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Welcome Email Examples: 15 Emails That Actually Work

Falguni Thareja
September 1, 2021
Welcome Email Examples: 15 Emails That Actually Work

"Welcome emails are like online dating" - I read this analogy somewhere, and I think it makes perfect sense.

I know it sounds a little weird, but hear me out.

You have attracted email subscribers through your lead magnets, attractive forms, or a beautiful website. Now that they have reverted to your first move, ensure that you put your best foot forward.

Impress them with the contents of your email so they feel connected to you and anticipate opening and reading your future emails.

In this post, we will share with you 15 welcome email examples that we believe can inspire you to design converting welcome emails for your business as well.

Want to know what they are? Let’s read on ahead.

What are Welcome Emails and Why are They Important?

A Welcome Email is your first non-purchase interaction with the users - it is sent when a user subscribes to your newsletter or downloads a freebie. You thank them for connecting with you and brief them about what they can expect going forward.

This email sets the tone of your prospective relationship with them.

According to Chief Marketer, welcome emails have the highest open rate of around 60%. So it is no surprise that businesses these days ensure to send one to establish their presence.

Sending welcome email works because:

  • Welcome emails lead to four times more open rates and five time more clicks.
  • Subscribers who receive welcome emails are likely to show 33% more engagement.
  • Sending a welcoming email after subscribing is likely to get you 320% more revenue than promotional emails.

And more.

Let's get down to business and look at some unique welcome email examples.

15 Unique and Inspiring Welcome Email Examples

Now let’s look at some amazing and convincing welcome email examples that are sure to get your creative wheels churning. Each of these welcome email examples is designed uniquely and has something you can take ideas from.

Let's dive in:

#1: Trello

Email Subject: Welcome to Trello

Trello welcome email

This is a great example of an effective welcome email.

  • A Succint CTA: The copy is short and to the point. It is written in first person making it more impactful.
  • Guided Links: The email links out to support material to help the user get started.
  • Email Schedule: It mentions the upcoming emails schedule and offers a link for the reader to adjust the frequency if they so desire.

This email is colorful but easy on the eyes, with a copy that is easy to grasp and act on - Just the way a welcome email should be.

#2: Casper

Email Subject: Welcome to Casper

Casper welcome email

This welcome email copy hits the nail right on the head.

  • An Apt Intro: The image of the moon and clouds with the email addressing the readers as “Dreamers”, sets the mood of the email right off the bat.
  • Establishes Authority: The brand establishes its authority by highlighting the size of its community.
  • Tips and Offers: The copy offers a “Steep Tip #1” that creates a bit of anticipation for the next one, and also offers a bundle discount to urge the reader into make a purchase.

From the colors to the text, this welcome email has it all on-brand. And it is pure genius.

#3: Allbirds

Email Subject: Welcome to the Flock

"Welcome to the Flock" email example

This Allbirds’ welcome email is very clean in its design with a good copy to add to it.

  • Apt Context: The email uses an apt hero image and compelling text to sell their product.
  • Origin Story: The copy introduces the product material used, like the NZ merino wool instead of synthetic materials, to induce confidence in the minds of the subscribers.
  • Desired Action: Then a particular product is pitched, followed by the CTA button to urge the reader to shop their collection and turn into paying customer.

It is a perfect welcome email example that is eye-catching and easy to replicate for any other product.

#4: Google Analytics

Email Subject: Welcome to Google Analytics!

Welcome email examples - Google Analytics

All google emails are clean and to the point. This email is no exception.

  • Anticipatory Title: The title of the email is catchy and creates excitement among the reader to know what awaits them.
  • Concise Copy: The email copy in itself in not very lengthy and precisely explains what the tool is about, followed by the CTA button to “Get Started”.
  • Support Liks: The email also links to two other helpful spheres - the Help Center and the Analytics Forum.

It is a clean email that neatly delivers the intent with all the necessary information and links added.

#5: Ten Thousand Cookies

Email Subject: Royal Icing 101: Welcome + Let’s do this

Welcome email examples - Royal Icing 101

What’s a better way to build a personal bond than a personal backstory? That’s the approach this welcome email example takes.

  • Personal Storytelling: The email starts with a little story about the sender and her daughter. This helps grab the reader’s attention and gain emotional points.
  • Relatable Her Image: The hero image helps put faces to the people mentioned in the copy.
  • Interactive Copy Tone: The tone used throughout thee email copy is very interactive, giving a personal feel to the whole welcome email.

This email takes the storytelling approach and uses it to build a personal connection with the readers. It is a very smart way to deliver the desired messages.

#6: Kat Boogaard

Email Subject: Thanks for Signing Up! (+ an OMG-Worthy Freebie for You!)

Welcome email examples - Kat Boogaard

This welcome email copy also follows a personal tone like the last one but is still a little different.

  • Freebie Tips: The copy makes a joke about how it is not possible to physically hug the readers through the computer, so they are offering a freebie to make up for it.
  • Interlinking Offers : Next the link to other tips that the email subscribers may be interested in, urges the reader to explore more about the brand.
  • Initiating Personal Conversation: As a parting note, the welcome email drops in the link to the private Facebook community and email address to carry the conversation beyond this email.

This is another approach to an informal welcome email. It doesn’t go into many personal details but sets a friendly tone with the readers for a better connection, nonetheless.

#7: Ann Handley

Email Subject: Welcome! I have a question for you…

Welcome email example - Ann Handley

This is one of the welcome email examples that take a different approach altogether.

  • Newsletter Schedule: In this welcome email, the sender informs the reader of when they would receive the newsletters so that the readers know when to expect the next one.
  • Driving Question: The copy poses a question to the reader - “Why did you subscribe to my newsletter?” This is to get the insights from the horse's mouth and respectively shape the future content.
  • Engaging Post Scripts: In the postscripts, the email offers tips to Google and Apple mail users so that the reader whitelists their emails, and also links the sender's most popular posts for subscriber's persual.

This is a smart way to get a conversation going. Ask your reader a question that not only initiates a connection but also assists you in making your products better.

#8: Content Bistro

Email Subject: [CopyGredients] Woot! Here’s the first copywriting checklist for your eyes only!

Welcome email example - Content Bistro

This welcome email follows a theme with the copy. The theme of a bistro, where you’re a chef, and they are offering you ingredients to cook the most delicious copywriting dish.

  • A Captivating Copy Theme: The copy calls the offered lead magnet, “a Michelin-starred” checklist, establishing its class and worth and following along with the brand's established theme.
  • Mark the Calendars: After the link of the checklist, the copy informs the reader of what they will be receiving next and when to create excitement for the following email.
  • Build a Bond: Before signing off the email they urge you to connect with them at “The Biz Bistro”, another word for an exclusive community.

Creating a theme around your emails can make the welcome email fun to read and relate to.

#9: Unsplash

Email Subject: Welcome to Unsplash

Unsplash welcome email

Unsplash has a very visually commanding welcome email. It tells you right off the bat what you’ve signed up for.

  • Establishes Authority: The email establishes authority with the mention of the number of contributors that have built the vast library of pictures for the reader to use.
  • Leading Imagery: After showing a glimpse of all the types of pictures available, there is a CTA button that urges the reader to “Browse the best of Unsplash”.
  • Answering "Is this for me?": The copy motivates the users to create images by mentioning that over 80% of their community consists of amateur photographers and they don't need to be pros to submit their work.

Again it is a very simple welcome copy, but definitely, one to leave an impression. From the sky-high numbers to the attention-demanding images, this email is a great example of a good welcome email copy.

#10: Away Travels

Email Subject: We’re Away. Let’s meet up.

Away Travels - welcome email examples

A very smart and catchy subject line makes you curious about the content of the rest of the email body.

  • Interesting Hero Image: The hero image depicts the domain of the brand - Travel and is confirmed in the lines that follow.
  • Product Derivation: The content highlights how the product is derived from the needs of the travellers and what they desire their travel bags to be like.
  • Convincing Copy: The email further lists the characteristics that make the product better than the others in the market, making the product more reliable and convincing.

This is a very minimalist example of a welcome email that highlights the problem and then offers the solution with their product in a very neat and summarized manner.

#11: Electric Objects

Email Subject: Our emails. Your inbox. A winning combination.

welcome email from Electric Objects

This email from Electric Objects is the definition of a classic welcome email.

  • Derivative Hero Image: This hero image centres the art piece on the mantel. It gives you an aesthetic feel and sets the tone for the brand.
  • Concise Copy: The email copy starts off with explaining the company moto and then what they can expect from the following emails. They also invite the readers to get in touch, if needed.
  • Classic Structure: The email has classic structure that doesn't complicate the message delivery in any way. It welcomes the readers while providing them with the required information.

#12: Medium

Email Subject: Welcome to Medium, <name>

Medium - welcome email example

Medium is yet another example of a classic designed welcome email.

  • Company Moto: The starting few lines establish the importance of thoughts, ideas, and words on the platform.
  • Brand Introduction: Then it introduces Medium and its key features that impact the reader’s experience.
  • Link Out a Story: Then finally, it links some posts that might interest the subscriber.

This is a simple and informative welcome email that is very clear in its message from beginning to end.

#13: ActiveCampaign

Email Subject: Your ActiveCampaign Account - Thanks!

welcome email from ActiveCampaign

We have taken the example of a welcome email from ActiveCampaign because the email is very informative from the get-go.

  • Account Info: The email begins with an introduction and gives the unique login link for the subscriber to copy and save for later.
  • Beginner's Assistance: The link to the “Getting Started Checklist” assists the new subscriber to get going.
  • Comprehensive Breakdown of Information: Moreover, the email gives the reader a “Quickstart Guide” with various dedicated links to learn more about a particular topic and settle in.

This is email is the ultimate guide a new subscriber would need after creating an account with ActiveCampaign.

#14: Turo

Email Subject: Welcome to Turo

Turo - welcome email example

Turo’s welcome email targets both the renter and the rentee.

  • Buffet of Cars: The emails boasts that you can rent all types of cars from them, luxury or not. The CTA button also reinforces the idea of finding a perfect car.
  • Make Money Off Owned Cars: The email then introduces the idea of making money from the subscriber's owned cars, and sells it further by quoting the example of someone who earned $600 through renting their car.
  • Broad Reach: Finally, the brand establishes their reach by highlighting that they are available on both android and apple stores, so the user can "Rent on the Go".

This is a short and effective email copy that targets the audience and makes a convincing statement.

#15: The New York Times

Email Subject: Welcome to The New York Times

welcome email from The New York Times

This is another classic example of a standard welcome email, but it does drive the message home.

  • Clear Mission: The email starts with iterating the mission for the magazine and what they stand for.
  • Hero Image: The hero image puts a face to the voice of the email, making it a bit more personal and relatable.
  • Internal Linking of Posts: The email copy links to various posts published over the year and urges the user to download the app to stay up-to-date with the content.

This welcome email copy is very classic in its approach, with a conversational tone intact throughout the copy. All the links sprinkled throughout the copy make the email content-rich and authoritative.

These welcome email examples are just a few of the many amazing welcome email examples out there. But each of these examples delivers the message loud and clear.

You can create such welcome emails for your business too, let's see how.

A Smart Welcome Email Template

To assist you in designing a converting welcome email for your subscribers, we have created an email template that you can use to base your welcome email on. The email design is as follows:

  1. Hero Image: This image is the graphical representation of your brand and the products you sell. If you add one, it needs to be in sync with the brand.
  2. Email Copy: You need to have a captivating email copy. It should assist you in connecting with the readers and building a bond with them.
  3. CTA Button: A CTA button is a crucial element of an email. It should stand out from the page in order to grab the reader's attention and urge them to take the desired action.
  4. Sign Off: Sign off from the the email on a bright and friendly note to elicit the same emotion within the subscribers.
  5. Tip / Offer: To make the email more engaging, offer tips and discounts to the new subscribers.
  6. Page End Navigation: At the end of your email, you should offer links to your solial media, website homepage, and help desk. You can even have an unsubscribe link added here, if you want.

Tips for a Convincing Welcome Email

We are sure that by now you must have gotten a lot of inspiration for your welcome email design.

But as each of these welcome email examples are different from one another, we thought it’d be nice to summarize all the pros from the examples and create a list of tips that can be your guide when you get to design a welcome email for your business.

When designing your welcome email, ensure the following:

#1: Timely 

Any message not sent at the correct time loses its essence. Your first handshake email should be sent within the first hour of the user subscribing to your email list.

Emails sent promptly have a higher chance of being opened and read than one sent later in the day, or worse, a day or two later.

#2: A Catchy Subject Line

Subject lines are the first glimpse of your email content that a subscriber gets in their inbox. Having an engaging subject line is very important for any email, but especially for a welcome email.

It can be a simple - “Welcome to XYZ” or “Yay! You’re All Signed Up”, but it should get the message across very clearly.

#3: Hero Image

You can have a welcome email with only text and no images or videos, but adding an image that reflects your brand, adds value to your copy.

Graphics also add a pop of color to the page and make the email even more attractive.

#4: Copy

A welcome email copy ideally shouldn’t be too long but rather short and crisp (as most of the welcome email examples were in the above section).

This email sets the tone for the corresponding emails as well, so having a bright and welcoming email copy is desired.

Sending personalized copy can help you bridge the gap between you and the email subscriber and build stronger bonds with them.

You can even share the link to their lead magnet, if this email is being sent after opt-in form submission, along with the steps to access it.

Also, have a quick guide on how to set up their accounts and get started.

#5: Desired Actions

It is okay if your welcome email is just that - a welcome email. But, it would be even better if you can urge the email subscribers to perform the desired action, be it joining your exclusive Facebook community or following you on social media, or even exploring your product lines.

In this manner, you keep the user engaged and build stronger bonds with them. You can even offer them a limited-time first purchase discount coupon to excite them about shopping with you.

There are so many tips that we can provide, but most of all, you’ll have to do a hit-and-trial for your audience and see what works the best for your business.

Ready to Transform Your Welcome Email Copy?

A welcome email is crucial for any business, as we have established by the welcome email examples discussed over the course of this post. So, it is equally important to invest in a tool that supports you to achieve the best results possible for your business.

With FunnelKit Automations, you can send automated welcome email campaigns based on your defined events. You can send them a welcome email when they opt-in for a lead magnet or after they submit a sign-up form - it is all possible.

With FunnelKit Automations's drag and drop email builder, you can design beautiful emails by adding content blocks like Columns, Heading, Text, Image, and more. The builder also allows you to insert products into the email body.

You can even set conditions to split test the automated welcome emails or design A/B Testing broadcast campaigns to find out the most converting welcome email copy for you.

So what are you waiting for? Create captivating, inviting, and exciting welcome emails with FunnelKit Automations for your business and see the engagements soar!

Author: Falguni Thareja
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