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WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value

Editorial Team
April 5, 2023
WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value

Did you know that a WooCommerce cart upsell can increase the average order value of your store?

Have you ever gone shopping to buy a product with a budget but ended up buying more additional products? For example, you bought a phone but also ended up buying the phone cover with it?

Or you went to buy a phone with a certain budget but ended up buying a more expensive one with more features?

Well, that’s upselling for you.

Upselling is the practice of offering higher value or additional products to the user with the aim to improve average order value.

However, offering upsell products on the traditional cart page is not the most user-friendly way to do it. Because this way, users have to navigate to the cart page before they can see the recommended products.

Introducing a WooCommerce slide-in cart to your store can solve this issue as it allows you to offer the recommended products on the cart itself. And the best part is users can access this WooCommerce mini cart from anywhere on the site without going to the cart page.

In this blog, we will show you how you can offer upsell products on the WooCommerce slide cart to improve AOV. In addition, we will also share how you can increase your upsell rate.

Here's a short video tutorial to set up the WooCommerce cart upsell recommendations in your store:

WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value

Why offer WooCommerce Cart Upsells?

With WooCommerce cart upsell, you can offer upsell and cross-sell products on the slide-in mini cart. Suggesting upsell and cross-sell offers via mini cart (slide-in cart) is a sure-shot way to boost AOV. 

  • Promote related products without being pushy

Cart upsells ensure a seamless customer experience as users don’t have to click and navigate to multiple pages to find products. You also get to promote your products while ensuring a customer experiences a smooth shopping journey.

  • Encourage users to place high-value order

When users buy a more expensive product or an additional product from upsell recommendations, it increases their average order value. So, if you want to boost average order value, you should offer WooCommerce cart upsells.

  • Lower customer acquisition cost

While upselling increases order value,  the cost of acquisition stays the same. This way you can generate more revenue at a low cost of acquisition.

How to add Upsell and Cross-sell to WooCommerce cart?

To add upsell on the WooCommerce slide cart, we are going to use WooCommerce Cart by FunnelKit.

With this WooCommerce plugin, users will be able to see a mini cart icon. When they click on it, they can view a sliding cart showing them all the carted items, cart total, discount form, etc. Here, a user can also view related items as product recommendations that can be added to the cart with a single click

Moreover, users can directly go to the checkout page from the mini cart just by clicking on a button.

Another good thing is the shop cart can be accessed from anywhere on the website.

WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value
  • Easily Customizable: You can easily set up a slide-in cart on your WooCommerce store using this plugin. Moreover, changing the style of the mini cart, such as the color and position of different elements, is also super easy.
  • Offer upsell on the Cart: You can offer relevant recommendations such as upsells and cross-sell on the cart. Customers can directly add upsell products to the cart and see updated cart totals instantly.
  • Rewards system: You can also add WooCommerce rewards using this WordPress plugin. You can incentivize the audience based on their cart totals in the form of free shipping, discount coupon and free gift.
  • Multilingual Compatibility: FunnelKit Cart is compatible with multilingual plugins such as WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress and Weglot. Even if your website is multilingual or is in any other language than English, you can use this plugin.
  • Shows order total on the cart: As the cart shows the total order cost the whole time, users won’t get anxious trying to calculate the order total. Thus, they can enjoy anxiety-free shopping.

🔔 If you want to learn more about FunnelKit WooCommerce Cart, you can check our blog introducing WooCommerce Cart by FunnelKit.

You can also check the video below:

WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value

Step 1: Install and activate FunnelKit 

You need to install and activate FunnelKit Funnel Builder. The upsell feature is available to all users of the FunnelKit Plus plan and above. So, make sure you are using a plus plan or above.

You can install the free version from In case you need help activating FunnelKit, check our installation guide.

Step 2: Enable and customize the look of the WooCommerce slide in cart

Navigate to FunnelKit ⇒ Cart and enable the “Enable Cart” option to turn on the mini cart.

 enable the “Enable Cart”

After that, customize the general settings, such as 

  • Icon Visibility: This option will decide on which pages the WooCommerce slide cart will be visible. You get three options: Entire Website, WooCommerce Pages and None.
  • Icon Position: Here, you can choose the icon position as bottom left or bottom right.
  • Cart Heading: Write the text you want to show up on the cart heading. 
  • Hide Cart Icon: Enable this option to hide the cart icon.
  • Auto Open Side Cart: Enabling this option will automatically open the WooCommerce site cart.
navigate to funnelKit cart - WooCommerce cart upsell plugin

Like general settings, you can customize different settings related to Coupon Field, Cart Summary, checkout section and empty cart.

Step 3: Enable the WooCommerce cart upsell

To enable the Upsells option, go to the Upsells tab and turn on the “Enable Cart Upsells” option.

turn on upsell option WooCommerce upsell in cart

Step 4 : Choose from different skins

Now you can choose the display style for your WooCommerce cart upsell. You get five different styles to choose from.  

With Style One, the Upsell product section shows up below the cart products. The upsell products come up as a slider. Style 2  is pretty similar to Style 1 except in this version each slide contains two upsell products. 

With Style 3, the upsell shows up on the left vertically. This gives users a clear view of all upsell products at once.  Style 4 displays the upsell product section after the checkout button. In this style the upsell products show up in a slider like style 1.

Lastly, Style 5 is similar to style 4 but here each slider displays two upsell or cross-sell products.

🔔 Note: In all the styles, each related product shows up with a product image, price, an add-to-cart button, and a small form where the user can select or update the quantity.

WooCommerce slide-in cart WooCommerce upsell plugins

You can choose the style you like best.

Step 5: Easily manage cart upsells and cross-sells

After choosing how you want to display your recommended products, customize the following:

  • Product Recommendation Type:  You can choose to recommend product upsells or cross sells; or both. 
  • Heading: Provide the heading that will show up above the product recommendation section. The default option is "Frequently Bought Together".
  • Show Maximum Upsells: Here you will decide the maximum amount of product you want to display as upsell products. 
product recommendation type

Add default upsells

In the “Default Upsells” option, you can add products that will show up as upsell recommendations in case the existing cart products don’t have any upsell products assigned to them.

You can just search products by name and add them to the default upsell in Woo.

default upsells settings of FunnelKit Cart post purchase upsell

Set up individual upsells and cross-sells

As you probably know, you can add upsell and cross-sell products from the WooCommerce product page. However, the FunnelKit Cart team has designed a sleek interface that allows you to add upsell and cross-sell to products from the cart setup page itself. So, you don’t have to go back and forth to the products page to upsell and cross products.

To add upsell or cross to any product from the Funnel Cart page, click on the “View All Products” link.

click on view all products from all products categories

After that, you will see a sleek modal where you can either scroll down to find the product or search for the product using the search option.

search for upsell or cross sell products

Now, if you expand the product section, you can see all the upsell and cross-sell products assigned to that person.

upsell and cross sell products

If you want to add more upsell products, you can do so by clicking on the “Add Upsell” button. Then, search for the product and choose the product from the suggested dropdown. After that, click on “Add” to add the product as an upsell product.

🔔 Note: You can also add variable products to your upsell and cross-sell. This way, the buyer can choose the variable of the product they want to buy right inside the cart.

Add upsell to product

You can add as many upsell products as you want using the same process.

🔔 Note: You can add cross-sell products the same way.

Click on the X icon on the top right to close the modal. Now click the Save button to update the settings you just modified. You can click on the “Preview on Page” button to see how your WooCommerce cart upsell product looks.

click and see preview cart upsell woocommerce

Here is a preview of how the upsell looks:

cart upsell for woocommerce

Offer Rewards on WooCommerce Cart For Higher Upsell Rate 

Another effective trick you can use to attain a higher upsell rate and thus improve order value is to offer rewards to users.

For example, you can offer free shopping if the product is worth a certain amount. You can also offer a discount on the order total if it exceeds a certain amount and so on. 

You can easily implement such WooCommerce reward systems on your online store with FunnelKit Cart. With this plugin, you can offer three types of rewards : 

  • Free Shipping
  • Discount and
  • Free Gift

Now, let’s have a look at how you can set up each of these rewards on your WooCommerce store. 

Free Shipping

You need to configure free shipping from the settings link provided. After that, you need to provide:

  • Icon Title: This text will be displayed when the user hovers over the first reward icon.
  • Message: Here, you will show the messages like how much more amount they need to spend to avail free shipping. You can use the {{remaining_amount}}  merge tag to dynamically display the remaining amount that needs to be added to the cart to avail of the free shopping.
free shipping reward one


After free shipping, you can offer a discount to your user if they increase their order value to a certain amount. To set discounts as rewards, you need to do the following:

  • Type:  Choose the reward type as a discount.
  • Icon Title: Provide the title that will show up when someone hovers over the icon.
  • Message: Messaging tells how much more they need to spend and how much percentage of discount they will enjoy if they do. 
  • Amount to Get Reward:  Set the amount that their order total needs to meet to avail this discount. 
  • Coupon: Provide the coupon code here. However, you need to create the coupon manually using WooCommerce default feature.
discount reward system of FunnelKit Cart

Free Gift

After offering a discount, you can tempt your users to increase their order value to avail a free gift. That's an effective way to increase order value.

To set up free gift, you need to set up the following:

  • Type:  Choose type as Free Gift.
  • Icon Title: Provide the text for the icon title.
  • Message: A message encouraging them to increase their order total to unlock the gift. You can display the remaining amount using the {{remaining_amount}} tag.
  • Amount to Get Reward: The total amount of orders they need to add to the cart to avail the reward.
  • Product: Add the products that users will get as free gifts.
free gift reward WooCommerce reward system

After doing the setup, click on the Save button to update.

Here is a preview of how the WooCommerce rewards system will show up on the user end:

reward preview updates

Now, users on your website will be motivated to increase order value to avail the rewards you offer. And you have your own way of enjoying high average order value.

You can check out the whole process in this video 👇

WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value

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Then read our blog "How to Offer WooCommerce Upsells to Boost AOV: 5 Easy Methods"

Ready to Use WooCommerce Cart Upsell?

You can use FunnelKit's WooCommerce cart upsell to increase order value while lowering client acquisition costs. On top of that, using the reward system will encourage people to buy more upsell products from your store.

Besides, the rewards system gamifies the shopping process, making it more enjoyable. As a result, customers are excited to shop at your store.

Not just that, FunnelKit also makes store owners' job of offering related products super easy with its sleek interface. Store owners can add upsell and cross-sell products without leaving the slide cart set-up page.

So, are you ready to boost the average order value of your site with WooCommerce cart upsell?

Author: Editorial Team
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