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Use FunnelKit Automations to recover abandoned carts, get repeat sales and build stronger relationships.
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119% Higher Click Through Rate

Triggered emails are opened 70% more, clicked 119% more, and generate 60% more revenue compared to regular email marketing. Use them to build great relationship from the start.

Abandoned Cart Email

Recover abandoned carts by creating well-timed email sequences, and time-bound coupon codes to incentivize the purchase. Along with emails, send SMSs using Twilio SMS service with FunnelKit Automations.

Shipment Tracking Notification

You can automate “Your order has been shipped” emails. FunnelKit Automations integrates with the official WooCommerce Order Shipment plugin to fetch the tracking URL and lets you email it to your customers using merge tags.

Post Purchase Education

Benefit from the high open and click-through rates of post-purchase emails by creating educational emails for your products. Not all products require extra information, so set up smart rules to define when the email is to be sent.

Review Email

63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a website that has product rating and reviews on the page. So send review emails to your buyers to boost reputation and revenue.

Next Purchase Coupon

Having just purchased from your store, the customer already trusts you. You can build brand loyalty by offering them coupon for their next purchase. Encourage them to redeem it or share it with a friend and help you spread the word.


40% of any business’s revenue comes from repeat customers. Also, it costs more to get new customers. Send win back campaign to bring customers who haven't purchased in a specified time period.

Smart Features Every Marketer Loves

See what you get, in one glance
Live Cart Capturing
Capture emails for abandoned cart recovery as soon as the user enters it on checkout.
Email Delays
Setup defined delays between emails in a sequence. This gives the users time to take action.
Deadline Coupon
Use the power of urgency to drive your customers into clicking the CTA button. Set a few days expiry to your coupons.
UTM Parameters
Track the number of clicks an automated campaign got and assess its effectiveness.
Personalized emails have more impact than mass-sent emails. Use merge tags to personalize.
Multimedia SMS
Add Image to your SMSs and make them more attention-grabbing for your audience. (For US and Canada audiences).
Opt-out Option
Respecting privacy laws is of utmost importance. Mark the emails and SMSs as promotional so the recipients can opt-out.
Unlimited Contacts
There is no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your list. So you can keep adding new leads.
Pinpoint Targeting
Target your audience with precision. For example - a particular offer is only made to users with order value over $X.

Give Your Business the FunnelKit Automations Edge

One tool that swaps multiple, effortlessly
Manage customer relationships without leaving WordPress
Follow Up Engine
Create follow-up campaigns for prospects & buyers
Trigger action(s) in a plugin based on an event on your site
Connect your site to your CRM and other third-party apps

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