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By Editorial Team Oct 23, 2023

WooCommerce Post-Purchase Emails: Drive Repeat Sales From Your New Customers

Do you want to set up WooCommerce post purchase emails that help boost your customers’ lifetime value? Creating a post-purchase experience for your customers minimizes buyer's remorse, maximizes customer satisfaction and lays the groundwork for future sales. It’s a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. A well-thought WooCommerce post-purchase email sequence can help[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 19, 2023

How to Send WooCommerce SMS Notifications?

Are you making the most of text message marketing with WooCommerce SMS notifications? Like email marketing, SMS marketing is a powerful tool to boost revenue and enhance customers' shopping experience. According to a survey by Attentive's Consumer Survey Report, an SMS-first software platform, 96% of Marketers have found that SMS marketing can generate more revenue.[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 19, 2023

WooCommerce Subscription Emails: How to Customize Basic Reminders with Personalized Notifications

Do you want to send WooCommerce Subscription emails to keep your customers informed and engaged with timely follow-ups? If you have a subscription-based business that runs on WooCommerce and are thinking of implementing subscription emails in your store, then this blog is for you. For that, WooCommerce Subscriptions is one of the top plugins that[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 18, 2023

Introducing FunnelKit Funnel Builder 2.14: Enhancing Checkout Micro Interactions that Drive Conversions

We’re excited to announce that the new version of the FunnelKit Funnel Builder is here! Introducing the FunnelKit Funnel Builder Version 2.14 - your secret weapon to dominate your checkout page like never before. The new version features an overall improved styling of your checkout pages. It enables you to pay attention to those micro-interactions[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 13, 2023

7 Best WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugins to Try in 2023

Are you struggling to find the perfect WooCommerce mini cart plugin that can truly elevate the shopping experience for your eCommerce store? On a default WooCommerce store, customers are directed to a separate page to view their shopping cart or make adjustments. This approach may be seen as an opportunity for enhancement, as customers would[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 12, 2023

How to Send WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Emails to Customers

Do you want to set up WooCommerce shipment tracking emails to send order updates to your customers? Sending order shipping emails helps establish transparency and keep your customers informed about the status of their orders. These emails include order shipment tracking codes so customers can always know when they will receive their orders. Most store[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 4, 2023

WooCommerce Not Sending Emails? Here’s How to Fix this Issue in Your Store

Are you getting frustrated with WooCommerce not sending emails? Timely communication is a crucial factor when running an eCommerce store. This helps you to send important emails to your customers, like order confirmations and other important notification updates. WooCommerce, along with most WordPress plugins, sends email through PHP mail. However, most WordPress hosting providers aren't[...]
By Editorial Team Oct 3, 2023

How to Create a Custom Add-to-Cart Link in WooCommerce

A WooCommerce add to cart link simplifies the shopping experience for customers by allowing them to add products to their cart with just a click. It's an excellent way to promote products and offer exclusive deals and discounts with social media and email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many WooCommerce store owners find it challenging to create[...]
By Editorial Team Sep 28, 2023

How to Create WooCommerce Cart Discounts in Your Store (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

Do you want to offer WooCommerce cart discounts in your online store? Offering cart discounts helps engage your potential customers and boost conversions in your eCommerce shop. About 78% of consumers are influenced to buy products from a new brand because they find a discount coupon. [Source: Vericast] That’s how brilliant these cart discounts are![...]
By Editorial Team Sep 27, 2023

How to Add EU VAT Number Field to WooCommerce Checkout?

Are you looking to add the WooCommerce VAT number field to your checkout page? If your online business caters to people within the European Union (EU), then you should validate VAT numbers.  Non-compliance with EU VAT rules can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines and legal troubles. However, you can stay clear of this[...]

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