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Welcome to the world of A/B testing!

You can run A/B tests while you're building your funnels. That is, you don't need any external add-on when you set up split testing for different components of your sales funnels.

Split testing, popularly known as A/B testing, is an optimization technique to increase the conversion rates of your web pages.

Instead of making changes to some elements of the control page, you can create variations of all the original pages you’ve used in your funnels.

FunnelKit lets you split-test everything in your funnel.

You can split-test all the elements of your Opt-in pages, Sales pages, Checkouts, Order bumps, One-click upsells, and Thank you pages.

Here you can test out your funnels and bump up your conversion rates.

But before you begin, here's a quick note for you.

Note: Please exclude all the pages you're running the A/B test on from your caching plugin. This includes Opt-in pages, landing, upsell, checkout, and thank you pages.

In this documentation, you'll learn how to split-test your funnels and review the winner.