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UpStroke Updates: Version 1.7.0 has been released

Tavleen Kaur
August 28, 2018
UpStroke Updates: Version 1.7.0 has been released

We are super excited to bring you latest update of UpStroke.

This update not only brings performance improvements but also add new features and enables the launch of our upcoming add-on.

Here are major highlights.

1) Quantity Selection for Upsell Items

You can now give the user the option to select the quantity of Upsell item.

After the update, you would begin to see a new option for offer screen Quantity Selection.

You can enable the setting and set up the maximum number of units that can be sold in the offer.

On the upsell page, a dropdown for quantity selection will appear.

2) New personalization shortcodes for custom pages

Our upsell customizer provided smart merge tags which allowed you to personalize the offer.

These merge tags until now were limited to upsell customizer. Now, these merge tags are now available to the user for users building custom pages using shortcodes.

Example to print customer name use this shortcode [wfocu_order_data key="customer_first_name"]

Here is the full list of new shortcodes introduced:

[wfocu_order_data key="customer_first_name"]

[wfocu_order_data key="customer_last_name"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_no"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_date"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_total"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_itemscount"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_shipping_method"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_billing_country"]

[wfocu_order_data key="order_shipping_country"]

3) Gearing up for launch for Multi-Product Addon

Until now, UpStroke allowed upselling just one product in each offer.

This is going to change pretty soon.

We are gearing up for the launch of Multi-Product Addon.

Using this addon, you will be able to create pricing tiers and offer customers to choose between different products/pricing tiers.

The real question would not be whether to accept the offer, but it would shift to which tier is most suitable for me.

Smart eh? 🙂

Neville Medhora explains this three-pronged pricing strategy here.

Here is the sneak peek of one of the templates:


Our team is excited to see this adding more dollars to your bottom line.

This update contains changes, which will enable the launch of upcoming multi-product addon.

4) Lots of improvements & small fixes

UpStroke is evolving, and we are consistently weeding out any edge cases and improving performance under the hood.

Our goal is to make UpStroke well-engineered one-click upsell solution.

And we will continue to serve you.

With that said, here is the complete changelog.

Author: Tavleen Kaur
Do you know after Amazon implemented the 1-click buy system, their sales shot up year-on-year hitting $88.9 Billion mark in 2014? Jeff Bezos attributed it to a friction-free & streamlined buying process. At FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels), we're determined to give you the tools you need to do the same in your business. I am Tavleen and I help you get there faster.