How to Create Woocommerce Custom Thank You Page to Increase Repeat Purchases?

Editorial Team
January 20, 2023
How to Create Woocommerce Custom Thank You Page to Increase Repeat Purchases?

Are you looking to swap your WooCommerce thank you page with a custom thank you page?

Maybe you are looking for an alternative to the hard-to-edit current thank you page.

Or, you are simply looking for WooCommerce custom thank you page templates that add more value to your buyer’s journey.

Today, we will show you how to import a pre-built thank you page template to your WooCommerce store and customize it with a drag-and-drop page builder.

Oh, and there’s a bonus too!

You will also learn how to create rule-based WooCommerce custom thank you pages and personalize the buyer journey of each visitor.

NO CODING, we promise!

What is Missing from the Default Woocommerce Thank You Page?

Even though WooCommerce is a highly extensible platform, it does not offer customization of thank you pages out of the box.

If you look at the default thank you/order confirmation page design, you see it is too conventional with a rigid structure that is not easily customizable.

You cannot showcase special offers or add interactive media like images or videos.

This is how it looks:

default woocommerce thank you page

So, why is it difficult to customize the default WooCommerce thank you page?

1. Hard to Edit

You need to know how to code (PHP, HTML, CSS) to edit the default page. Miss a single line of code or a character, and the whole page malfunctions.

2. Cannot Add Visual Elements

Inserting a video on a thank you page, where you personally thank your customers and welcome them onboard, is a sure-shot way of leaving a long-lasting impression.

You can even educate them about the product. Unfortunately, you cannot do so with the default WooCommerce thank you page.

3. Unable to Add Social Media Handles

In 2022, social profiles were crucial to a business. However, the default thank you page is missing this. 

Getting people to follow you on socials lets you keep them posted about your latest launch, upcoming sales, products, and more. Redirect your customers to your social handles or a premium upsell page

4. No Space to Add Promotional Offers

On the thank you page, you don’t have a lead; you have a buyer who still has their credit card in hand. 

Thus, it only makes sense to pitch them promotional offers and urge them to buy more. Display time-bound discount coupons for their next purchase

Think about an exclusive, limited-time offer that excites your buyers and facilitates a repeat sale.

Essentials to Create a WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page

FunnelKit offers a free version to create custom thank you pages. It provides the complete flexibility to edit and make the pages you want.

FunnelKit supports creating thank you pages using Gutenberg (WordPress’s native block builder). It deeply also integrates with  Elementor, Divi, and Oxygen.

You can also customize your WooCommerce thank you pages using shortcodes with page builders like Beaver Builder, Brizy Builder, Thrive Architect, Bricks Builder, and others.

With FunnelKit Pro, you can create rule-based thank you pages.

For example, you can show customers a specific thank you page according to the product they bought.

Plus, you can unlock full access to our template library.

FunnelKit's thank you page templates

How to Create a WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page?

Now that you have understood what you will require to create your WooCommerce custom thank you page - let’s start building one!

Step 1: Install FunnelKit

To install FunnelKit’s free version, from the WordPress Dashboard, go to PluginsAdd New and search for “FunnelKit Funnel Builder”.

installing funnelkit funnel builder

After the installation, click on Activate.

activating the funnelkit plugin

Step 2: Importing a WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page Template

Create a store checkout for your WooCommerce store easily. The global or default checkout page shows up independent of what the customer buys. 

So you can import a store checkout along with a thank you page. 

On the FunnelKit dashboard, click on Store Checkout >> Create Store Checkout.

importing store checkout

Select the page builder you want to use to create your WooCommerce custom thank you page.

selecting the page builder and importing a template

Preview and Import the template that you like.

name the store checkout template and import it

Step 3: Customizing the WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page

We are going to use Elementor today to build our WooCommerce custom thank you page.

Click on the Edit button to customize your page. This Store Checkout template is a 3-step checkout - Checkout, Upsell, and Thank You. You can edit all three of them.

You can customize your checkout page for more conversions easily with FunnelKit templates and Elementor page builder.

Editing the WooCommerce custom thank you page template

Under the Design tab, click on Edit Template.

Editing the WooCommerce custom thank you page template with Elementor

Let’s edit your WooCommerce custom thank you page with Elementor.

Adding Your Business Logo

Want to add your business logo? Easy peasy. 

Click on the logo >> Choose Image (logo) >> Select Image >> Insert Media

adding a new logo

And, your new logo is up and running.

new logo is set

Adding Social Media Icons

The default WooCommerce thank you page gives you no space to add social media icons. But with FunnelKit’s WooCommerce custom thank you page - you can.

Invite your customers over to your online communities and treat them with the latest offers, share some cool tips and tricks, product recommendations, and more.

Just search for Social Icons and drag the widget on the thank you page, wherever you want.

Adding Social Media Icons

You can add a text widget below the buttons and encourage people to hop into your online groups.

Modifying Text on the Thank You Page

Want to modify the text on the page? You can do that in minutes.

Just click on the text you want to edit, and add the new text in the Elementor dashboard on the left.

Modifying Text on the WooCommerce custom Thank You Page

Create a high-converting copy and thank the customer for the purchase. Also, encourage them to take the next step.

Adding Visual Elements

On the WooCommerce custom thank you page, add a personal image/video and engage with your shoppers.

Adding Visual Elements

This way, you can build a healthy bond with your customer right from the beginning.

Step 4: Display Order and Customer Details

FunnelKit provides two powerful widgets - Order Details and Customer Details.

These widgets are available for you - no matter which page builder you use.

Drag these widgets and drop them on your page. This way, your WooCommerce custom thank you page will also serve as an order confirmation page.

Use the Order Details widget to display the details related to your shopper’s order. It displays the total cost, shipping cost, item details, and payment information.

displaying order details on the WooCommerce custom thank you page

If you provide downloadable items i.e., digital products, you can even customize settings related to that. Show download preview, show file download column, or show file expiry column.

displaying downloadable items

Use the Customer Details widget to display details about your customer at a glance.

displaying customer details on the WooCommerce custom thank you page

You can easily customize the customer details section and display the information the way you want.

customizing the customers detail widget

Whatever you want to do - add headings, modify the text, insert media, display socials, add a logo, cross-sell with CTA buttons, change color, and more - you can do it with FunnelKit WooCommerce custom thank you page templates.

One of the biggest turn-offs for any new customer would be a generic thank you page - made for robots, not humans.

That’s why it is crucial that you take the time to personalize your WooCommerce custom thank you page for each new customer.

No, you don’t have to create thank you pages for hundreds of customers. There is an easy way.


using personalization shortcodes to personalize the WooCommerce custom thank you page

All of the FunnelKit templates come with pre-added personalization shortcodes that fetch dynamic data from checkout form fields - first name, order number, etc.

Bonus Tip: Display Rule-based Thank You Pages and Boost Engagement

With rule-based WooCommerce custom thank you pages, you can show different thank you pages to different sets of customers. Such as:

  • Products: With this rule, you can show product-specific thank you pages where you can instruct them to take the next steps or show how to unbox or use the product.
  • Order Total: Customers who buy a lot from you deserve a special thank you, don’t they? Give them that with a thank you page for customers with a high order total.
  • Customer’s First Order: Show a thank you page with a personalized video to welcome your first-time customers onboard your brand.
  • Shipping Country: Thank your international customers in their native language and build a stronger relationship with them.

You can apply many more rules to your thank you pages, such as payment gateway, shipping method, coupons used, and more.

Go to Store Checkout >> Thank You Page >> Edit

creating a rule-based thank you page

In this example, we will create a rule-based thank you page for your first-time customers. In the edit mode, click on the Rules tab.

adding rules to your WooCommerce custom thank you page

Now click on Yes and save the changes.

confirming the rules

Go to the Design tab, and click on Edit with Elementor. Now add the Video widget to the top of the page; that’s the space that gets the most eyeballs.

Adding video widget to WooCommerce custom thank you page

Paste the YouTube/Vimeo link of your video, or upload a self-hosted video. Toggle the settings on and off as per your preference.

Need inspiration? Look how Dave from Kindlepreneur is doing so. 

Kindlepreneur's custom thank you page

Add multiple rule-based WooCommerce custom thank you pages by clicking on Add New Step and then importing a Thank You page template.

adding multiple rule-based WooCommerce custom thank you page

Import various WooCommerce custom thank you page templates as per your need and customize them according to the set of audience you want to thank.

4 Ways to Encourage Brand Loyalty and Repeat Purchases

1. Invite Customers to Join Your Online Communities

Social communities are a great asset for your business. They are more likely to buy from you time and again. Also, they will spread good word of mouth about your products and services too.

Who doesn’t want free marketing?

In exchange, you can share discount coupons, festive deals, and more with them exclusively. 

So, it’s a win-win for both. So, display social media handles on your WooCommerce custom thank you page and invite the customers to join.

Invite your customers to join your online communities on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and More.

2. Build Customer Relationships with a Personalized Thank You Video

Displaying a simple, all-text thank you page seems so 2000-ish.

It’s the new era of digital presence, and in this era, you need to have captivating media (images/video/gif) to grasp your customer’s attention for a little longer.

As we discussed above, you can record yourself greeting your customers and welcoming them onboard your brand. 

Or, you can display a walkthrough video where you unbox the item and show them how to use it.

This one cool hack can boost your WooCommerce custom thank you page conversions significantly.

3. Encourage Repeat Purchases with a Discount Coupon

Who doesn’t like discount coupons?

In fact, according to Statista, 92% of shoppers used discount coupons while buying something last year.

So, if you give people what they love - discount coupons.

Create static discount coupons inside WooCommerce and paste the code on your thank you page. Create a rule-based thank you page, and you are good to go.

This strategy works really well with first-time buyers. They get a good discount, and you get a repeat sale.

4. Promote “Frequently Bought Together” Products and Boost Sales

Remember when we said that thank you page is not just about thanking your customers and confirming their order details?

This is what we meant - promote cross-sell offers on your thank you page and boost sales.

Some businesses even promote their high-ticket products on the thank you page and generate higher revenue from the same lead.

You can create multiple rule-based thank you pages, and display frequently bought together items according to the product the customer has purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default WooCommerce thank you page?

The default WooCommerce thank you page is the last page of your sales funnel. The page acts as an order confirmation page-cum-thank you page.

Is the thank you page necessary?

Yes, it is. Most marketers underestimate the potential of a thank you page. Thank you pages are not just to show order confirmation messages. 

With FunnelKit’s modern thank you page, you can pitch after-sale upsell offers, add visual elements, engage with customers, and encourage buyers to join your online communities.

How do I customize my thank you page in WooCommerce?

You can import FunnelKit’s WooCommerce custom thank you page templates with just one click and customize the template with page builders like Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, Gutenberg, and more.

How do I create a custom thank you page with Elementor?

The default thank you page requires coding to customize and provides no space to promote offers or display social handles.

FunnelKit’s WooCommerce custom thank you page templates give you complete flexibility to add/remove/manage any elements using Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface.

Ready to Create Your WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page?

A thank you page is the last page of your sales funnel, and it only makes sense to give special attention to the buyer who has come all the way through the funnel and completed the purchase.

A WooCommerce custom thank you page allows you to add media, display coupon codes, do on-brand optimization, and so much more.

FunnelKit, with its deep integration with popular page builders, lets you do all this with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and design a high-converting WooCommerce custom thank you page with FunnelKit Funnel Builder now!

Author: Editorial Team
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