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You can use the Thank You page settings section to add custom redirect links, scripts, and CSS codes.

Custom Redirection

Use this setting to redirect your customers to a different page on your website.

Custom redirection thank you page settings

You can enter the first few letters of the page to find it in the list and select it for redirection.

You can redirect the users to a page outside of the funnel, like a blog post or your exclusive Facebook group.

Important Note: The page you wish to redirect to needs to be added to your WordPress website.

Custom CSS

You can even add custom styling codes to your page to modify the looks of the page to your liking.

Custom CSS - Thank You Page settings

External Script

You can insert custom JS scripts in this section to tweak and customize your WordPress store.

External Script - Thank You Page settings

This is all about the Thank You page settings in FunnelKit's Funnel Builder.