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By Tavleen Kaur Oct 25, 2019

WooCommerce Checkout Template Backed By Amazon's Checkout Formula

Can you imagine what Amazon looked like back 1999? Fewer products and pages that looked nothing like they look today. Amazon closely studied buyer behavior and incorporated the insights it gathered, into its business. It has more budget and bandwidth to carry out experiments & tests than anyone else in the online space. So why[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Oct 11, 2019

Order Bump V1.7.0: Introducing Bump Stats and More

We’re proud and pumped to announce that Order Bump V1.7.0 is out now! It is available for download.  In this post, we’re going to be sharing with you all the important details about what’s new and what has changed with the new release.  Before we begin - here’s a free gift for you: It’s the[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Sep 16, 2019

Announcing SCA Compliance For UpStroke One Click Upsells

For the past 6 weeks, we've been diligently working on rolling out our compliance with SCA or Strong Customer Authentication. This regulation will help prevent fraudulent transactions on your site and is quite an important update. In this short guide, I'll explain what SCA is and what you need to know as an UpStroke user[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Sep 13, 2019

Email Opt In Ideas For eCommerce Store Owners Wanting To Grow Their ? List

If you own an online shop, chances are your opt-in box still says - "Subscribe now". The problem is no one's willing to give their email away for something as bland as that. But let's be honest - you don't have all the time in the world to optimize your opt-in offer. There are unfinished[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Sep 2, 2019

WooCommerce Checkout Page Design: Case Study Of Wardee Harmon

Recently, we spoke to Wardee Harmon of to see her checkout page design and understand her strategies. In this post, we'll break down some of her techniques for you so that you can implement them in your own business. Wardee is very generous and freely shares what she knows. You can benefit a great[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Aug 1, 2019

Introducing The Checkout Fields Preview Feature: AeroCheckout V1.9 Out Now ?

This is exciting!?We just released AeroCheckout V1.9!  The latest version gives you greater control over your checkout pages and the ability to deploy more conversion-friendly features. Our team worked for over 60 days on prepping up this update and decided the priority based on our interactions with many of you. So thank you for using[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jul 24, 2019

Case Study: How Marvin Used FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) To Make $2K/mo Extra

In today's post we're talking about the three building blocks of a sales funnel that sell like a human. We have with us Marvin Coffman who runs an agency and serves WooCommerce store owners from a variety of niches. Marvin's got the exclusive offer bundle and told us that he's yet to set up FunnelKit (formerly[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jun 28, 2019

Introducing UpStroke 2.0: We're Taking a Big Leap Forward

This is exciting! Our engineering team has pushed 36 releases since the launch of UpStroke  last year. Now it is time for UpStroke 2.0. And Oh boy! There's just so much packed into this one update. Some things are visible right up front, and others are under the hood. But this one's really an important[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jun 16, 2019

Amazon Style On-Page Recommendations V/S One Click Upsells, The Winner Is...?

The other day I went to buy earphones over at Amazon, and when I scrolled down on the product page, here's what I saw: Amazon's Frequently Bought Together Section I was instantly convinced that I need the carry case to stove my earphones. It was a no-brainer yes. But as I scrolled further down, I[...]
By Tavleen Kaur May 2, 2019

Aero Checkout Version 1.8: Here's What's Possible Now {In a Gist}

About 2 weeks back, we pushed the new release of Aero Checkout i.e. version 1.8. And then there were a few follow-up releases on top of that version. This is one of our most exhaustive updates and we've worked for more than 2 months to push it off the shelf and deploy it on our[...]

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