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FunnelKit Automations CRM

Finally, a CRM built for WooCommerce

Manage customer relationships using tagging, segmentation, and broadcasts without leaving WordPress.
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Build A Great Rapport With Your Customers

Use FunnelKit Automations CRM to know, segment, and engage

Understand your customers better

Track key metrics
For every contact, view their lifetime spend, items purchased, number of orders, average order value, coupons used and more.
Gain customer insights
Get deep insights into a user's interaction with your sales funnel, i.e. their spending at each step, offers accepted, and more.
Automation(s) tracking
In one glance, get an overview of all the automation(s) run on a particular contact - from abandonment to win-back and more.

Segment contacts to start conversations

Garner attention
Segmentation allows you to send relevant messages to your contacts that they can’t ignore, even in a busy inbox.
Add tags or labels
Add tags or ‘functional labels’ on your contacts based on their source of acquisition, products purchased, birth date, referral source, and more.
Send highly relevant messages
Sort your contacts into lists to send relevant messages for higher than usual open and click rates.

Enrich contact profiles using custom fields

Easily manage contact(s)
Engage with customers at a level you had never thought of before. Store unique details about them using custom fields.
Pre-set fields for rich data
Use our pre-set fields such as the first ordered date, average order value, upsells accepted, referral source, etc to store rich data.
Engage using custom fields
Do more granular targeting with custom fields. Collect and store data in the form of text, drop-down, radio button, checkbox, and more.

Reach out to the right audience at the right time

Target customers with ease
With all the powerful information about your customers collated in one place, you're sure to be a welcomed guest in their inbox.
Create automated workflows
Map out customers' end-to-end journey. Create automated workflows such as welcome sequence, abandoned cart, and more subject to their actions.
Send broadcast emails
Send broadcast emails to specific lists. Reach out with special announcements like flash sales, the weekly newsletter, and other relevant offers.

Give Your Business the FunnelKit Automations Edge

One tool that replaces multiple, effortlessly
Manage customer relationships without leaving WordPress
Follow Up Engine
Create follow-up campaigns for prospects & buyers
Trigger action(s) in a plugin based on an event on your site
Connect your site to your CRM and other third-party apps