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Webhooks are simply the messages with endpoints that Stripe sends to your website when any important requests take place.

It allows your store and Stripe to stay in sync.

How to configure the webhook?

Webhooks are automatically configured once you complete the setup and onboarding process for Stripe Gateway for WooCommerce.

You can follow this document for the complete setup and onboarding process.

How to manually configure webhooks in case of failure?

Follow the instructions below to manually configure webhooks between Stripe and your WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Log in to Stripe

Log in to your Stripe account by entering your credentials.

Log in to your Stripe account

Step 2: Go to Webhooks under the Developers section

On the left navigation bar, click on Webhooks under the Developers section.

First, make sure to turn on the toggle between the test and live mode for creating a test and live webhook.

Toggle the test mode

Step 3: Configure the webhook for connection

Click on the + Add endpoint button.

Add endpoint

From your plugin’s API Settings page, copy the webhook URL:

Copy the webhook URL

Paste it into the Stripe endpoint URL.

Paste the webhook URL

Once it’s set, you need to select the events to send from the dropdown menu.

These are the events you’ll find here:

  • source.chargeable
  • charge.succeeded
  • charge.failed
  • payment_intent.succeeded
  • charge.refunded
  • charge.dispute.created
  • Charge.dispute.closed

Add the ones you’ll need.

Once done, click on the Add endpoint button. This will add and activate the endpoint of your webhook.

Step 4: Add the secret endpoint

For security reasons, Stripe uses a webhook secret code to authenticate the webhooks from Stripe.

Copy the endpoint secret from the Webhooks page:

Copy the webhook live and secret keys

Step 5: Paste the webhook secret into Stripe Gateway for WooCommerce

Go to API Settings under your Stripe Gateway for the WooCommerce plugin.

Now, paste the webhook secret keys there and save the changes when done.

Paste the webhook live and secret keys

This is how you can manually configure webhooks for your WooCommerce store and Stripe to stay in sync.