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How A/B Testing Works

A/B Testing lets you experiment with one item against the other, one page against the other, and so much more.

You can test your opt-in pages, sales pages, checkouts, order bumps, upsells, and thank you pages right inside the Funnel Builder.

Set up the A/B test

Let's get familiar with some of the key terms that we'll be using while we configure the tests.

Original variant: The original variant of the page that you want to test out.

You can create a variant by:

Create duplicate from original: Creating a duplicate variant from the original version.

Select a template from other funnels: Select a template from another funnel

Here's an example of how A/B Testing works.

Let's say you want to test if a VSL-based upsell page converts better or text-based. Then you can A/B test the two variants to find out the answer.

If you're wondering which of the two you should have running on your store, just perform an A/B test to find out which of the two converts better.

After the numbers show up, you can declare a winning variant.