Introducing FunnelKit Cart: Make Upsell Offers and Drive MORE Sales [Launching in Dec. '22]

Editorial Team
November 25, 2022
Introducing FunnelKit Cart: Make Upsell Offers and Drive MORE Sales [Launching in Dec. '22]

This is an exciting piece of news!

You’ve been wanting to modify your WooCommerce cart page. Maybe have even been asking on forums: 

“How can I customize the WooCommerce cart?”

“Any CSS tricks?”

You know the conventional cart page doesn’t look up to the mark and is definitely not optimized for conversions. 

But with the all-new FunnelKit cart, you don’t need to worry. 

When a user clicks on the cart icon on the homepage, a cart slides with some default suggestions that users can add with one click.

The new FunnelKit cart will not only get more people to complete the purchase but do it at higher order values.

We're beyond excited as we're getting ready to launch FunnelKit Cart in December '22.

Let’s dive in.

Why Did We Build the FunnelKit Cart?

In 2018, we launched our checkout page solution. The goal was simple - swap your default checkout page with beautifully designed, trustworthy, and modern checkouts by FunnelKit. 

With our professional templates, such as Minimalist, Classic, and Shoppe, we’re continuously upping the game. 

But a lot of you came to us and asked: 

“Hey, you have amazing checkout pages and thank you pages. Is there any solution for cart pages as well?”

And FunnelKit is all about increasing your AOV and putting more money back into your pockets.

So, after months of research and development, we're getting ready to launch… the FunnelKit Cart.

FunnelKit Cart is designed to serve as a smart cart for your WooCommerce store that enhances your visitor’s shopping experience and boosts your AOV too.

How FunnelKit Cart Works?

When we got some valuable suggestions to create a solution for cart pages, we figured out that if the user could click on add to cart button rather than jumping to the cart page, the cart would slide in from the right side?!

how funnelkit woocommerce cart works

That is what FunnelKit Cart is all about - providing a seamless user experience.

When you’re on the FunnelKit Cart dashboard, you will see four sections.

The Cart Icon Display

Decide where you want the cart icon to show up - on the entire website or select pages. The other settings include cart position, heading, coupon field & more.

display cart icon on the right bottom

Adding Default & Product-Specific Upsells

Choose what upsells and cross-sells you'd like to display that users can add. Each item can have different recommendations. 

Show upsells and cross-sells as recommended products

Configuring Rewards as Incentives

Rewards are like milestones. For hitting a certain milestone in customer spend, unlock a bonus. 

For example - when your shopper spends $50, they get free shipping. But, if they spend $25 more, they will receive a free gift.

Configuring Rewards as Incentives

These kinds of rewards encourage shoppers to buy more.

Styling The Cart Section

Make your cart and icon on-brand with a myriad of styling options.

Use your brand colors to blend the cart and icon with your WooCommerce store. You can change the color of the text, the button, the upsell background, and more.

Styling the cart section

6 Ways How FunnelKit Cart Can Boost Your AOV

We at FunnelKit always stay true to our core values - help WooCommerce entrepreneurs to run their businesses profitably.

And with FunnelKit Cart, we want to help you boost your AOV beyond your imagination!

FunnelKit Cart is not just a smart slide-in WooCommerce cart but also a powerful addition to your eCommerce marketing arsenal that lets you make more money from each sale.

1. Faster Checkout Journey

According to Baynard’s survey, 26% of shoppers abandon their carts due to the long and complex checkout process.

This is 2022, and convenience is everything.

If you provide a convenient and easy checkout process to your customers, you WIN!

FunnelKit Cart shortens the user’s path from the product page to the checkout page. Our WooCommerce cart just slides in coolly whenever the user hits ‘add to cart’. Thus, preventing cart abandonment.

woocommerce cart for faster checkout journey

This prevents the user from leaving their shopping abruptly and suddenly landing on one page that again says - ‘add to checkout’.

Your user can also input their discount code there and then make a buying decision quickly.

2. Great User Experience While Boosting AOV

One of the biggest drawbacks of the default WooCommerce cart page is that it does not allow you to make upsell offers.

FunnelKit Cart lets you display your premium products right on the slide-in checkout. This again shortens the user’s shopping journey as you don’t have to point them to a dedicated upsell/cross-sell page.

You can display your upsell offers in different styles and even customize their background in the styling tab.

boost AOV with on-page upsells

3. One Place to Manage ALL Upsell and Cross-Sell Offers

Under the Products and Upsells section, you can add upsell and cross-sell offers for individual products.

Now, of course, WooCommerce gives you the option to add upsells/cross-sells under linked products. But for that, you have to visit every single product page and link the upsell and cross-sell items.

Here, you can do that by clicking on the product name and associating the related items.

  1. Add Upsell Offers

An upsell is a sales strategy that encourages customers to purchase a more expensive, upgraded, or premium version of the selected item.

The idea is to get them to increase their spending. FunnelKit Cart lets you make those premium upsell offers when the user adds an item to their cart.

  1. Add Cross-Sell Offers

Cross-selling encourages the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product. 

For example, if a customer has added sneakers to their cart, you can pitch durable extra soles or a cleaning kit. 

Add cross-sells

4. Allow Shoppers to Choose Variables on the Checkout Page

Earlier, when a shopper had to buy a different variety of a product - they had to click on the product button, go to the cart page, select the variant, and then head to the checkout page.

FunnelKit Cart lets you present your variable products right inside the cart. The shopper can change the variety in the cart itself. No need to visit the cart page or the product page.

You can even add variable products as an upsell/cross-sell offer and let your users choose from available varieties - right inside the cart.

Allow Shoppers to Choose Variables on the Checkout Page

The main goal here is to simplify the adding-to-cart experience and reduce the clicks it takes for the shopper to go to the checkout page.

Allow Shoppers to Choose Variables on the Checkout Page - 2

Now, your buyers can choose variants right in their cart.

5. Gamify the Shopping Experience with Rewards

Gamification refers to the use of elements, mechanics, and design from games in non-game settings. The main goal is to make the experience more exciting and rewarding for the users.

Retailers use gamification for a variety of reasons. Gamification is typically used to increase engagement, paving the way for other goals.

With FunnelKit Cart, you can gamify your user’s shopping experience by adding a reward system.

So there are three reward types.

  1. Free Shipping: Encourage buyers to add more items to their cart to enable free shipping
  2. Discount: Who doesn’t love discounts? Set discounts that auto-apply when the customer spends a certain amount
  3. Free Gifts: One of the most popular rewards that customers love - a free gift with their purchase
Gamify the Shopping Experience with Rewards

We recommend you create an arcade-like shopping experience for your buyers by using all three rewards available.

Create an arcade-like shopping experience with FunnelKit Cart

These milestones will encourage the buyers to purchase more to unlock more rewards - which eventually will give you higher profits.

6. Nudge Users to Head to the Checkout

When users are browsing your store, you need to give them that subtle nudge to head to the checkout and complete the purchase.

That’s why FunnelKit Cart lets you add a cart icon at the bottom of your store. This cart icon stands out and also features a count box that shows how many items are in the cart.

Nudge Users to Head to the Checkout with FunnelKit Cart icon

When somebody clicks on the cart icon, the WooCommerce cart slides in from the right, and the buyer can easily head to the checkout page and complete the purchase.

Get Started with FunnelKit Cart Today!

FunnelKit Cart is a smart cart page solution for your WooCommerce store that lets you provide a frictionless user experience to your shoppers and cut down the number of clicks to go from product page to cart page.

With our advanced WooCommerce cart, you can: 

  • Provide a seamless checkout experience with a slide-in cart
  • Reward your customers for their purchases and motivate them to add more to their cart
  • Direct your buyers to the checkout page right from the product page
  • Add upsell and cross-sell offers to all of your WooCommerce products - right from one place
  • Make your smart WooCommerce cart on-brand with a myriad of styling options

So, what are you waiting for?

Get FunnelKit Pro now and transform your store’s checkout experience with FunnelKit Cart.

Author: Editorial Team
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