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One-Click Upsell Real-World Examples: Analysis of Upsell Offers & Results

Tavleen Kaur
June 7, 2018
One-Click Upsell Real-World Examples: Analysis of Upsell Offers & Results

What if I told you that an upsell funnel can up your average order value by 20-40%?

You'd perhaps reject that thought.

You've been going the harder way up until now, barely breaking even on your acquisition costs and hoping for sustainability in the longer run.

But in this post, I am going to prove to you that it's not hard work but a fool-proof strategy that your business really needs.

We'll go through 5 high-converting upsell funnels, analyze the offers, the sequence and the results they've got.

...Because seeing is believing, am I right?

So without further ado, let's jump in.


1. Marine D3 Supplements Funnel - [More of What Was Bought]

The Marine D3 Supplements funnel is a 7-figure a month business.

The founder, Ed O’ Keefe revealed in an interview that his cost per customer acquisition is $120-$130.

So the entire focus of his upsell funnel is on increasing the average order value. He sells bottles of Marine D3 supplement at $49.95 per bottle:

Now let's study his upsell offers:

Upsell Offer I: Buy 8 More Bottles of the Same and Save 72%

'More of what they bought' upsell offer type works like a charm on products that people like to stock up.

There's a 72% discount on the offer, take a look:

This upsell page converts at a high 27%.

Key Insights about the One-Click Upsell Offer:

  • The offer takes into account what the customer paid to buy the front-end product. The customers would've spent $100-$150 on the main offer and the upsell is $184.
  • The deal is highlighted well and the page is clutter-free. You can make sense of the offer in a few seconds. This is very important because people have just swiped their card and are expecting to see the Thank You page but you're hijacking their flow.
  • The offer description focuses on scarcity around the product and justifies the rationale behind the bulk deal. It says: “For best results, you need to take Marine D-3 everyday (like a daily vitamin).” And also mentions that this is a ‘hidden page’, dialing up on the urgency and scarcity factors.

Upsell Offer II: Get 3 Bottles and save 33% (Pain Point targeted: Blood Pressure)

The upsell #2 is targeting a specific pain point i.e. high blood pressure.

This offer is based on the hypothesis that the buyer of Marine D3 supplements is also likely to be struggling with the blood pressure problem.

Take a look at the page:

3 bottles at a special deal price of $99!

The offer copy focuses on fear i.e. how high blood pressure is attacking your arteries and causing your BP to stay out of control.

Upsell Offer 3: Get 4 at the price of 2 (Pain Point targeted: Blood Pressure & Weight)

The next upsell is their most popular one in the upsell funnel. The reason is that it tackles the weight loss issue.

It’s a common pain point that the buyers of Marine D3 supplements maybe struggling with. Take a look:

Upsell Offer 4: Buy 2, Get 2 Free (Pain Point targeted: Cholestrol)

The last upsell offer in the funnel is a deal on the Omega 3 that helps fight cholesterol.

The copy on the right focuses on the importance of having the right Omega 3 instead of the over-the-counter ones.

And hence establishes the need for ‘Body Ready Omega 3’. It then goes into details -the ingredients, key benefits and the advantages.

You must notice that all the pain points targeted through the upsell funnel resonate with the target audience.

The initial sale is only an opportunity to qualify the right target audience. The upsell funnel is designed to make profits.

The results:

Ed O’ Keefe says he pays $120-$130 to acquire one customer.

With all the upsell funnels in place and the first upsell offer converting at a high 27%, this has bumped up his AOV from $120 to a staggering $250!

I don’t have all the numbers but the upsell funnel has made this a 7-figure a month business.

2. 'Webinars That Convert' Course Upsell Funnel- [Fast-Track The Process]

Amy Porterfield is a wildly known and respected internet marketer. Her course, Webinars That Convert is popular among information product sellers, coaches and consultants.

It’s a very specific course that teaches people how to create and deliver effective webinars that convert.

It’s about a $1000 dollar course focused on teaching them how to conduct webinars for success.

Excited to see the upsell?

Take a look:

Upsell 1: 5-Slide Webinar Template Pack at a one-time price of $297 (40% off)

This upsell offer is designed to fast-track the process because people who're buying the course will surely need to create templates for their own webinars.

Take a look at the offer page and how she establishes the need for this upsell:

Key Insights about the upsell offer:

- The upsell offer is not in any way the critical success factor to the main offer. You can complete the course and do it on your own even without the upsell.

- The upsell helps them achieve the results faster and more easily. It offers them support at a level they won’t get inside the main program

- It's not a bonus offer advertised on the sales page. The bonus in this case could be an additional masterclass – it could be more content. But a great upsell is one that fast-tracks the process of achieving the goal.

- The upsell is priced at $297 while the core offer is $1000. It’s only 30% of the cost they just paid, so doesn’t go too high and nor too low.

- The upsell page features the countdown timer at the bottom to dial in a factor of urgency. And to let buyers know that it's a limited-time offer, exclusively visible on this page. You cannot access the same product and at this cost from anywhere else on the site.

- The text above the countdown timer clearly says ‘The opportunity will be gone in...’

- Amy offers a deep discount of 40% - making the deal irresistible

- There’s a counter Call to Action for skipping the offer. The copy says ‘No thanks, I know how to make my own beautiful slide presentation’.

One has to go through a bit of mental dilemma before clicking 'No'. Because her students knows that doing this own their own could be pricey and difficult (you’ll have to hire a designer).

If the customer declines the offer, she directs them to a downsell. Let's take a look at it.

Downsell 1: Upsell #1 at a payment plan

The downsell is the same offer i.e. the 5-slide presentation deck but with a payment plan. There's a two pay option - $149 each on the table:

Downsell 2: Lite version of the upsell 1

Instead of 5 slide presentation deck, the downsell #2 is a 2-slide presentation deck at $97 flat.

The results:

1000 new members enrolled for her program and 58% of her buyers took up on one of the three upsell offers.

She made an extra $1,70,000 with this upsell funnel.

Here’s the breakdown:

37% took up on the first upsell.

13% of the rest took the 2-payment plan i.e. downsell 1

23% of the remaining buyers took up on the downsell 2 i.e. the lite version of the presentation pack.

The buyers, who said yes to the upsell #1, were not shown the downsells. And only those who declined both upsell #1 and downsell #1, were shown the last one.

3. BeeFriendly Skincare Upsell Funnel - [More of What Was Bought]

BeeFriendly is an online store that sells organic skincare products.

Here’s the product page of one of their products i.e. the organic face and eye serum:

Their upsell offer #1 is simply more of what the customer just bought at a discount.

Upsell 1- More of what was bought (3 More for the price of 2)

Key insights:

- ‘More of what was bought’ is the best upsell offer because you’re not questioning their main purchase. You’re essentially helping them stock up at a discount.

- There’s a deep discount of 25% on the offer which makes it worth seriously considering

- When you scroll down, the page clearly states that the items will be shipped free – hence tackling one of their biggest objections regarding the shipping costs.

Downsell #1 – A different product at a deeper discount

The person who’s buying the organic syrum is most likely to be interested in the organic night cream, especially if they’re offered a discount.

The Results:

Their average order value went up by an amazing 21.50% from $58.04 to $70.52.

This means an increase of $12.50 per order and at 10 orders a day- this is $45,625 of extra cash in year.

So they pumped this extra cash into the business without spending a penny more on advertising.

The power of one-click upsells!

4. Frank Kern’s Book Funnel - [Change the Medium] 

Frank Kern leads people into his funnel with a $5.60 book.

The first step of the funnel is rather compelling because it’s a low-dollar offer:

Now let’s look at his backend funnel.

Upsell #1: “Reframe” Masterclass at a one-time payment of $297

This product is perfectly aligned to the front-end product. The book shows people how to attract coaching clients and the upsell is a masterclass that shows them how to close.

Here's the upsell offer page with the VSL and the pop-up:

Key Insights:

- The main offer i.e. the book is intentionally kept at a no-brainer $5.60 so that more and more people can get to the backend funnel

- The upsell offer #1 is perfectly aligned with the main purchase. His audience will likely be interested in a product that shows them how to close more clients by learning about different sales angles.

- Notice the upsell is not another book but a video course with a very specific promise. So he changes the format or the mode of delivery.

- The upsell is not competing with the main offer but is a very thoughtful extension of the same

- It is priced at $297. Now that is pretty bold of him and no doubt a massive jump from $5.60. But the promise is strong. Notice he says – ‘I give you real world examples (that work)...I show you exactly what to do and what to say...’

People who reject this offer are shown the downsell i.e. the same offer on a payment plan.

Downsell #1 – Same product at 3 monthly payments of $97 each 

The downsell is for people who’re convinced on the offer and would like to purchase but don’t want to pay a high price.

It’s a very sensible move. Take a look at the page:

The buyers who declined both upsell #1 and downsell #1 were shown a different offer.

Because it clearly means they didn’t want the offer even after the initial cost is lowered and it’s made easily affordable.

Downsell #2 – Video Black Box Course at 2 monthly payments of $97

Again this offer appeals to the audience he’s targeting. It’s a formula for creating great sales videos that convert.

The Results

On a given day, here’s a snapshot of his results:

For 4 copies of books sold, he sold 1 copy of upsell #1, 1 copy of downsell #1 and 2 copies of downsell #2.

He made $684 with the upsell funnel while spending $173 on Facebook ads. For every $1 spent on ads, he nearly made $4 in return. A pretty solid ROI there!

Here’s another snapshot of sales on a given day:

He sold about 8 books on that day, 1 copy of upsell #1, 1 of downsell #1 (payment plan) and 2 copies of downsell #2.

Notice, his average order value is $61.23 which is pretty remarkable, considering the main offer is a mere $5.60 a pop!

5. The Fat To Fit Program Upsell Funnel - [Continuity] 

The Fat to Fit Program is a 60-Day Jumpstart program available at a lifetime access of $37.

Take a look at a section of the offer page highlighting the program:

Now let's explore the backend funnel:

Upsell #1: A complete transformation program at a 50% discount 

The core offer is a short 30-day program, the upsell is a full-fledged 180-day program.

It promises them a continuation of their transformation, take a look:

Key Insights about the upsell offer:


  • This upsell is based on a common problem with diets, which is people do it like a fad and then move back to their usual lifestyle. So it gives them a 180-day plan to keep moving.
  • He offers them 30+ new recipes, 6-month meal plan and even grocery shopping list for each week in those six months, 6 months of workout plan with tutorial videos for each and more.
  • The magnitude of this program is bigger and it promises a complete transformation.
  • This offer is in line with Robert Cialdini's 'Commitment & Consistency' principle.

However, the copy needs to do a better job of telling them that while they've done a great job of jump-starting- there's so much more he could tell them to keep them on track....

...which is what led him to create this full-blown transformation program.

This is where the copy flounders a bit.

Upsell #2- Support Group 

The upsell #2 is promises to offer support at a level the core offer/upsell #1 cannot.

There's an accountability & support group along with a direct access to the man himself.


"But what about me? I'm a small business owner with low ad spends?"

I understand that you're not sure if one-click upsells is the right strategy for your business.

Should you wait till your business grows bigger? Maybe you should focus on attracting more traffic right now.

Stop right there...

I want to show you the results of a small business owner exactly like you who spent little over $300 on advertising to get astounding results like these:

The upsell offers are all low-dollar products. And that's what makes them even more effective, people don't have to think a lot before adding them to the cart.

The element of urgency works best for impulse purchases.

Also, you must notice that he clearly mentions that he tested those products and they had shown a reasonable demand which is what makes them fool-proof.

What's Next...

You've seen a bunch of real-world examples in this post. And in the previous post, we looked at different types of upsell offers.

If you're ambitious about increasing your revenues like me, I am sure you're itching to put in place your own one-click upsell.

So in the next post, we're going to get even closer to this goal. We're covering the anatomy of a high-converting one-click upsell page.

Use the upsell offer page anatomy to present your offer in a way that it's irresistible.

Stay hooked!

Happy Upselling!

Author: Tavleen Kaur
Do you know after Amazon implemented the 1-click buy system, their sales shot up year-on-year hitting $88.9 Billion mark in 2014? Jeff Bezos attributed it to a friction-free & streamlined buying process. At FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels), we're determined to give you the tools you need to do the same in your business. I am Tavleen and I help you get there faster.