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By Editorial Team Apr 24, 2024

Introducing Funnel Builder 3.0: Revolutionary Sales Funnel Updates

We've got big news! We're so thrilled to announce that the FunnelKit Funnel Builder - the most powerful sales funnel builder has got a massive update. Introducing the Funnel Builder 3.0! FunnelKit Funnel Builder has helped 20000+ WooCommerce stores enhance their funnel-building and checkout experience. With its 3.0 version, you’ll be blown away by the[...]
By Editorial Team Apr 23, 2024

Introducing FunnelKit Automations 3.0: All New Email Builder, Templates, Split Path Automations and More

Brace yourselves, FunnelKit Automations enthusiasts! The moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting is finally here. We are thrilled to announce the release of the much-anticipated FunnelKit Automations 3.0, which is set to revolutionize your business with seamless and personalized experiences. After eight months of expansive thinking and aggressive hard work, we’re proud to unveil FunnelKit[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 17, 2024

How to Create a Custom WooCommerce Order Confirmation Page: 2 Methods

Is your WooCommerce order confirmation page, or the thank you page, optimized to ensure a great shopping experience and encourage the next purchase? Many people believe the first impression matters most, neglecting the importance of the last impression—the thank you page or order confirmation page. According to research, there's a 60-70% likelihood of selling to[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 16, 2024

How to Send WooCommerce Subscription Reminder Email in 6 Steps

Want to keep your customers engaged and ensure they never miss a subscription renewal? Sending automated WooCommerce subscription reminder emails is the best way to achieve that. Reminder emails can help engage customers and build trust and loyalty. Plus, its timely execution can increase user retention. Customers who purchased subscription items from your store may[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 12, 2024

WooCommerce Email Templates: How to Design Beautiful Custom Emails

Customizing pre-designed WooCommerce email templates is the real deal when it comes to designing attractive emails for your users. One crucial aspect of running a successful WooCommerce store is effective communication with your customers. Imagine your customer’s delight when they receive a beautifully crafted email with order confirmation or asking about their shopping experience, perfectly[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 5, 2024

WooCommerce Cart Upsell: Effective Way to Improve Average Order Value

Did you know that a WooCommerce cart upsell can increase the average order value of your store? Have you ever gone shopping to buy a product within your budget but ended up buying more products? For example, you bought a phone but also ended up buying the phone cover with it. Or you went to[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 5, 2024

Woocommerce Coupons: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to offer WooCommerce coupons on your store? According to Qualtrics research, 80% of consumers would switch brands for a discount coupon. You can offer various types of discounts in your online store to significantly bolster sales and drive profits. The good news is that WooCommerce has built-in features to create discount coupons.[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 4, 2024

How To Set Up WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration [2024]

Do you want a quick and easy way to set up WooCommerce Google Analytics integration? In the dynamic world of eCommerce, understanding your customers and their behavior is crucial for success. This is where analytics come into play. Connecting Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store lets you easily track performance and monitor every conversion happening[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 2, 2024

How to Set Up WooCommerce HubSpot Integration in 5 Easy Steps (7 Automated Use Cases Included)

WooCommerce HubSpot integration is a game changer for your business that enhances user experience and optimizes various operational processes. You can sync your WooCommerce orders with HubSpot integration and create post-purchase engagement campaigns. Not just that, you can further nurture relationships with your contacts and drive repeat purchases in your store. As WooCommerce doesn’t integrate[...]
By Editorial Team Jul 1, 2024

How to Enhance WooCommerce Customer Login Experience on Checkout

Do you want to set up a seamless WooCommerce customer login experience on the checkout page? For any online store, ensuring a smooth checkout process for new and returning customers is crucial. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a robust customer login system. This system should prompt returning customers[...]
By Editorial Team Jun 28, 2024

6 Best WooCommerce CRM Solutions to Grow Your Business (With Practical Use Cases)

Are you in search of the perfect WooCommerce CRM solution? WooCommerce functions as a robust platform for running online stores successfully.  However, it may not fully meet the needs of efficiently storing customer data, enhancing customer interactions, and strategically retargeting your audience for business growth.  This is where the integration of a WooCommerce CRM solution[...]
By Editorial Team Jun 26, 2024

Google and Yahoo's New Deliverability Rules: Must Implement Before February 2024

Do you frequently send bulk emails?  If so, we have important news for you. Both Google and Yahoo have released new deliverability rules for bulk email senders that will be enforced starting in February 2024.  The new rules are specifically designed for bulk senders who send over 5,000 emails daily.  Many bulk senders don’t appropriately[...]