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How to Offer WooCommerce Upsells to Boost AOV: 5 Easy Methods

Editorial Team
February 16, 2024
How to Offer WooCommerce Upsells to Boost AOV: 5 Easy Methods

WooCommerce upsells help increase the average order value in your online store.

Are you struggling to boost your WooCommerce store's average order value?

You're not alone. Many Ecommerce store owners often struggle to increase sales.

However, you can change the game by offering WooCommerce upsells.

This blog will show how you can upsell products in WooCommerce while ensuring a good user experience, starting from the product page to post-purchase upsell. 

Upselling can help increase your revenue by 10% to 30%. Moreover, it provides a substantial cost benefit, as it is 68% more budget-friendly compared to acquiring a new customer.

Here, we will show 5 ways of offering WooCommerce upsell:

Let's get started.

What are Woocommerce Upsells?

WooCommerce upsells are additional or upgraded products that are offered to customers in addition to their initial purchase. 

The goal is to encourage customers to spend more by presenting them with enticing offers that complement or enhance their original purchase.

Your upsell offers should perfectly complement the user's primary purchase, and that is what would make them hard to reject. 

You can upsell products by offering complementary items or suggesting upgrades. You can also offer exclusive discounts on upsells to encourage shoppers to buy them on top of their initial product.

The key is to present upsells that align with the customer's needs and preferences, providing them with valuable options that enhance their overall shopping experience.

Imagine someone is about to buy shoes. You could suggest adding socks too. It'll make wearing the shoes even better, so they'll probably say yes.

Another example is when someone is getting a new smartphone. You could offer a fancier phone with better features, or a better charger.

Note: You can offer multiple WooCommerce upsells as well.

This is how a typical WooCommerce upsell page looks (Persuader template for Elementor, by FunnelKit):

WooCommerce One-Click Upsells preview

A convincing image with a short, interesting copy that explains the product is what sells it. Add some testimonials to it, and you've got an attractive and high-converting upsell.

But the question is, why do you even need such WooCommerce upsells in the first place? That's exactly what we have discussed in the next section.

Why Should You Implement Upselling Strategy in Your WooCommerce Store?

Implementing an effective upselling strategy in WooCommerce can bring significant benefits to your business:

  • Higher Average Value: By making relevant and well-timed offers, you increase the chances of closing each purchase at a greater order value.
  • Better Customer Experience: Users discover products they may not know about before. Also, offering them the power to accept or reject the offers with a single click makes the experience even better.
  • Personalized Experience: Tailor out the upsell offers based on the items bought, past purchases, order total, and more. This ensures that each customer gets personalized suggestions.
  • Customized Funnel Path: Strategically linking and showcasing offers based on customer behavior in real time gives users a sense of control and personalization when shopping.

FunnelKit Funnel Builder: The Only Plugin You Need to Offer Upsells in WooCommerce

"I knew that AOV is the most important metric for a business and pop-ups & all kinds of tactics - but nothing really worked. The opposite happened & there was a decrease in my conversion rate

After FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels), we are seeing a 40-50% increase in our AOV.

That's more than I could ever imagine.

Tom Hoah
Serial Entrepreneur

Like Tom Hoah,  20,000+ stores use FunnelKit Funnel Builder to increase their sales and revenue with upsells. This is the ultimate sales funnel builder plugin for WordPress. It aims to maximize store owners' revenue by offering mini cart upsell and one-click post-purchase upsell features.

Moreover, this WooCommerce upsell plugin is easy to use and also offers in-depth analytics so you can keep track of how your upsells are performing. 

So, before we start the process, make sure to install and activate the FunnelKit Funnel Builder. 

Note: If you need help activating the Funnel Builder Pro, then you can go through our detailed read-the-installation guide.

Method 1: How to Set Up Upsells on the WooCommerce product page

In WooCommerce, you can link different products as upsell and show them on the product page. You can add multiple products as upsell.
For that, go to any product and scroll down to the “Product Data” section. After that, move to the “Linked Products” tab.

go to linked products

Now on the Upsells tab, search for the product and add it as an upsell. As mentioned before, you can add as many upsells as you want. 

show upsell without a WooCommerce upsell plugin

After adding the upsell products, make sure to hit “Update” the product settings. Now you should see the upsell products on the product page shown below:

Now you know how to upsell on the product page. But how about once the user adds the product to the cart? 

Well, then, you can offer to upsell on the sliding mini cart, which we will cover in the next section.

Method 2: How to Offer WooCommerce Upsells and Cross-sells in a Slide-in Mini Shopping Cart

We are going to use FunnelKit Cart by FunnelKit for this section. This WooCommerce plugin allows you to add a slide-in cart to your WooCommerce store and offer to upsell and cross-sell products inside the shopping cart. 

Customers can add upsell products to their cart and update or remove any item from the cart from anywhere on the website without going to the default WooCommerce cart page. 

Note:  You get the basic version of this woocommerce upsells plugin for free. However,  You need to install FunnelKit Pro (plus and above) to use FunnelKit Cart and set up upsells and other premium features like a mile-stone-based reward system.

Follow these steps to offer WooCommerce upsells and cross-sell products on a slide-in mini shopping cart:

How to Offer WooCommerce Upsells to Boost AOV: 5 Easy Methods

Step 1: Enable the slide-in cart by FunnelKit

The first step is to enable the slide-in cart by FunnelKit. Go to FunnelKit ⇒ Cart and turn on the “Enable Cart” option to turn on the mini cart. 

enable cart to offer WooCommerce upsells

After that, you can configure different settings, such as cart visibility, icon position, cart heading, coupon field, etc.

Along with the general settings, you also get different options related to  Coupon Field, Cart Summary, checkout section, and empty cart. Configure them as per your requirements.

Note: For more details on how to customize the mini cart option, read our blog “How To Create A WooCommerce Mini Cart

Step 2: Enable the WooCommerce cart upsell

To enable the Upsells option, go to the Upsells tab and turn on the “Enable Cart Upsells” option.

enable upsell options

Step 3: Choose from different skins to display your WooCommerce upsells

Now you can choose the display style for your WooCommerce cart upsells. You get five different styles to choose from.  

🔔 Note: In all the styles, each related product shows up with a product image, price, an add-to-cart button, and a small form where the user can select or update the quantity.

After choosing how you want to display your recommended products, customize the following:

  • Product Recommendation Type:  Recommend different products as upsells, cross-sells, or both. Here we are going to choose to upsell to offer related products.
  • Heading: The default heading option is "Frequently Bought Together". Here you can change it and provide the heading you want to display above the product recommendation section.
  • Show Maximum Upsells: Specify the maximum number of items you want to display as WooCommerce upsell products.
upsell settings woocommerce upsell plugin

Step 4: Add default upsells

In the “Default Upsells” option, you can add products that will show up as upsells if the individual products don’t have any upsells assigned to them. 

You can just search products by their names and add them to the default upsell. You can add as many products as default upsell as you want.

default upsells products on your woocommerce store

Step 5: Add upsells and cross-sells to individual products

FunnelKit provides a sleek interface to add upsell and cross-sell products from the Cart settings. You no longer have to go to the individual product page to add upsell products. 

Under the “Upsells and Cross-sells” section, you will find your WooCommerce products. Now expand the section, you will find the option to add both upsell and cross-sell. 

1 click upsell woocommerce to latest product

To find any product, click on the “View All Product” option. Now search for the product for which you want to add upsell. Then expand the product, click on “Add Upsell”, search and add the product.

And that’s it! This is how you can add your upsells without visiting the product pages in WooCommerce. 

Here is how the upsell will show up on the front end in a mini cart.

That’s how easy it is to offer to upsell in WooCommerce mini shopping carts.

Let’s check out how you can offer a one-click upsell after checkout. 

Method 3: How to Offer Order Bump as Upsells on the WooCommerce Checkout page

You can offer upsells on the checkout page as order bumps. Order bumps are low-dollar offers that users can add to their order with just one click just before they checkout.

To offer an order bump, we are going to use a sales funnel where you can set the original product and the order bump product against it.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Create a sales funnel using a pre-built template  

To create a sales funnel, go to FunnelKit Funnel Builder ⇒ Funnels and click on ‘Create New Funnel’.

Add a new sales funnel to offer upsell and cross sell products

After that, choose the page builder of your preference. Now to choose the template you like, just hover on it and click on Preview.

We are going to use the Livewire template here. This template has three steps:

preview livewire template

To import this template, choose the steps you want on your checkout page. After that click on the “Import This Funnel” button, provide a name, and click on Done. 

import livewire as WooCommerce upsell funnel

This will import your sales funnel with the three steps mentioned above. 

Step 2: Add products to the checkout page 

Now we are going to add products to the checkout page. As we're setting up a product-specific checkout, we will demonstrate the process of setting up a 1 click upsell for WooCommerce in reference to our checkout product in the upcoming steps.

Note: You can also customize the look and feel of the checkout template to style your checkout pages like

To add the product to the checkout page, first, click on the checkout template.

click on checkout to customize the checkout page

Now click on the “Edit Elementor Template” option to customize the content of the checkout page.

edit livewire checkout template with Elementor

Now to add products, move to the Product tab. From there, click on Add Product - search for the product, select it, and hit the 'Add' button.

add main product Apple iPhone 14 pro max

This will add the product to the checkout page. If you want you can add discounts to the product. 

Make sure to click on 'Save’ to update any changes you make.

add discount to main offer apple 14 pro max

Step 3: Add order bump as upsell

You can also offer complementary items as an order bump on the checkout page. First, you need to add an order bump step. For that, click “Add Order Bump”, provide a title, and hit the Add button.

create order bump step to offer order bump as Woo upsells

Now choose an order bump skin and click on Import. 

import order bump skin

Search, and add the product you want to offer as an order bump. Finally, click on “Add”.

add iphone cover as order bump

Customize the content like Call To Action Text, Description, etc. You can also add an exclusive offer text.

iphone cover order bump content

Move to the Products tab. Here you can add multiple products as order bumps. Moreover, You can offer a discount on your order bump if you want. Make sure to click on “Save”.

add discount to iphone cover

Here is how your order bump will look on the front end:

preview checkout page with order bump upsell

For more details, you can read our blog “How to add order bumps in WooCommerce".

You can offer users upsell right after the checkout. To find out how to move to the next section.

Note: You can also read our blog “Order Bump v/s One-click Upsells: What's The Difference Between The Two?

Method 4: How to Offer Post-Purchase One-Click WooCommerce Upsells

When it comes to post-purchase one-click upsells, it’s important that you provide personalized offers so users find them irresistible. 

We are going to offer one-click upsell using the same funnel we used to offer order bumps using FunnelKit. 

Let's start

Customize the WooCommerce upsell template

First, we need to customize the upsell template. To do so you need to return to your sales funnel and click on the “Offer” step.

click on offer WooCommerce upsell

Now it’s time to customize the content of your upsell page. For that, click on “Edit Elementor Template”.

Edit WooCommerce upsells with Edit Elementor Template option

To customize any content, for example, click on the section, and on the left, under the content tab, you will find the option to customize the content. 

For example, we have updated the logo here.

update logo upsell page

You can also add content if you want. 

After making all the changes, click on Update to save. 

Add the upsell offer 

Now make sure, you are on the Products tab, then click on “Add Product” product, and like you added products to the checkout page, add the product to the upsell. 

add magsafe as one click upsell

If you want, you can offer a discount on your upsell products.

Here we’re configuring a 20% discount to make our upsell offer attractive. You can also control product selection settings. Here we will skip this upsell offer if users already have the item in their cart. And we will also allow users to choose the quantity of the item they want to purchase. 

magsafe upsell discount offer and product selection settings

Make sure to click on “Save” to update.

Here is a preview of the Upsell offer. 

upsell page preview

After making changes to the upsell page, you can custom design your order confirmation or thank you page as well. For that, read our blog “How to Create Woocommerce Custom Thank You Page

And that’s it, your sales funnel is ready with a proper upsell page and discount on the upsell.

But what about after your customer leaves your site? How do you offer them upsell if they have left your website without upselling? 

We will cover this in the next section.

Note: With FunnelKit, you can add a mini cart on the WooCommerce checkout page as well and showcase the cart items you would display on the cart page. To learn more details check our blog “How to add mini cart in WooCommerce checkout page.

Method 5: How to Suggest WooCommerce Upsells in Post-Purchase Emails

We will use FunnelKit Automations to send users a post-purchase email with upsell offers. This ultimate automated email marketing tool lets you set up trigger-based email campaigns.

Let’s check how you can send email to users after they make a purchase with relevant upsell offers:

Let’s start.

Step 1: Install and activate FunnelKit Automations

First, you need to install and activate FunnelKit Automations. FunnelKit is available in both the free and premium versions. Make sure to activate both versions.

Step 2: Add a new automation

The first step is to create a new automation. For that, navigate to FunnelKit Automations ⇒ Automations (Next Gen) and then click on ‘Create Automation’.

add new automations

After that, click on the “Post-Purchase Sequence” pre-built recipe.

click on post-purchae sequence

To import this template, click on " Import, " provide a name, and click Create.

create post purchase upsell automation

This recipe will get triggered every time someone places an order and send them a thank you email after 1 minute of delay. 
Note: We will customize the email and send upsell offer in the thank you email.

email recipe

Step 3: Customize email and add upsell offers 

To customize the email, click on the step.

click on the email to edit it post purchase email

Now customize your email subject line and preview text. You can add customer information such as the customer's first name to personalize the experience using a merge tag

customize subject and preview

After that, you can customize the body content and add relevant upsell products using the merge tag “Order Cross-sells”.

add cross sell to offer upsell in post purchase email

After creating your email, click on “Save & Close”.

Step 4: Activate the automation to send post-purchase to upsell recommendations

The final step is to activate the automation. For that just turn on the toggle button in the top-right corner. 

And that’s it your automation is ready. Now whenever someone orders from your store, he will receive an email with all the upsell product recommendations, as shown below:

screencapture-mapost purchase upsell email preview

For more details on post-purchase email, read our blog “How to send WooCommerce post-purchase email”.

Excited to Add WooCommerce Upsells to Your Arsenal?!

Now, wasn't that easy?

WooCommerce Upsells help a lot in increasing your store's order value. And with FunnelKit, you can offer upsells throughout the shopping process on your WooCommerce store, allowing you to maximize revenue. 

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Just like Griffin, you can also have a higher revenue rate with easily customized and conversion-optimized FunnelKit Upsells.

FunnelKit is the best upsell plugin for woocommerce helps you to build irresistible upsell offers and present them to your users at different points in their shopping journey. 

FunnelKit’s Funnel Builder lets you set up and offer WooCommerce upsells to your shoppers inside the shopping cart, on the checkout, and after the checkout.

While FunnelKit Automations lets you set up and offer upsells via emails to your customers.

And the best part, FunnelKit does so while making sure your users have the best shopping experience.

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