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Difference Between Authorize and Charge

When you set up credit card payments via the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin, you have two charge types to choose from.

Two charge types available when setting up credit card payments - Authorize and Charge


  • Authorize

The credit card issuer authorizes the transaction, and available funds are held in a credit card account.

Let’s suppose you have Authorize enabled in your store. When an order gets placed, its status will reflect as ‘On Hold’. The charge won’t be captured.

Initial order status - processing when place an order on 'Authorize' settings

Next, you have to capture this charge manually by going to the Transaction Data/Actions:

Manually charge this transaction by clicking on the Transaction Data/Actions

You’ll see each information about the transaction for this order. Then, click on Capture.

Manually charge this transaction by clicking on the Charge button under Transaction Data/Actions

As you can see, the credit card will be charged, and the order status will automatically change to ‘Processing’.

Your order status will automatically change to processing when you manually approve the transaction charge


Charge is the process of completing a transaction, and the funds are withdrawn from the customer’s credit card account and transferred to the merchant’s account, moving the order status to Processing.

In case of charge option, if an order is placed - it automatically goes to processing order status

There is no further action required to finalize the transaction for any type of settlement.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose these options.