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How to Set Up and Display WooCommerce Featured Products: 5 Different Ways 

Editorial Team
March 18, 2024
How to Set Up and Display WooCommerce Featured Products: 5 Different Ways 

WooCommerce featured products are a great way to display your most important products so shoppers can find them more easily.

That way, you can instantly give users what they want, improving the user experience and closing sales faster.

In WooCommerce, you can display featured products in many different ways effectively to boost sales. 

In this blog, we will share how to set up featured products in WooCommerce. Additionally, we'll showcase 5 different methods for displaying these products at various stages of the shopping journey.

Let’s begin. 

What are WooCommerce Features Products?

WooCommerce featured products are items highlighted on your online store to draw attention to specific products, eliminating the need for customers to search manually.

preview featured product in WooCommerce

Features products are the cornerstone items in your store, such as: 

  • Bestsellers: Showcase your WooCommerce store's most popular products.
  • New arrivals: Highlight recently added products for effective promotion.
  • Seasonal products: Seasonal products like winter or summer products can be highlighted using featured products. 
  • Sale or discounted product: Highlight the products that are on sale. 
  • Clearance Items: Highlight products you want to clear out or sell fast using featured products to make room for new products. 
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell: Promote additional products by featuring relevant upsell and cross-sell items.

You have the flexibility to display featured products on different pages within your WooCommerce store, such as the homepage, shop page, sliding cart, checkout page, and upsell page.

We hope you now understand what featured products are in WooCommerce. 

What Are the Advantages of Using WooCommerce Features Products? 

Using WooCommerce featured products offers several advantages for your online store:

  • More visibility: WooCommerce featured products enhance visibility by prominently showcasing them on your website. This heightened exposure attracts visitors' attention.
  • Promotion of main products: Strategically promote bestsellers, new arrivals, or seasonal items by drawing attention to products aligned with your marketing priorities.
  • Increased sales: By highlighting specific products, you create a focal point for potential customers, leading to increased sales, especially for well-chosen or promoted items.
  • Cross-selling and upselling opportunities: Utilizing featured products allows you to encourage cross-selling and upselling by showcasing complementary or higher-tier items alongside the main product.
  • Enhanced user experience: Customers appreciate an organized and visually appealing online store. Featured products contribute to a better user experience by helping visitors find popular or relevant items more easily.

Now that you know the pros of using featured products, let’s move to the next section to learn how to make a featured product in WooCommerce. 

How to Set Up Featured Products in Your WooCommerce Store?

Here we will show three different ways to set up featured products in WooCommerce. You can use either of these three. 

Method 1: By editing the product page 

From the WordPress dashboard, go to All Products and click on the “Edit”' option for the product you wish to set as a featured product.

edit product beanie with logo

Then click on the “Edit” option for Catalog visibility.

click on edit catalog

Now check the option “This is a Featured Product” and click on “Update” to save the changes. This will make the product a Featured Product. 

enable featured product from product edi tpage

Method 2: Quick product edit option

If you don’t want to edit the product page, you can use the Quick product option. To do this, click on “Quick Edit” from All Products.

click on Quick Edit

Check the “Featured” option and update it to make the product a featured product. 

add featured product from quick settings

Method 3: From the ‘All Products’ page 

To use this method, go to "All Products" and click on the Star icon for the product you want to set as a featured product.

click on star to set WooCommerce featured product

This option is great for setting multiple items as featured products without having to edit each product individually. All you have to do is click on the Star icon for all the products. 

🔔 Note: If you can’t find the Star (Featured Product) option in the products menu, make sure you have enabled the Featured option applied from screen settings. 

set featured productm from screen options

These were different ways of setting up WooCommerce featured products. 

We will now demonstrate how you can strategically showcase featured products at various stages of the shopping journey in a WooCommerce store, effectively harnessing the potential of featured products. 

Method 1: How to Display WooCommerce Featured Products Using a Shortcode

Using a shortcode, you can display featured products on the home page or shop page of your WooCommerce store. 

To do this, edit your home page/shop page. 

click on edit option for shop page

Now click on the “+” icon and search for the shortcode widget.

search for shortcode

Once you find click on it to add the widget and insert the following into the widget:

[products limit="4" columns="2" visibility="featured" ]

Here, you can set the following options:

  • Product limit: Enter how many products you want to show up as featured products. Here we are setting product limit to 8.
  • Columns: Set the number of columns you want to add. We want a total of 4 columns.
  • Visibility: Make sure to set the visibility to “Featured”. 

Hit ‘Update’ to save the changes. 

add featured product to shortcode

Now if you check your shop page, it should add a featured product section along with the default shop page content. 

preview featured product on shop page

Method 2: How to Display Featured Products Using the Widget 

Gutenberg comes with a default widget named Featured Product, which you can use to highlight products beautifully on your WooCommerce pages. 
To do this, edit the page you want, click on the “+” icon again, and search for “Featured Product.

search for featured product widget

After adding the widget, search and select the product you want to highlight. Click on ‘Done’ to add the product as the Featured Product. 

add featured product to widget

After adding the product, you can choose to hide or show the product description and price on the right side. 

customize featured product description and price

This is how the Featured Product widget looks like in the front end: 

single WooCommerce featured product preview

You can use the widget with multi-column to display featured products as well. 

two column featured product

You can use the Product Featured widget to show products on the sidebar as well. 

🔔Note: Your WordPress theme must support the sidebar widget to display the “Product Featured” widget on the sidebar.

To do this, go to Appearance ⇒ Widgets, and on the sidebar, add the Product Featured widget. 

add featured product widget to side bar

Then, choose the product you want to highlight. 

add product to featured product widget on side bar

Here is how the Featured product looks on the sidebar in WooCommerce:

preview WooCOmmerce order bump on side bar

Method 3: How to Display WooCommerce Featured Products on a Sliding Cart

A sliding mini cart in WooCommerce is a small cart interface that users can access from anywhere to view and manage their items. It enhances the shopping experience by eliminating the need to go to the cart page.

Moreover, with the right plugin, you can turn your sliding cart into an effective platform for showcasing Featured Products. This way, customers can easily view the featured products within the side cart from anywhere on the site and add them to their cart with a single click. 

To display featured products in a sliding cart, we will use FunnelKit Cart. You need to install and activate the pro version of FunnelKit Cart. 
🔔Note: The premium version of FunnelKit Cart is available with FunnelKit Plus or the above version.

After activating the plugin, follow the following steps to display WooCommerce featured products on a sliding cart: 

Step 1: Enable FunnelKit Cart

Navigate to FunnelKit ⇒ Cart and enable the “Enable Cart” option to turn on the mini cart.

enable funnelkit cart to show WooCOmmerce featured product in sliding cart

You can customize the general settings, such as Icon visibility, Icon position, Cart heading, etc. For more details on how to customize the look of the sliding cart, check our blog on WooCommerce mini cart

general settings funnelkit cart

Step 2: Enable the cart upsell option

Now you need to enable the cart upsell option to show the featured product on the sliding cart. To do so, move to the Upsells tab and make sure to turn on the “Enable Cart Upsells” option.

enable upsell option of fk cart

Step 3: Customize the featured product settings 

After enabling the cart upsell option, set the following: 

  • Display: FunnelKit offers five different style options that you can choose from to determine how the featured products will be displayed.
  • Product Recommendation Type: Decide whether to display upsell, cross-sell, or both as product recommendations.
  • Show Maximum Upsells: Set the maximum number of upsells you want to display. 
funnelkit cart upsell settings

Step 4: Set the WooCommerce featured products 

Under the “Default Upsells” option, search for and add the products that will appear as featured products on the sliding cart.  as many products as you want.

🔔 Note: Make sure to turn on the 'Always Show Default Upsells' option. This ensures that the default upsells you add as featured products will appear as recommendations on the sliding cart.

add default upsells as featured products

FunnelKit also allows you to set cross-sell or upsell separately for individual products that will appear as featured products or product recommendations on the sliding cart. 

However, if you want to display a fixed set of products as featured products on the sliding cart irrespective of the product users add to their cart, we recommend setting them as default upsells. 

Here is how the Featured Product shows up on the sliding mini cart in WooCommerce: 

preview WooCommerce featured product

🔔Note: FunnelKit Cart has a milestone-based reward system that allows you to offer different rewards to customers if they buy products worth a certain amount. 

This gamifies the shopping experience and encourages users to buy more products. For more details, read our blog WooCommerce cart upsell. 

Method 4: How to Display Featured Products on the Checkout Page

The checkout page is a crucial step in the purchase process, as users are ready to place an order. You can leverage this momentum by offering low-cost Featured Products as order bumps on the checkout page.

To showcase Featured Products on the checkout page, we need to build a custom store checkout that will replace the default WooCommerce checkout. And to do so, we will use the FunnelKit Funnel Builder

This is the highest-rated sales funnel builder for WooCommerce. It allows you to create custom checkout, one-click upsell, and thank you pages. You can offer both pre- and post-purchase offers to boost your WooCommerce store's average order value. 

Before we move to the main process, make sure to install and activate FunnelKit Funnel Builder free and pro. 

Step 1: Create a store checkout 

Firstly, we need to create a store checkout that will replace the default WooCommerce checkout page. 

To do so, navigate to FunnelKit ⇒ Store Checkout and click on the ‘Create Store Checkout’ button.

create store checkout

After that, select your page favorite page builder and choose a template from the list of prebuilt checkout templates FunnelKit provides. To select one, hover on the template you like and click on Preview. Here, we are going with Utopia, which has 3 steps: Checkout, one-click upsell, and thank you.

click preview Utopia

Now, choose whether you want a single-page checkout or a multi-page checkout

After that, click on “Import This Funnel”, provide a name, and click on "Done" to import this funnel as your default checkout.

import store checkout

🔔Note: You can customize the checkout page. For help, refer to the blog on how to customize the WooCommerce checkout page

Step 2: Add the featured product as an order bump 

To offer an order bump, you first need to create one. Click on "Add Order Bump", provide a name, and then click on ’Add’.

create order bump step named order bumps

Choose an order bump skin by clicking on the ‘Import’ button. 

click on import order bump for featured product

After that, search and add the product you want to be featured on the checkout page as a pre-purchase order bump.

You can add multiple products here. Click on "Add" to add the products.

add product to order bump two offers

Now, choose the product and change the content like title, description, add exclusive text, etc.

order bump content customizations cap

Update the content and style for all the order bumps you are offering. After making changes, click on Save Changes. 

Step 3: Offer discount on order bumps (optional)

Move to the Products tab to offer discounts on the order bumps. However, this is optional. 

add discount to both order bump offers

Make sure to click on Save to update. 

Here is how the WooCommerce featured product looks like in the form of an order bump on the checkout page:

preview multiple order bump utopia

Method 5: How to Offer Featured Products After Checkout Process

You can offer featured products even after customers have checked out using one-click upsells.

These post-purchase upsells don't require users to enter their payment details again; they can simply buy the product with a single click. The system tokenizes the payment details and automatically deducts the price of upsell products. 

This is another effective way of encouraging users to purchase more products. However, for this to work, you must ensure that you offer products that are relevant to the customer's main order so they are more likely to buy.

We can use the store checkout we created using FunnelKit Funnel Builder in the previous step to offer a one-click upsell. To offer WooCommerce featured products as a one-click upsell, follow these steps:

🔔Note: These steps are a continuation of the ones shared in the previous section.

Step 1: Customize the upsell template 

Click on the Offer step. 

click on offer featured product funnel in WooCOmmerce

You can click on the “Edit Elementor Template” option to customize the content and design of the upsell template. 

click on edit elementor option upsell utopia

Step 2: Add the upsell offer

After customizing the upsell template, move to the Products tab. Click on “Add Product” and search for the featured product you want to offer as an upsell and add it. 

add upsell product beanie with logo

Step 3: Offer discount on the upsell offer (optional)

You can offer a discount on the upsell offer as well.

add discount to upsell beanie with logo

Step 4: Product selection settings 

As mentioned earlier, offering relevant upsells is important for a smooth shopping experience. That’s why FunnelKit’s product selection settings also play an important role. 

Check the option “Skip this offer if a product(s) exist in parent order” in the product selection settings. 

Depending on the product you want to offer as an upsell, you can check the “Skip this offer if the buyer had ever purchased this product(s)” option as well. 

Make sure to click on Save to update.

upsell offer settings, WooCommerce featured product using sales funnel

Here is what the upsell offers look like: 

preview upsell page with utopia template product beanie with logo

🔔Note: You can customize the thank you page as well. 

Step 5: Enable store checkout 

Finally, you need to activate the store checkout. For that, come back to the sales funnel page and turn on the “Enable Store Checkout” button. 

enable store checkout with woocommerce featured funnel

Frequently Asked Questions about WooCommerce Featured Product 

Explore the following frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of WooCommerce Featured Products:

  • How do I check if a product is featured in WooCommerce?

You can check if a product is featured in 3 ways:

  1. Go to All Products, and in the product list table, if the product's star column is checked, then it's a featured product.
  2. Quick edit the product, and if the Featured option is checked, then the product is set as Featured in WooCommerce.
  3. Edit the product and edit the Catalog visibility option on the product page. Check if the 'This is a featured product' option is selected; if so, the product is featured in WooCommerce.
  • How do I add a product to a featured collection in WooCommerce?

You can add a product to a featured collection in WooCommerce in three ways: by editing the product, using the quick edit option, and utilizing the All Product settings. We have covered the details in this blog.

  • What is the meaning of featured products in WooCommerce?

Featured products in WooCommerce are items highlighted or promoted on a website or storefront to attract attention and encourage sales.

  • How do I remove featured products from WooCommerce?

You can remove a featured product in 3 ways:

  1. Go to All Products, and in the product list table, uncheck the star column for the product you want to remove from the featured products list. 
  2. Quickly edit the product, and uncheck the Featured option.
  3. Edit the product, and on the product page, edit the Catalog visibility option. Uncheck the e 'This is a featured product' option. 

You can use either of these three ways to remove featured products from WooCommerce. 

  • What is the best WooCommerce Featured product plugin? 

The best WooCommerce featured product plugin is FunnelKit because it gives you the flexibility of offering featured products on the sliding cart, during checkout, and also as post-purchase one-click upsells.

Ready to Utilize WooCommerce Featured Product? 

Highlighting products in your WooCommerce store can help sell them quickly, as customers will notice these products without having to search for them manually.

By utilizing the WooCommerce featured product option, you can ensure that your products are visible on all the important pages of your WooCommerce store.

If you use FunnelKit, you can expand the default option of WooCommerce featured products and highlight them in other important places, such as the sliding cart, checkout page, and post-purchase upsell.

An online store owner's aim should be to ensure the best shopping experience for customers, ultimately leading to more sales and increased order value. That's exactly what featured products can help you achieve.

So, start utilizing featured products in WooCommerce today!

Author: Editorial Team
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