WooCommerce Skip Cart: How to Skip Cart Pages & Redirect to Checkout for Better Conversion

Tavleen Kaur
April 4, 2021
WooCommerce Skip Cart: How to Skip Cart Pages & Redirect to Checkout for Better Conversion

WooCommerce Skip Cart has changed the online shopping game for the better, and we'll show you how.

The checkout flow of a WooCommerce store determines the impression created on the potential customers.

If the process is long and tedious, the users are more likely to abandon the cart and not complete the shopping transaction.

Thus, to avoid facing such a situation, alternative measures can be put in place on your WooCommerce store.

Depending on the types of products you sell, you might want to set up your online store in such a way that the user heads straight to checkout from the sales page. The easiest way to do this is to skip the cart in WooCommerce.

Here are two common scenarios where skipping the shopping cart is the right choice:

  • Case #1: when customers only have one product in their cart.
  • Case #2: when customers have multiple products in their cart but want a simplified checkout experience.

In both these scenarios, you can set up a WooCommerce skip cart to redirect customers to the checkout page instead of having to go through the Cart page first.

In this post today, we’ll tell you how you can set up a WooCommerce skip cart for both of these case scenarios.

Case #1: When You Have Only One Product

Let’s say that you sell only one product on your WooCommerce online store. This could be a membership, subscription product, or luxury item.

In this sort of scenario, you’d want customers to be able to skip cart in WooCommerce and head straight to checkout. This is where a single product page helps your prospects redirect to the cart page after successful addition.

Let's consider a case study for WooCommerce skip cart.

Case Study 🏆: Direct to Checkout Strategy of Traditional Cooking School

Wardee Harmon of TraditionalCookingSchool.com sends customers straight to the checkout page after they add a product to their cart. This way, they don’t have to go through the unnecessary steps in the middle.

She does this using FunnelKit on her WooCommerce-powered site.

Wardee Harmon's take on WooCommerce Checkout page designs and strategies.

Using FunnelKit, you can add a checkout form directly to your landing page. In other words, customers can skip carts in WooCommerce and head straight to the checkout page.

Here’s how you can perform the WooCommerce Skip Cart process for your store:

Head over to FunnelKitFunnels from the WordPress admin panel and click the Add New button.

From the templates provided, import a sales funnel template to use.

FunnelKit automatically creates a four-step funnel for you, which includes a landing page, checkout page, upsells, and thank you page.

You can add or remove steps as you’d like to optimize the funnel. At the bare minimum, you’ll need a landing page and a checkout page in your funnel.

Customize the landing page in Elementor to match your brand's aesthetic and messaging.

Once that’s done, link the primary call to action button to the checkout page of the funnel.

Then, go to the checkout page and click the Products tab and then click the Add Product button.

You can offer a discount if you’d like and set the product quantity you wish to offer. Click the Save changes button to continue.

This is one part of your WooCommerce Skip Cart process.

To take things to the next level, you might consider adding some extra steps to your funnel to increase the average order value (AOV).

These extra steps are - Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells.

Let's learn how to implement them in our WooCommerce skip cart.

WooCommerce Skip Cart: Order Bumps

Order Bumps are the offers made to the users on the checkout page. These can be added to the cart with one click.

To create an order bump to add to the checkout page, go to your funnel and click the Order Bump link (+ Order Bump) next to your checkout page.

Give it a suitable name and edit it to add a product (or multiple products) to the order bump. Same as before, you can offer discounts and set quantities.

If you’d like, you can go to the Rules tab to configure when the order bump should be presented to customers.

WooCommerce Skip Cart: One-Click Upsells

One-click upsells are the offers made to the customer once their original order is placed and the initial payment is processed.

To add these to your funnel, go to your funnel and click the Add New Step button.

Next, click the One-Click Upsells option to add an upsell step to your funnel.

Click the pencil icon next to the upsell page to add products to it.

You can add multiple products to each offer and create more upsell offers by clicking the Add New Offer button.

Not just that, with FunnelKit you can even link multiple upsell offers together based on the customer's purchase behavior. Or skip an offer if the product already exists in their cart.

Explore the settings and present only relevant offers to the customers for maximum conversion.

Just like order bumps, add Rules to trigger the upsell offers after a purchase.

This way you can increase the average order value while directing your prospects straight to the checkout page.

Let's now look at another case for the WooCommerce skip cart.

WooCommerce Skip Cart Case #2: When You Have Multiple Products

As an online store owner, you might want to redirect customers directly to the checkout page (i.e. skip cart in WooCommerce) even if they have multiple products in their shopping cart.

This is a great way to simplify and quicken the checkout process.

This is perfect for store owners that sell multiple products such as online courses, memberships, subscription products, or just about anything else in their WooCommerce store.

The benefit of skipping the WooCommerce Cart page is that you’ll have fewer steps in the checkout process.

That being said, the information displayed in the cart is important to some customers. So, in order to do it the right away, you need to show all the cart information somewhere else.

The best way to perform the WooCommerce Skip Cart is by having a mini cart embedded on the checkout page itself.

With a mini cart, you’ll be able to show all the information users might want to see without requiring them to go to the Cart page. This includes:

  • A summary of the products in their cart
  • The subtotal
  • Shipping charges
  • The total cost of their order

They can also moderate the quantity of the items added or delete them from the cart, just before paying.

By adopting this Woocommerce Skip Cart page technique allows for a good conversion. Moreover, it prevents the shopper from going back-and-forth from the cart to the checkout page.

How to Setup a WooCommerce Skip Cart

Here’s how you can set up a skip cart in WooCommerce using FunnelKit so customers go directly to the checkout page:

Step 1: Add a New Funnel

First, go to FunnelKit Funnels from the WordPress admin panel and click the Add New button.

Next, import a blank template by clicking on Create Your Own Funnel.

Step 2: Add a Checkout Page

Click on Add New Step button, and from the options provided, choose the Checkout page to add to the funnel.

Then give your checkout page a name and hit the create button.

To begin editing, click on the pencil icon next to the checkout page.

From the Design tab, you’ll be able to choose a template from One Step, Two Step, and Three Step format.

Click on the Import button to start using it.

With FunnelKit, you can get started right away with a pre-built checkout template. You can fully customize the checkout page and offer an optimized checkout experience for mobile users.

In addition to this, you can add express checkout buttons powered by Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and others to speed up the payment process even further.

This will, in turn, speed up the process of WooCommerce Skip Cart for better conversions.

Step 3: Edit the Page in Elementor

You can customize its look and feel using Elementor. Click on the edit button in Design to edit the page in Elementor page builder.

Once that’s done, click on the Update button and head over to the Products tab to add a product to the checkout.

Step 4: Add Products to the Checkout

Click on the Add Product button to search for the product you wish to add to the checkout page.

You can add as many products as you’d like at the same checkout.

On the front-end, customers will be able to delete products from the mini cart and recover deleted items. They’ll also have the option to adjust the quantity of the items they’re buying and enter a coupon.

In this way, appending a mini cart on the checkout page isn’t just great for your conversions but can also help you increase your average order value.

For more ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out Marv’s checkout process. It is sure to inspire you to alter your checkout process for better conversions too.

Step 5: WooCommerce Skip Cart with CartHopper

CartHopper is the tool that we at FunnelKit use to skip cart and head straight to the checkout page.

Important Note: CartHopper is an add-on module by FunnelKit and not a separate plugin.

It will be sent to you as a downloadable file on your purchase and can only be found in the drop-down menu once installed.

Let's see how you can enable the Carthopper WooCommerce skip cart option.

Head to FunnelKit > CartHopper in the WordPress Menu, where the plugin appears after installation.

When the CartHopper window opens, you can choose to apply the skip cart option globally for all your products.

If not for all products, you can add rules to specific products and choose to skip cart when that those products are added.

Not only that, but you can also change the button text shown on the page, and redirect them to a global or product-specific checkout.

So with FunnelKit, you can skip carts for all or specified products on your store and jump straight to the checkout page during a purchase.

That's it! You've cracked the strategy of the WooCommerce skip cart. What's next?

WooCommerce Skip Cart: Get FunnelKit & Reduce the Cart Abandonment

By default, WooCommerce sends customers to the Cart page and then the checkout page after they’ve added products to their carts.

However, if you don’t need customers to go through the Cart page and directly land on the checkout page, you can choose to skip cart on your WooCommerce store.

There are two situations where WooCommerce skip cart works most effectively. To recap, these two situations are:

  • If you only sell one product on your store, you can set up a WooCommerce skip cart to redirect customers to the checkout page. This speeds up the checkout process and improves the overall customer experience.
  • If you sell multiple products, you can still choose to skip the cart in your WooCommerce store. All you have to do is create a mini cart directly on the checkout page that customers can modify as necessary, before payment.

By skipping the cart in WooCommerce, you can speed up the checkout process and potentially boost your store's sales.

Plus, with FunnelKit, you have the option to increase your average order value by setting up relevant order bumps on the checkout page, and post-purchase one-click upsells.

So skip carts to quicken the checkout for a better customer experience with FunnelKit and CartHopper.

Ready to implement WooCommerce skip cart on your online store and offer a quicker checkout experience to the users?

Get FunnelKit's Funnel Builder today and get skipping!

Author: Tavleen Kaur
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