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Presenting FunnelKit Automations 2.5: Automated Birthday Reminders, Enhanced Delays, Conditional Webhooks & Much More

Editorial Team
May 10, 2023
Presenting FunnelKit Automations 2.5: Automated Birthday Reminders, Enhanced Delays, Conditional Webhooks & Much More

We’re excited to announce the latest release of the FunnelKit Automations Version 2.5.

For those who are unfamiliar, FunnelKit Automations is the most potent automation marketing and CRM broadcast engine built for WordPress.

Our team has been consistently listening to your feedback and making efforts to develop them as our core features.

The latest version 2.5 includes several improvements and new features. We’re sure that FunnelKit Automations 2.5 will deliver a world-class automation-building experience, striving towards engaging customer relationships.

In this post, we’ve summarized a list of all the major updates in this version for you to take advantage of.

1. Automated Birthday Reminders

Don’t you just feel special when someone wishes you or makes you feel special on your birthday? Birthdays are special occasions to be at the center of everyone’s attention.

Birthday emails are a great way to personalize and connect with your customers or clients on their special day. You can engage with your audience and send birthday wishes to them.

It further allows you to strengthen the relationships with your audience, engage with them through personalized messages and drive revenue through specially curated offers for them.

Speaking statistically, Campaign Monitor says birthdays are great occasions for email marketing. That’s because birthday emails generate 179% more clicks and 342% more revenue than regular emails.

The good news is that - FunnelKit Automations has now added the Birthday Reminder event to its automations.

FunnelKit Automation 2.5 - Birthday reminder event

All you have to do is configure your birthday reminder event:

  • On contact's birthday - Run this automation on the day of your contact's birthday
  • Before the contact's birthday - Run this automation a specific number of days before your contact's birthday

Specify the time this automation runs on your contact's birthday:

Run this automation on the day of your contact's birthday

Configure the number of days before the birthday you want to set up your automation.

Run this automation a number of days before your contact's birthday

You can configure dynamic coupons, set delays, send emails, and more in your automated birthday workflow as you could do with all the previous automation workflow.

Your automated birthday reminders are now sorted!

To send birthday reminders, you need to capture the customer's birth dates. FunnelKit Automations provides you with the settings to capture the birthdates of your contacts.

Enable DOB field on WooCommerce checkout page

FunnelKit Checkout page and opt-in forms provide the date of birth fields in their field editor.

All you have to do is drag and drop the DOB field into the checkout or opt-in form.

Drag and drop the Date of Birth field within the checkout or opt-in form to enable it

Even if you don’t have FunnelKit Checkouts, we have provided the option to enable the DOB field on your default WooCommerce checkout.

You can even embed the DOB form shortcodes to your thank you pages. All you need to do is copy the shortcode and paste it on the thank you page.

Birthday Reminder settings of WooCommerce thank you page

This way, you can allow your shoppers to enter their DOB fields and capture this information in FunnelKit Automations.

Data instantly gets captured and collected in FunnelKit Automations 2.5 under Contacts

2. Delays With Respect to Events Variable

What if you want to delay your automation with respect to any order data fields? Now you can do that in FunnelKit Automations.

Imagine you’re using a third-party shipping plugin that provides shipping dates and shipping-related information in the order meta. With this feature, you can make your contact wait until the day of shipping and send an email saying - “Your order is shipped!”

This way, you can send well-timed order shipping notifications, follow-up emails, and more.

Choose to set the delay by choosing from a field value of an event.

Delay with respect to events variable

Once you hit the ‘Select’ button, specify the meta key of the event field in which the data value is saved.

Specify the meta key value to get the data

You can also set the delay from a field date for a certain number of days.

Please note that this event variable delay will only become active for WooCommerce Order-related automation events.

We can’t wait to see how you use this option!

3. Conditional Webhooks

Webhooks send and receive real-time data from other applications or websites.

What if you want to set condition-based automations on the data received from external websites?

For example, you want to create contacts for people whose primary language is English, i.e., you want to have English-speaking contacts on our list.

Now you can do that in FunnelKit Automations. We have added a webhook condition where you can set up rules based on the data received from the webhook.

First, set up the Webhook received event. Then add a condition of Webhook.

Add webhook condition in FunnelKit Automations 2.5

Next, you’ll be able to see all the data received on your webhook URL.

See all the data received on your webhook URL

Let’s set the Language to English:

Provide the conditional value to set up rules in your webhook automations

Now add the “Create Contact” action under the If-Yes condition.

Add the “Create Contact” action under the If-Yes condition

This will complete the use case of creating contacts in WordPress for English users from the data received on the webhook.

4. Integration with Advanced Coupons

Coupons can drive new visitors to your business, boost the engagement of existing customers, and generate revenue.

Even though FunnelKit Automations has the ability to create dynamic, personalized coupons, we just got one step ahead. With this new release, it now integrates with Advanced Coupons.

Advanced Coupons is a special coupon plugin for your WooCommerce store that allows you to set up: 

  • Attractive BOGO (Buy one get one) offers
  • Loyalty program points for repeat purchases and redeem those points for future purchases
  • Store credits that can be redeemed for coupons later, and so much more.

With FunnelKit Automations and Advanced Coupons, you can set up automated campaigns and bring unlimited revenue to your store.

You get two events/triggers for FunnelKit Automations - Advanced Coupons integration:

  • Store Credits Updated - Set this event trigger and assign an action when your store credits get updated on your account.
  • Lifetime Store Credit Reached - Use this event trigger and set up an automation when your limit to lifetime store credits reaches a certain threshold.
Events of Advanced Coupons

Here are the Advanced Coupons-related actions available in FunnelKit Automations:

  • Decrease Store Credit
  • Increase Store Credit
Actions available for Advanced Coupons in FunnelKit Automations 2.5

Furthermore, you get conditions and merge tags for Advanced Coupons. It’ll help you to set up incentivized campaigns in FunnelKit Automations.

This way, you can send updated store credit reminders to users, update them to a premium customer, or send them a thank you offer if they reach the lifetime store credit value, and so much more.

5. Integration with Formidable Forms

Forms are essential components to capture leads and build your email list. And Formidable Forms are one such powerful form builder plugin that allows you to create forms for surveys, quizzes, and more.

FunnelKit Automations extends its compatibility to Formidable Forms to automate your lead generation and nurture process.

FunnelKit Automations - Formidable Forms Integration

To use Formidable form with FunnelKit Automation,  you need to configure your formidable form and map the fields to set up your event.

Configure the Formidable Forms event

After the event is configured, you can send all types of automated emails to your subscribers. These emails could be welcome emails, lead nurturing emails, promotional emails, etc.

Furthermore, the same integration is available in the Forms section within FunnelKit Automations.

Formidable Forms and FunnelKit Automations - form integration

It allows you even to set up double-opt-in emails and so much more.

6. Broadcast Cancellation

Mistakes happen to anybody, but as a brand, you can’t allow mistakes as it’ll impact customer relationships and user experience.

Therefore, FunnelKit Automations has added the feature to cancel your email and SMS broadcasts.

Now you can cancel broadcasts sent to any number of contacts before any of your emails get delivered.

You’ll be able to find the cancel option in the action button of your ongoing and paused broadcasts.

Cancel the broadcasts

You also get a Cancelled tab where you can see all your cancelled broadcasts and find opportunities to enhance them.

Cancelled Broadcasts section

7. Product Selection in Order-Related Events

For your convenience, FunnelKit Automations has provided a selection of product options for WooCommerce order-related events.

Product selection in order-related events

Earlier, you had to apply conditions if you wanted to run automations for a specific product.

However, you can now set up automations for a specific product from the event level.

You just have to select 'Specific Products' and choose your product.

Assign specific products to trigger the order automation

This way, you’ll be able to set up automated sequences like follow-up emails, upsell emails, etc., with respect to a particular product.

FunnelKit Automations 2.5 gives you the ability to set configuration right on the event level to help build your automations quickly and easily.

We have made similar changes over 8+ events, including the events for tags, lists, orders, WooCommerce Memberships, and more.

8. Other Updates

Here, we have listed the rest of the other miscellaneous updates added in FunnelKit Automations version 2.5:

#1: New Contacts and Order-Related Merge Tags

We have added the {{contact_password_setup_link}} merge tag to provide our contacts with a password setup link.

Further, there are other order-related merge tags added, such as:

  • {{order_shipping_cost}} - Shipping cost included in an order
  • {{order_tax}} - Tax price included in an order
  • {{order_subtotal}} - The subtotal value of an order, etc.

#2: Automatic deletion of logs

FunnelKit Automations will now automatically delete the logs after every month to keep everything lightweight.

#3: Inclusion of merge tags in overriding sender settings

You can now use email merge tags when overriding the sender details.

Inclusion of merge tags in overriding sender settings

#4: New shortcodes for the Subscribe page settings

We have added the first name and last name shortcodes to design your Subscribe Page. These shortcodes will help you set up a personalized subscribe page for your subscribed lists.

New first name and last name shortcodes to personalize and design your subscribe page

#5: Import an automation for new FunnelKit Automations users

You can now import an automation if you’re new to FunnelKit Automations or have no automations.

Earlier, you just had the option to create a new automation. But now you get the import option.

Import an automation button in case of zero automation

#6: Custom fields will now separately appear in Automations’ merge tags

All the fields (even the added custom fields) will now appear separately in the merge tags of your automations for ease of use.

Separate fields appear in merge tags to get the saved data in FunnelKit Automations 2.5

#7: Skip updating blank values when importing contacts via CSV

We have added the “Don't update blank values for existing contacts” option when importing contacts via CSV. This way, the upload will not skip all the blank field values when importing contacts.

Don't update blank values for existing contacts when importing contacts via CSV

#8: New subscription data merge tags

We have added the new subscription data merge tag {{subscription_data}} related to WooCommerce Subscriptions. 

The {{subscription_data}} merge tag fetches the meta key value of the subscription post to fetch the relevant data.

#9: New contact filter of FunnelKit Checkout

We have added a new contact filter - FunnelKit Checkout. Here, you can get the details of all the contacts who have placed an order with a specific checkout page.

New contact filter of FunnelKit Checkout in FunnelKit Automations 2.5

#10: New merge tags related to LearnDash groups

We have added new groups-specific merge tags under FunnelKit Automations and LearnDash integration:

  • Group Leader(s) Emails {{ld_group_leader_emails}} - Email address of the admin or leader(s) of a particular group
  • Group Leader(s) Names {{ld_group_leaders}} - Names of the admin or leader(s) of a particular group
  • Group Name {{ld_group_name}} - Name of the LearnDash group

#11: Updated the event configuration for ‘Order Status Changed’

We have updated the configuration settings for the ‘Order Status Changed’ event. You’ll be able to assign the “From Status” and “To Status” here:

New contact filter of FunnelKit Checkout in FunnelKit Automations 2.5

There are many other enhancements and improvements that we have listed in our changelogs. We’re sure these updates will help you continue bringing favorable outcomes using FunnelKit Automations.

FunnelKit Automations 2.5 Is Now Live!

These were some of the major additions and integrations developed in the FunnelKit Automations version 2.5.

But this isn’t even the best part. The best part is still in development, where you’ll experience some brilliant automation-building capabilities of FunnelKit Automations. It’ll get ready to be launched in the coming weeks.

For this version 2.5, each of these features has been developed to provide you with a seamless user experience and build more profound customer relationships than ever before.

Please note that this version has gone live and you can now update your FunnelKit Automations plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

If you’re not a FunnelKit Automations user, you’re missing out on a lot of things! Thus, we recommend you get your FunnelKit Automations copy here >>

Author: Editorial Team
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