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11 Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugins to Boost Your Store's Revenue in 2024

Editorial Team
February 16, 2024
11 Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugins to Boost Your Store's Revenue in 2024

Are you looking for a WooCommerce upsell plugin that maximizes your store’s revenue with every order?

Upselling is one of the most effective strategies to enhance the order value in your store.

It provides an exceptional shopping experience for users visiting your online store.


Offering upsells help improve the visibility of your products and suggest the right items to your shoppers at the right time.

In this post, our experts have researched and put together a list of the best WooCommerce upsell plugins for each stage of the shopping journey.

Moreover, we’ll share some WooCommerce upselling tips, offering insights and recommendations to empower your online business.

What is a WooCommerce Upsell Plugin?

A WooCommerce upsell plugin is a tool that allows you to offer relevant products based on the items the user is about to purchase.

These product recommendations (or upsells) urge your shoppers to add more value to their shopping cart.

These plugins can be used to display upsells inside the shopping cart, on the checkout page, and even after the purchase.

Its beauty lies in how you present your offer to the user - it can be a bundled product at a lower price or an item upgrade with a 15% extra discount.

As per the Hawk Incentives Research, 92% of consumers always look for lucrative offers and deals to make online purchases.

That’s where the strategy of upselling and cross-selling comes into the picture!

Many users often ask, ‘How do I upsell with WooCommerce?’ or ‘How do I add recommended products in WooCommerce?’

The answer is right here!

With the right WooCommerce upsell plugin, you can create compelling offers and nudge your shoppers to spend more on their purchases.

It typically works by analyzing a customer’s purchase history and suggesting products relevant to their interests.

Why WooCommerce Upsells are Important for Your Store?

WooCommerce upselling is a sales technique that encourages shoppers to buy more expensive or high-quality products than the ones they intended to purchase initially.

This is done by strategically presenting users with relevant upsell recommendations at various points in their shopping journey.

These points could be your product pages, in the shopping cart, during the checkout process, after the checkout, and even after they leave your store.

WooCommerce upselling can be quite effective in increasing average order value and revenue in your store.

Let’s look at some key reasons why upsells are important for your WooCommerce store:

  • Increased average order value and revenue - Upselling encourages shoppers to buy additional or upgraded products. This helps boost the average transactional value and revenue in your online store.
  • Maximized customer value - Upselling lets you maximize the value of shoppers by suggesting complementary or higher-priced items. This is quite beneficial for businesses that have a diverse range of products.
  • Customer loyalty - Offering personalized product recommendations demonstrates a good understanding of your customer’s preferences. This leads to building trust and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and make repeat purchases.
  • Competitive advantage - An effective upselling strategy can set your store apart from your competitors. Offering additional value to your shoppers through upsells makes your business attractive and helps you stand out in a competitive market.
  • Product discovery - Shoppers may not be aware of all the products or services your store offers. That’s where upselling provides an opportunity to showcase additional items that encourage your customers to explore and discover more.
  • Cross-selling opportunities - Besides upselling, you can combine the cross-selling strategy (suggesting related products) in your store. This can lead to more comprehensive and high-value sales.
  • Adapting to customer preferences - Upselling can be done in a way that respects your customer’s preferences and choices. Offering different options and not being pushy creates a positive buying experience for your customers.

WooCommerce upselling, when executed thoughtfully, can benefit both the business and the customer.

6 Proven WooCommerce Upselling Techniques in the Shopping Journey

Offering the right products at the right stage in your user’s shopping process is the key to a perfect upselling strategy.

Here are the six proven WooCommerce upselling techniques in the shopper’s buying journey:

  • Frequently bought together or product recommendation - Offering upsells through product recommendations right on your product’s catalog page, just like Amazon.
  • Cart upsells - Present upsells right inside the shopping cart when the shoppers carefully review their cart contents before making a purchase.
  • Checkout upsells or order bumps - Displaying recommended items on the checkout page just when the user is one step away from making a purchase.
  • Post-purchase one-click upsells - Offer irresistible post-purchase upsells with a one-click buy option right after the checkout page.
  • Product upsells in emails - Delivering product upsells in your order confirmation and post-purchase emails that always get to your customer’s eye.
  • Site-wide popups - Showing lucrative offers in the form of upsells through targeted popups, floating bars, scrolling boxes, and more.

All these upselling techniques are brilliant and let you effortlessly boost the order value of your online store.

However, these techniques depend on your store’s requirements and customer behavior.

Therefore, you have to analyze the opportunities in your store and then set up relevant upsells for your shoppers.

Based on the above upselling techniques, we have identified the best upsell plugins for WooCommerce to achieve all your use cases.

11 Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugins - The Ultimate List [2024]

Here are the 11 best upsell plugins for WooCommerce that let you offer upsells on your online store:

1. FunnelKit Order Bumps

Type: Upsells on the checkout

FunnelKit Funnel Builder is one of the most powerful sales funnel builders made for WordPress and WooCommerce. It empowers 20,000+ online WooCommerce stores and has significantly boosted their sales and revenue.

FunnelKit’s Order Bumps is a WooCommerce checkout upsell plugin and is one of the components of FunnelKit’s ever-growing ecosystem.

FunnelKit Checkout has been regarded as the best WooCommerce checkout manager plugin. Not just custom checkout pages, you can create compelling pre-checkout offers that can be added to the cart with a single click right on the checkout page.

Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugin - FunnelKit Order Bumps

Features of FunnelKit’s order bump plugin:

  • Customization - Design and customize your order bumps with 6+ different skins and styling options that fit your brand
  • Discounts - Offer attractive discounts to make your bump cross-sell offers attractive using this upsell plugin in your WooCommerce store
  • Rule-based bumps - Create rule-based offers to display the perfect offer at the right time - select the rule which you want your order bump to display
  • Multiple offers - Display multiple order bumps on the checkout page - even set the display location and behavior of your bump offers
  • Detailed analytics - Track the performance of your order bumps from the analytics data such as conversions, revenue generated, number of views, and more.

The order bumps feature is included in FunnelKit’s Plus subscription plan.

2. Order Bump for WooCommerce

Type: Upsells on the checkout

Order Bump for WooCommerce aims to increase your store’s AOV by providing last-minute offers to shoppers on the checkout page.

This plugin lets you offer multiple products as upsells, set up discounts, customize the design, and more.

Order Bump for WooCommerce

Here are the features of Order Bump for WooCommerce:

  • Attractive discounts - Create compelling deals by offering percentage discounts, fixed discounts, and fixed prices
  • Customizable templates - Customize your offers with 20 available templates and make them look appealing
  • Detailed reports - See the performance of your offers including the visitor count, revenue generated, conversions, and order count

Order Bump for WooCommerce costs $79 every year.

3. FunnelKit One-Click Upsells

Type: Upsells after the checkout

FunnelKit’s One-Click Upsells is the best WooCommerce one-click upsell plugin out there that lets you set up incentivized post-purchase upsell offers.

These offers can be purchased with a single click without going through the whole checkout process again.

Post-purchase upsells diagram

As per Accessally, one-click post-purchase upsells can increase your store’s revenue by 35%.

This is the best WooCommerce upsell plugin that lets you create and customize the upsells using its template library or design it from scratch using your favorite page builders.

Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugin - FunnelKit One Click Upsells

Features of FunnelKit’s One-Click Upsells:

  • Rule-based offers - Show relevant upsells based on its smart rule engine
  • Pre-designed templates - Design attractive upsell pages from scratch or customize the pre-built templates using your favorite page builder
  • Analytics and monitoring - Measure the performance of your upsells with the help of detailed analytics
  • Dynamic offer path - Configure the dynamic offer path to show multiple subsequent offers based on the acceptance or rejection of the previous offer by the user

One-click upsells are available in FunnelKit’s Plus subscription plan.

4. FunnelKit Automations

Type: Upsells in emails

FunnelKit Automations is the most powerful automation and marketing broadcast engine for WordPress and WooCommerce.

It’s an all-in-one plugin that lets you create automations, send email/SMS broadcasts, track carts, segment your contacts, etc.

You can send your upsell emails and SMS along with dynamic coupons within your transactional emails, post-purchase sequences, abandoned cart automations, and more.

Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugin - FunnelKit Automations

These are the features of FunnelKit Automations:

  • Pre-built recipes and automated workflows - Import and customize the pre-built automated recipes or set them up from scratch as per your needs
  • Dynamic coupon creation - Create personalized, dynamic, deadline-bound coupon codes that arouse urgency and drive sales 
  • Beautiful emails - Design your emails and give them a professional feel with its built-in visual email builder - just drag and drop the content blocks and customize them the way you want
  • Reporting and analytics -Measure the performance of your campaigns, such as orders placed from a specific campaign, revenue generated, conversions, etc.

FunnelKit Automations has both lite (free) and premium versions available.

5. AutomateWoo

Type: Upsells in emails

AutomateWoo has all the tools for creating powerful marketing automations for your WooCommerce store.

It allows you to offer upsells through automated sequences, including follow-ups, abandoned carts, winback campaigns, SMS notifications, and more.

AutomateWoo - upsell plugin

Features of AutomateWoo:

  • Automated sequences - Create powerful, feature-rich automations that help boost conversions and take your business to the next level
  • Personalized coupons - Generate dynamic, personalized coupons that act as incentives for your users to hit the purchase button
  • Plugin integrations - AutomateWoo integrates with popular WooCommerce plugins to help you set up automated email campaigns for your users

You can subscribe to AutomateWoo for $119 per year.

6. FunnelKit Cart for WooCommerce

Type: Upsells on the cart

FunnelKit Cart lets you enable a dynamic slide-out cart in your WooCommerce store that lets your shoppers display all the cart contents along with upsells and cross-sells.

Not just that, this WooCommerce upsell plugin allows your users to modify their cart content, including adjusting the quantity, removing items, applying a discount code, and heading to checkout.

Or even better, you can directly checkout from your cart using the express payment buttons.

FunnelKit Cart lets you configure upsells based on the cart contents, which the user can add with a single click.

FunnelKit Cart - the best woocommerce upsell plugin for carts

Here are some features of the FunnelKit Cart:

  • Slide-out cart - The cart comes sliding out when clicked on the cart icon and is fully functional to modify the cart contents
  • Skip the default cart page - FunnelKit Cart lets you skip the default WooCommerce cart page and enables you to checkout directly
  • In-cart upselling and cross-selling - Offer product recommendations based on the items users have added to their shopping cart
  • Full customization - Customize and style the slide-out cart along with its icon, including the color, background, animation, and more
  • Rewards system - Gamify the shopping experience by setting up lucrative rewards and encouraging higher spending

FunnelKit Cart comes in both lite(free) and paid versions. The premium version is available to all FunnelKit users of the Plus plan and above.

7. Cart Upsell for WooCommerce

Type: Upsells on the cart

Cart Upsell for WooCommerce lets you increase the average order value in your store by upselling different products right on the cart page.

You can set up multiple rule-based upsells related to cart items, product categories and cart total.

Cart Upsell for WooCommerce

Here are some of its features:

  • Rule-based upsells - Set up upsells based on multiple rules such as products, categories and cart total
  • Fully customizable - Customize the upsell title, image and colors for each product
  • Device responsive - Upsells are optimized for each device, including desktop and mobile devices

This WooCommerce upsell plugin doesn’t have a free version and costs $29 annually.

8. Product Recommendations by WooCommerce

Type: WooCommerce upsell on product’s page

WooCommerce Product Recommendations lets you deploy relevant item recommendations in your store.

It lets you effortlessly place upsells in the form of a “frequently bought together” section across your store’s catalog.

Product Recommendations by WooCommerce

Here are some features of this plugin:

  • Product recommendations - Add product recommendations anywhere in your store
  • Rule-based recommendations - Use visibility, filters and amplifiers to set up custom rule-based recommendations
  • Analytics - Get insights related to conversions and orders with its in-depth analytics

This plugin doesn’t have a free version. Its premium version costs $99 annually.

9. Frequently Bought Together

Type: WooCommerce upsell plugin for product’s page

WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together lets you add recommendations by displaying a separate section on the product’s page.

You can use this WooCommerce cross-sell plugin to suggest relevant products based on multiple factors, such as products based on tags, categories, cross-sell and upsell items, custom items, and more.

Frequently Bought Together - WooCommerce upsell plugins

These are the features of WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together:

  • Products display - Offer products as upsells based on relevancy, categories, tags, cross-sells, upsells, custom items, etc.
  • Customization options - Customize the labels, text, product image size and other style options to match your brand
  • Upsell and discount configuration - Choose the number of upsells you want to be displayed, as well as offer discounts to push sales

This plugin will cost you $49 annually.

10. Advanced Coupons

Type: Upsells through BOGO deals and coupons

Advanced Coupons is one of the best coupon plugins that incentivize users to complete their purchases.

This WooCommerce upsell plugin lets you create lucrative offers such as BOGO deals, coupon-specific product offers, and more.

You can create compelling upsells by combining multiple products with special BOGO deals, Buy 3 Get 1, Buy 3 Get 50% Off, and more.

Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugins - Advanced Coupons

Features of Advanced Coupons:

  • Special deals - Create special promotional deals such as BOGO offers, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more
  • Easy to use - Set up attractive upsell offers that are easy to create and can be controlled from the interface
  • Rule-based triggers - Trigger these special upsell deals with the help of different product-based rules

The Advanced Coupons plugin is available in both free and premium versions.

11. OptinMonster

Type: Upsells through popups

OptinMonster is one of the most powerful conversion optimization tools to get more leads and boost conversions in your WooCommerce store.

This WooCommerce upsell popup plugin lets you offer upsells with the help of lightbox popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, exit-intent popups, and more.

Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugins - OptinMonster

Here are some of the features of OptinMonster:

  • Conversion-rich tools - Offer WooCommerce upsell popups along with floating bars, scroll boxes, gamified wheels, and more
  • Offer customization - Create a visually appealing offer using OptinMonster’s built-in block editor with easy drag-and-drop elements
  • Target and personalize - Show your personalized offers to the right people at the right moment with its targeting and segmentation engine

Its pricing plan depends on the page views and site usage, starting from $108 annually.

This concludes our list of the top 11 best WooCommerce upsell plugins.

6 Effective WooCommerce Upselling Tips and Strategies to Follow

Unlock the full potential of upselling with these proven, tried and tested strategies.

From strategic product placement to crafting compelling upsell emails - these best practices will surely elevate your upsell game.

Tip #1: Choose the right upsell product

If you’re figuring out the right products to upsell, you should consider the nature of your products and the preferences of your target audience.

Irrespective of the products you serve, upselling can be done in any category.

Let’s say a shopper wants to buy a face wash; you can upsell a pack of face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen. This is how bundled products are used as upsell suggestions.

Another example could be related courses, like the upsell of SEO masterclass, which can be the complete digital marketing course.

You must ensure that the upsell you’re offering is directly relevant to the customer’s original purchase.

Furthermore, you can use customer’s purchase history and behavior to pitch them the right upsell product.

Tip #2: Timing is key

Timing is a crucial factor in the success of your upselling efforts. Well-timed upsells can significantly increase the likelihood of acceptance by your customers.

Pitching your upsells at different points of the shopping journey helps you strategically increase sales and bring revenue to your business.

You can pitch on the product pages, in the shopping cart, checkout page, post-purchase, follow-up emails, abandoned cart emails, etc.

Use FunnelKit - the best WooCommerce upsell plugin to set up your product recommendations at different shopping stages.

It involves understanding customer behavior and tailoring your offers to align with their mindset at every stage.

Remember to suggest products that add value and meet the customer’s needs.

Tip #3: Personalize your upsell recommendations

Personalizing the upsells helps you make your offers more relevant and appealing to your shoppers.

You can significantly increase the chances of a successful upsell by tailoring your suggestions based on a user’s preferences, purchase history, and behavior.

Leverage the customer data and use it to understand their preferences and make informed upsell suggestions.

You can implement dynamic content or craft personalized email campaigns with upsell suggestions.

Take advantage of FunnelKit’s rule-based upselling feature to offer personalized suggestions at the right time.

Upsell offer - rule-based configuration for best woocommerce upsell plugin

This way, you can personalize and show your upsells with different product targeting and advanced rules such as products, product categories, and tags.

Tip #4: Use urgency to capitalize on the buying momentum

Creating a sense of urgency in your upselling strategies can be a powerful tool to capitalize on the buying momentum of customers.

Urgency triggers a fear of missing out (FOMO) and encourages swift decision-making.

With FunnelKit Funnel Builder, you can create lucrative offers by providing discounts and multiple order bumps and one-click upsells.

Offer compelling discounts to order bumps and one-click upsells

Not only that, FunnelKit Automations lets you create personalized, time-bound coupons that you can share with your shoppers to drive purchases.

Create personalized, time-bound discount coupons with FunnelKit Automations

Creating a sense of urgency encourages the customers to act now without being too pushy or aggressive.

Tip #5: Send follow-up upsell emails to keep the conversation going

Sending follow-up emails to customers after their initial purchases helps keep the conversation alive.

Offering upsells in these emails allows you to maximize the value of the customer’s transaction.

You can suggest complementary items, product enhancements, or premium versions as upsells.

The goal is to continue the conversation with your customers, provide added value and potentially increase the sales in your store.

FunnelKit Automations allows you to set up various types of post-purchase email sequences, such as product review emails, purchase anniversary emails, birthday emails, educational email courses, winback emails, etc.

It offers many pre-built automation recipes that you can import and set up on your website within a few minutes.

Pre-built automation recipes

Follow-up emails with upsell recommendations are part of a strategic post-purchase communication plan.

This aims to build customer loyalty, increase customer lifetime value, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Tip #6: A/B test the upsells to maximize your revenue

A/B testing your upsells is important in optimizing your sales process and maximizing revenue.

It involves split testing two or multiple versions of upsells to determine which one performs best.

Not just A/B testing different upsells; you can test multiple placements, content, and other relevant factors.

FunnelKit Funnel Builder lets you A/B test different steps in your funnels.

A/B test your upsell offers

Once you’ve set up, configured the 50-50 distribution and started the A/B test, it’ll send 50% of the audience to each offer (you can change it in case of A/B testing more than two offers).

Based on their behavior, the A/B test will measure the analytics to help you decide the winner.

Analyze the A/B test results with the best woocommerce upsell plugin

This way, A/B testing helps you regularly access and optimize your upsell strategy for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we’ll answer some common questions about the best WooCommerce upsell plugins.

1. Can I use multiple upsell plugins simultaneously?

Yes, you can use multiple upsell plugins simultaneously. However, ensure they complement each other without causing conflicts. But there are quite high chances of getting conflicts.

Instead of using multiple upsell plugins, you should use one plugin capable of adding multiple upsells throughout the shopping journey.

One prime example is FunnelKit, which helps you place upsells inside the cart, on the checkout page, after checkout, and even in emails (with FunnelKit Automations).

2. How do I add upsell products to WooCommerce?

Adding upsell products is quite easy in WooCommerce. You can do it using the default Linked Products settings option on the product page. 

You can also upsell using an additional plugin. Let’s say in FunnelKit, you just need to add a product as an upsell, offer an attractive discount, and write a copy. That’s how easy it is to add upsell products to your WooCommerce store.

3. What is the difference between cross sell and upsell?

Both cross-selling and upselling are sales techniques used to increase sales revenue and boost the value of the primary purchase.

Cross-selling offers additional products or services that are complementary to a customer’s initial purchase. Like screen protectors or phone covers for the primary purchase of a mobile phone.

While upselling involves persuading customers to purchase a more expensive or premium version of the product they are originally purchasing. For example, complete haircare kit for the initial purchase of say, a shampoo or hair serum.

4. Are these plugins listed here compatible with different WooCommerce themes?

Many reputable plugins are designed to be compatible with different WooCommerce themes.

Make sure to always check the compatibility before installing upsell plugins on your WordPress website.

5. Can I customize upsell recommendations based on customer segments?

Yes, you can customize upsell recommendations based on customer segments.

But you must ensure you’re using the best WooCommerce upsell plugin, such as FunnelKit, that allows you to set up upsells based on customer segments such as order total, purchase history, geographic location, and more.

6. How can I measure the success of upsells in my WooCommerce store?

Measuring the success of upsells in your WooCommerce store involves tracking key metrics and analyzing data for your upsell strategies.

Data such as number of visits, orders placed, revenue of order bumps, upsells, total revenue, average order value (AOV), and revenue per visit.

Furthermore, you can even check conversions and the conversion rate for each upsell step in the funnel.

Find these stats inside the FunnelKit Funnel Builder.

7. How often should I update my upselling strategies?

Our experts recommend you keep working on upselling strategies in your WooCommerce store. Access and refine your upselling strategies periodically to align with the changing market trends.

You can A/B test multiple upsells and check analytics to find out which of them were successful in conversion. This way, you’ll be able to stay in the game and continue to bring constant sales to your store.

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The Best WooCommerce Upsell Plugin - Our Verdict

It’s important to identify the upselling opportunities in your shopper’s buying process.

Based on that, you can offer upsells to your shoppers on the shopping cart, product catalog page, checkout, after the checkout, emails, and more.

Out of all plugins, FunnelKit covers most of these use cases in the shopping lifecycle.

Therefore, our experts recommend that you use FunnelKit in your WooCommerce store.

FunnelKit’s ecosystem covers an ever-growing list of plugins that help you grow your business online.

Plus, all the FunnelKit plugins come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

It’s certainly a win-win situation if you’re looking for the best WooCommerce upsell plugin.

Author: Editorial Team
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