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Cart Menu

FunnelKit Cart lets you add the WooCommerce sliding cart to your WordPress website. You can do it by either embedding the cart inside the WordPress menu or via shortcodes.

For that, you'll get options to customize your cart icon and its visibility.

Let's look at each option:

General Settings

Here are some general settings you can configure related to the appearance of your cart icon.

Cart Menu
  • Enable Cart Menu - Enable this option to embed a mini cart inside the WordPress menu or via shortcode.
  • Cart Icon - Select the cart icon you want.
  • Show Product Count - Enable or disable to display the product count bubble on your cart icon.
  • Show Cart Total - Enable or disable to display the total price next to your cart.
  • Icon Size (in px) - Specify the size of the icon in pixels.
  • Text Size (in px) - Specify the size of the text in pixels.

You'll be able to see the real-time preview when you're making the changes to your cart.

Visibility Method

These are the visibility-related settings to embed your cart or add the cart to a menu.

Visibility method - FunnelKit Cart
  • Embed Shortcode - Copy and paste this shortcode into your WordPress website.
  • Add to Menu - Select the menu to which you want to append this cart menu.

Make sure to save the changes before proceeding further.

This is how your cart will look when added to your site menu:

This was all about the settings related to Cart Menu in FunnelKit Cart.

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