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5 Customer Segments to Include in Your Black Friday Email Marketing [2022]

Editorial Team
November 2, 2022
5 Customer Segments to Include in Your Black Friday Email Marketing [2022]

Two of the biggest shopping events of the year are right around the corner - Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The sooner you strategize your Black Friday email marketing strategy, the quicker you can roll it out, and get ahead of your competitors.

According to Adobe Analytics, last year's Black Friday event saw $8.9 billion in ONLINE sales; and 42.4% of that revenue came through smartphones.

As an eCommerce seller, you definitely want a chunk of it, right?

In this post, you will learn how to divide your customers into hyper-targeted segments and send personalized emails this peak season.

What is Market Segmentation?

Market segmentation is a strategic grouping of your customers based on purchase-influencing factors such as demography, psychography, online behavior, geographic location, and more.

types of market segmentations

Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, noted that each year 30,000 new consumer products are launched in the market, and most of them FAIL due to ineffective market segmentation.

Hence, it is crucial that you develop your Black Friday email marketing strategy ONLY after you have understood and segmented your customers.

Types of Customer Segments for Black Friday

Just like one size doesn’t fit all, one email does not work well with all of your customers.

This is why you need to create customer segments that will allow you to tailor your emails accordingly.

In fact, Braze Magazine noted that marketing campaigns with segmented audiences fetched 200% more conversions than the ones with broad audiences.

With FunnelKit Automations, you can create hyper-focused customer segments and tailor your Black Friday email marketing strategy for better results.

1. Gender-based Segmentation

Try the popular customer segmentation for this year’s Black Friday email marketing this year - the gender-based customer segment.

Gender-based segmentation allows you to pitch the right products to the right audience. If you pitch male products to females or vice versa, you won’t get sales; you will get spam complaints.

For example, look how Storq has customized its Black Friday offer email, specially for its female audience.

After you install FunnelKit Automations, under the Contacts tab, click on Audiences.

Click on Add New Audience.

adding a new audience

Add name and descriptions for your customer segment.

Click on Add New Filter to create a gender-based segment. Now click on Customer Details.

adding a new filter

Select the criteria based on which you want to segment your audience - Gender.

adding a gender filter

Customize the criteria. Here, we are selecting Female. Once selected, click on Add.

creating black friday email marketing gender-based customer segment

Now, you can see the female audience segment in your Audiences dashboard.

Black Friday email marketing strategy -  gender-based customer segment

You can create a similar gender-based audience segment for your male customers and run separate Black Friday email marketing campaigns.

2. Loyalty-based Segmentation

Customers who are loyal to your brand, and buy time and again from you. Or, customers who have been there with you since you started your store…


Create a customer segment of your customers - who’ve bought 5 times from your store in the last 12 months - and list them as Loyal Customers or Repeat Customers.

So, whenever you have a new product launch or a special sale coming up, you can send these customers the details or a discount coupon and make them feel special.

Here’s an example of how Ladles offers a $2 discount on a future purchase to their loyal customers.

Under the Contacts tab, click on Audiences, and select Add New Audience.

Add a name and description to your audience segment. And click on Add New Filter.

adding a new filter for loyal customers

Click on the WooCommerce group, and select the criteria - total orders count.

selecting WooCommerce group

According to your Black Friday email marketing strategy, you can define the threshold for your loyal customers. For this example, we are setting it as 5.

Once set, click on Add.

adding total orders count

Your loyal customers are waiting for their special Black Friday discount. Send them a snappy email and bring them to your store.

loyal customers segment for black friday email marketing strategy

3. Specific Product-based Segmentation

When people buy your premium/best-selling products, it opens up the door for earning more money from them via cross-sell and upsell offers.

Having a list of premium buyers can allow you to pitch high-ticket products this Black Friday, and see higher profits.

Create a premium buyers audience segment and set up an automatic email sequence to make upsell or cross-sell offers.

For example, see how Sambag appreciates their shopper’s recent purchase and also makes a cross-sell offer by suggesting complementary items.

Add a new automation, and assign a name and description to it. Click on the Add New Filter button, and select WooCommerce.

adding a new filter for premium buyers

Under the WooCommerce group, select Purchased Products, if you have a defined category for your premium products, you can select that instead.

customizing the filter - purchased products

Search for your premium products and select them. Click on Add.

Black Friday email marketing strategy - adding a premium product for upselling

Targeting premium buyers with a separate email campaign is a great Black Friday email marketing strategy. If you haven’t tried yet, do it this year.

4. Geographical Customer Segmentation

One of the classic segments, geographic segmentation, is splitting your audience based on their country/city/region, etc.

For example, if you’re an apparel store, you could geographically target customers living in different climates. Set up a separate email campaign on winter clothing for customers in Florida and a separate one for customers in Alaska. 

Florida customers get discounts on light sweaters and cardigans, and Alaskan customers get discounts on snow jackets.

Here's an example.

geographical segmentation email example

To create your geographical customer segmentation in FunnelKit Automations, click on Add New Audience

Assign a name and description to this target audience and click on Add New Filter.

adding a new filter for Alaskan customers

You get multiple geographical options to choose from: country/region, state, Address 1, Address 2, City, and Postcode. We are selecting a State.

customizing the filter - adding the state

Add your state name, and click on Add.

Black Friday email marketing strategy - Geographical Customer Segmentation created

5. Highly Active Customers

Customer engagement should be a parameter when you’re designing your Black Friday email marketing strategy.

Customers who are highly active on your store (frequent visitors and browsers) or who engage with your email campaigns (opens, clicks, etc.) SHOULD be segmented into an audience set.

In FunnelKit Automations, you can do this easily.

adding a new filter - engagement

Inside the Engagement group, click on engaged.

customizing the filter - engaged

Customize the engagement period as per your Black Friday strategy, and add it. We are adding 90 days.

Black Friday email marketing strategy - highly active customers segment is created

3 Ways to Tailor Your Marketing for Different Customer Segments

Now that we’ve created our WooCommerce customer segments, we can start using these audience sets in our email campaigns.

There are multiple ways in which you can blend these customer segments into your 2022 Black Friday email marketing strategy. Some of the most popular ones are:

  1. Send Discount Coupons
  2. Give Early Access
  3. Send Newsletter Campaigns

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Send Discount Coupons

Black Friday is synonymous with DISCOUNTS; in fact, discounts are the fuel behind Black Friday’s massive popularity.

So, it is a great marketing strategy to send dynamic discount coupons to your customers. 

You can send discount coupons to all of your customers, or trickle down only the most loyal customers, or the ones with the highest AOV, or any other criteria you deem fit.

Give Early Access

A waitlist landing page allows you to create a buzz around your Black Friday marketing campaign and get you emails of the shoppers who are TRULY dying to use your product.

This means you only interact with genuinely interested customers and see more sales and engagement.

If you are a course creator, then you can run a special Black Friday early access campaign and give your students early access to your LearnDash course.

Send Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletter campaigns are incredibly effective in promoting your products and content and can be a great Black Friday email marketing strategy.

Here is an example.

A well-timed WordPress newsletter campaign can work wonders for your business.

You can schedule a newsletter for every alternate day till Black Friday. 

This schedule will build curiosity among your subscribers, and they will look forward to reading your newsletters. And buying your products on Black Friday.

So, Are You Ready to Create Your 2022 Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy?

Your Black Friday email marketing strategy can work wonders if you send the right emails to the right customers.

And the customer segments that we discussed above will surely give you a lot of space to pinpoint your target customers for your catalog of products.

FunnelKit Automations gives you the flexibility to create a myriad of audience segments and a powerful dashboard with actionable insights to see how your audience sets are performing.

Get your copy today and seal your profits while you still have time.

The Holiday season is just around the corner!

Author: Editorial Team
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