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9 Black Friday Email Examples to Drive MORE Sales in 2022

Editorial Team
November 7, 2022
9 Black Friday Email Examples to Drive MORE Sales in 2022

Did you know in 2021, online Black Friday sales amounted to $8.9 billion?

And 42.4% of that revenue came from SMARTPHONES! (Adobe Analytics)

What does that mean for an eCommerce seller like you? 

It means people don’t want to stand outside storefronts in the chilling winter, they wanna shop ONLINE from the comfort of their homes.

This gives you online retailers an opportunity to drive more sales and profits - provided you are driving conversions from your Black Friday emails.

In this post, we will share 7 Black Friday email examples to take inspiration from and customize them according to your preferences and goals.

9 Black Friday Email Examples to Try in 2022

Two of the biggest holidays of the year - Black Friday and Cyber Monday - are just around the corner.

Most businesses implement various Black Friday marketing strategies like:

  • Launching new products
  • Giveaways
  • Subscriber exclusive early access
  • Waitlist landing page

No matter what strategy, your Black Friday email campaigns will only be effective if you send emails that CLICK with the user!

Otherwise, all of your marketing efforts will either go ignored or land in SPAM.

So, let’s dissect which Black Friday emails work the best and get higher conversions.

1. Skyscanner’s Teaser Email

Do you know how big-budget movies release teasers every week till the movie hits the theatres?

This does two things:

  • Builds hype around the movie
  • Keeps the audience engaged and excited for the movie

That is what a teaser Black Friday email can do for your business.

Here’s an example of how Skyscanner sent a teaser email to their audience prior to the holiday and hype them up about an exciting offer they are planning for Black Friday.

The email is visually appealing, and the copy is simple yet instigating. The email also encourages the audience to bookmark their deals page.

Notice the subtle yet impactful CTA button that takes the user directly to their website.

2. Zalando’s Create a Wishlist Email

Online retail giants like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and more allow their shoppers to create a wishlist before they launch their festive offers.

You can do the same. If your users create a wishlist before the Black Friday sale, it benefits them because:

  • Adding their favorite items to their cart before they go out of stock
  • Hit the buy button without wasting time browsing

Zalando’s Create a Wishlist email is a simple email that has a basic image that does not overpower the CTA - CREATE WISHLIST.

Also, it encourages buyers to start creating their shopping checklist for Black Friday right now. If somebody wants to buy right away, they provide those options as well.

With FunnelKit Automations, you can set up an email sequence to remind the user who has created a wishlist one day before Black Friday.

3. Sommer Ray’s Early Access Emails

The main aim of an early access Black Friday email is to make your audience FEEL like a VIP!

Yes, you only give special early access to special ones, right?

An early access email gives your audience an opportunity to buy the best deals before they open for others.

Sommer Ray’s early access email is an excellent example because it also doubled as a SURPRISE VIP sale that dropped in the user’s inbox before the actual sales event.

The email is design-heavy, as it does not have much of an email copy to read.

Just a straightforward heading, a standout discount offer, and a clear CTA button.

You can even launch a waitlist landing page, collect emails of genuinely interested shoppers, and give them early access to your festive offers.

4. Leesa’s Sneak Peek/Preview Email

Sneak Peek emails or preview emails should be a part of your Black Friday email marketing strategy because it piques curiosity.

You can either let your customers get a sneak peek at your Black Friday deals or allow them to buy now - before Black Friday arrives.

Leesa sent this campaign in September to give its audience a sneak peek of the upcoming Black Friday sale.

Using an intriguing subject line - Black Friday sneak peek: Up to $400 off 🛏️ – that instigates the shopper to open the email. The clean visual appeal of this email template helps in conversions as well.

In fact, this is a great example of a teaser email campaign. As you know, sometimes you need to incentivize potential customers, and Leesa offers an incredible deal weeks before their official Black Friday sale - enjoy “the gift of sleep this season.”

Another takeaway - is the red CTA button. Attracts attention and boosts conversions. 

Here’s a pro tip on how you can make the most of this Black Friday email.

Use your loyalty program to reward your customers and get them to refer their friends.

5. Designmodo’s Sale Announcement Email

According to Campaign Monitor, more than 400 million emails are sent on Black Friday.

Yes, that many!

Hence, your announcement email SHOULD stand out - right from the subject line and preview text to the design of the email.

Look at this example from Designmodo; the headline Black Friday - 60% OFF is not just appeasing to look at but makes you enthusiastic about the sale as well.

That’s what an announcement Black Friday email is supposed to do.

They have not just dropped the prices but also offer a discount code to cash in at the checkout. Now that’s sweet!

The two CTA buttons catch your attention instantly, and the short copy gratifies you instantly and makes you buy now.

6. Carbonmade’s Free Gift Email

Free gifts are a great way to go beyond Black Friday sales. 🎁 It will attract customers who aren't swayed by flashy discount codes. Freebies are always appreciated, right?

When a customer purchases a particular product, give them a complimentary item. You should clearly explain how customers can claim their free gifts in your Black Friday email.

See how Carbonmade offers their subscribers 2 months of their Pro plan for FREE!

The email feels friendly for sure, and that’s what you should do too. Offer them something complimentary - like your friend would buy a drink for you.

It cheers them up, and who is going to say no to a free gift?!

7. Olivers & Co.’s Last Chance Email

The last chance email is an effective way to remind prospective buyers that they need to act before the offer expires.

The main element of your last chance Black Friday email should be scarcity - scarcity of time.

Your email should make the reader act quickly, or they lose out on a damn good deal.

Look at how Olivers & Co. do it.  They did offer a generous 30% discount but made it irresistible to the audience with three instances of emotional words:

  • Subject line: Only a few hours left
  • Call-to-action: Last chance
  • Final subtitle: Ends tonight!

The email’s CTA text + dynamic discount offer fans the fire of urgency. Urgency leads to quick actions, and quick actions lead to conversions.

What more can you add to this?

A countdown timer. Yes, we’ve seen many variations of last-chance emails where a countdown timer adds a layer of tension and makes the shopper buy.

You can also add last-minute deals and free gifts to attract new and existing customers to check out your sale before it ends.

8. Julep’s Extended Sale Email

Many times, your Black Friday emails - and even Cyber Monday emails - will go unnoticed. That’s why an extended sale on Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) sale can be a good opportunity to retarget your customers and make sales.

An extended sale email works because of two things:

  • The email is unexpected - that dopamine hit is real!
  • People who missed out on the BFCM sale get another chance to buy again 

Julep’s extended sale email is the one that you should definitely take inspiration from to design your own extended sale email.

The email is well-designed. The three most standout elements of this email are:

  • “Extended 48 hours” 
  • “50% off everything”
  • “Use code: CYBERWOW”

These elements pop up and make the customer act - as if they do not want to miss out on the sale again.

With FunnelKit Automations, you can create a customer segment of users that did not engage with your Black Friday emails and send them a special discount code to encourage them to buy now - or they will miss out again.

9. Elementor’s B2B Email

Who says Black Friday sales are only for retailers and eCommerce businesses? If you are a B2B business, then Elementor’s Black Friday email could be a great inspiration for you.

Elementor opts for a short email that highlights only the information that matters - X% OFF the Pro Plans. This is the information that the customer cares about. 

Keeping the copy concise and adding vibrant images and colors, the company has crafted a great Black Friday campaign with an equally appealing subject line - Hurry, Don’t Miss Our Black Friday Sale! Go Go Go 🏃

On top of that, Elementor has added a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency and make the shopper take quick action.

So, Are You Ready to Create Your Own Black Friday Email?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping events in the United States, and as an eCommerce seller, you definitely need to have a well-thought Black Friday email marketing strategy in place.

But your strategy will only reap results if you send the emails that connect and click with your users.

FunnelKit Automations is a powerful WooCommerce marketing engine that lets you design beautiful Black Friday emails with a robust drag-and-drop visual builder.

You can even add discount coupons and customize your WooCommerce emails to convert like CRAZY!

Try FunnelKit Automations today and treat your audience like a VIP with special emails.

Author: Editorial Team
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