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Why One-Click Upsell Offer Doesn’t Show Up After the Checkout Page?

FunnelKit's One-Click Upsell is perfectly designed to increase the average order value and maximize your revenues.

However, there are some reasons that your upsell step on your funnel might not trigger.

In these cases, your upsell offer doesn't show up after the Checkout page or your users get redirected to the Thank You page without any upsell offers to consider.

There are a lot of reasons why your upsell funnel might not trigger:

  • A product is priced at zero on checkout
  • Upsell product is either not published (in draft mode) or privately published or out of stock
  • Not enabled the payment gateways in the settings section
  • Caching issues, and more.

Refer to this documentation to solve the issues related to your one-click upsell offers.