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FunnelKit's WooCommerce Gateway for Stripe is the Stripe gateway plugin by FunnelKit.

While FunnelKit works with other popular Stripe gateways, we wanted to build a solution that deeply integrates with FunnelKit's product suite.

Having control over the code allows us to build and serve use cases that traditional gateways could not serve. This gateway is the first step in building those use cases.

For instance, if you wanted to show post-purchase upsells even if the cart total was zero, it isn't possible in other gateways. With FunnelKit Stripe Gateway, this use case is now served.

Our easy onboarding allows us to integrate this gateway in less than two minutes.

No need to manually copy keys or go through the tedious process of Webhook setup. Everything is done for you with a few clicks.

Best part? If you are migrating from another solution, all is taken care of behind the scenes.

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It provides you with an integrated solution to accept payments from your customers for items they purchase in your store.

Here are some of the features of this plugin:

Furthermore, you can manage your payments, such as refunds and deposits - all from your WordPress dashboard.

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