icon on your checkout button.

Just enable the icon and price when editing your Checkout Form widget.

Show total price and icon on the Checkout button

It gives a visual confirmation to the users about the exact amount that’ll be deducted, further leaving no scope for any confusion or mistake.

Add text below the buy button on the Checkout page

We have provided the option to add or customize the text below the checkout button.

You can use this space to reassure your users about secure payments or privacy policies.

Add the text below the buy button on the checkout page

We have made all the customization possible for you so that your users always leave your store with a purchase.

Feature 6: Modern Element Loaders

Your checkout should give a premium feel and seamless experience to your users.

Therefore, we have modified the element loaders on the checkout pages. All the dynamic elements on the checkout pages now load in a new, modern style. 

Earlier we had a traditional spinning wheel whenever the checkout page got loaded or users interacted with it. 

But all of it changes from now.

Modern element loaders on the checkout page

Feature 7: Processing Order Loader

We have introduced the processing order loader to provide you with a seamless checkout experience.

Now your users don't have to double guess if they have clicked on the 'Buy' button anymore.

They will now be able to see a visual message about their order being processed once they hit the 'Purchase' button.

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Process Loader Intimation

Feature 8: Template Customization Options

Shouldn’t there be one section where can I manage the complete customization of the checkout page?

You GOT it 👍

We have provided some new global settings related to customizing the fonts, primary color, content color, and more on your checkout page design.

Earlier, you had to visit separate tabs to change the font and colors for different sections such as buttons, paragraphs, sections, etc.

But all this changes now with the FunnelKit Funnel Builder 2.4.

You just have to go to the checkout form widget and configure the ‘Style’ options.

Go to the checkout form widget and configure the ‘Style’ options

Let’s say, you want to change the font of your checkout form entirely - just change the ‘Font Family’.

As you can see we have changed our font on the checkout form:

Changed the font family on your checkout form

You can even change the primary colors as well as subtext colors of all the buttons on your checkout page through one single setting.

Change the primary colors through global settings

Furthermore, you can change the primary colors and it'll get reflected on all the elements such as radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. on your checkout form.

Change the primary colors on the checkout form

Feature 9: Ability to Run Upsells and Order Bumps Without the Checkout Page

We always strive to provide you with the freedom to do things in your style.

That’s why you now have the freedom to run one-click upsells and order bumps on your store with the help of rules.

No checkout page required!

Set up your upsells and bump offers to make them run on your Existing Native WooCommerce Checkout page.

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Ability to run Upsells and Order Bumps Without the Checkout Page

Feature 10: Introduction of New Sections

With the FunnelKit Funnel Builder 2.4, we have now introduced the 'Setup and Help' section and the 'Automations' tab.

#1: Setup and Help

We have added the ‘Setup and Help’ section to help our users when they come across any sort of trouble while using the FunnelKit Funnel Builder.

Here, you get the ‘Getting Started’ section that will assist you to create sales funnels step-by-step.

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Setup and help section

Furthermore, we have provided the option to contact our Support team, join our community and explore our documentation, blogs or video tutorials right from this section.

#2: Automations

We have now added the 'Automations' tab on the Funnel Builder that lets you try and test automated workflows for free.

This tab makes it easier to install and activate FunnelKit Automations right from this tab.

You can now use all the free recipes, import them or create your automations from scratch and run them on your store.

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Automations tab

Please note that it's just the Lite version - You need to upgrade to FunnelKit Automations Pro if want to use the premium features.

Feature 11: Other Minor WooCommerce Checkout Enhancements

We have introduced some minor UI improvements throughout our checkout pages to add a modern feel to them.

#1: Coupon Section

The 'Apply Coupon' button gets active whenever users start typing anything (or pasting a coupon code) there.

Apply the coupon code

We have also made improvements to style the message display when a coupon gets applied:

Coupon applied successfully

#2: Multistep Field Preview on Mobile

We have done a minor enhancement to style the multistep field preview on WooCommerce checkout pages for mobile devices.

Take a look:

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Multistep Field Preview on Mobile

#3: Floating Checkout Form Fields

We have added a floating effect on every field of your checkout form so that it looks smooth.

You just have to start entering any details on your checkout form and you can see the difference:

Funnel Builder 2.4 - Floating Checkout Form Fields

There are many other minor enhancements that are difficult to list here but we're sure you'll notice them once you start setting up your checkout pages with the Funnel Builder.

Do let us know which one's your favorite! 😊

Are You Up For It?

Well, there you have it!

These were the 11 new features included in the Funnel Builder Version 2.4.

Each of these features has been developed to provide you with a seamless funnel-building experience that gets you more sales and conversions than ever before.

Plus, your checkout page looks premium and smooth.

That's why we recommend you update to the latest version of the FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) Funnel Builder from the dashboard.

Or if you’re not a Funnel Builder user yet, get it now >>

Author: Editorial Team
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