Usage Tracking

Thank you for showing the willingness to learn more about the user tracking process. You’ll find everything you need on this page.

As creators of WooCommece plugins, we always need user feedback to improve our products and build better features.

Most importantly, knowing how our users are interacting with the plugins help us push the updates in the right order of priority.

Every product goes through a maturity cycle and that journey is impossible without an understanding of how it’s being used and how many sites are using it.

This data is perfectly non-sensitive for the site owner but very useful for the product builder. Nonetheless, we seek permission.

When you opt-in from within.your WordPress dashboard, we’ll be able to:

  • Understand how the plugin is set up and take care of feature development.
  • Work on the most needed updates and push them in the right order of priority.
  • Take care of the potential security issues and keep the users in loop if needed.

By opting in, you will help us make our plugins better for yourself and everyone else.

What we will track

  • Site URL
  • Admin email address
  • Active payment gateways
  • Active shipping methods
  • Activated plugins in list form
  • MySQL version
  • PHP version
  • PHP Settings, such as maximum post size, maximum input vars, if suhosin is enabled, if cURL, SOAP and fSock are enabled
  • Theme
  • Total number of customers
  • Total number of products
  • Total number of orders
  • Total number of active funnels
  • Total number of Initiated funnels
  • Total number of accepted offers
  • Total number of rejected offers
  • Web server software and version
  • WordPress version
  • WordPress locale
  • WordPress memory limit
  • WooCommerce settings

How to opt out

If you wish to opt out, go to FunnelKit > Settings > Tools and then toggle off the Usage Tracking.

Thanks for reading!

The fact that you took some time out to read this post, shows that you’re interested in contributing towards the development of FunnelKit. We truly appreciate this and thank you for it.

In case, after reading it, you realized that you wouldn’t like to opt-in, that’s perfectly fine too. The plugins will work just fine.

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