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Go to the Upsells tab to configure the cart upsells.

Enable Cart Upsells

These are the settings you can configure:

Enable Cart Upsells

Choose whether or not you want to show upsell offers to your visitors inside the cart.

Enable and disable cart upsells


Set the display position of your upsells from the available five style options to choose from.

Display cart upsells

Product Recommendation Type

You can offer either upsells, cross-sells, or both of them to your customers inside your cart.

Product Recommendation Type

Based on your settings, users will be able to see cart recommended items in their cart.


Specify the heading of the upsell section of your cart.

Cart Upsell heading

Show Maximum Upsells

Show the number of upsells you want to display inside the cart. These offers will display in a sliding format.

Show maximum upsells

Default Upsells

Add the product you want to show as default upsells when a user adds an item to their shopping cart.

Default Upsells

So when a user adds any item to their cart, these products will appear as default upsells.

Take a look:

Default upsells preview

Always Show Default Upsells

Enable this option if you always want your shoppers to show default upsells. This will help you to show product recommendations to your users at all times (even if the items added to their cart have no upsell or cross-sell added)

Always show default upsells

Save the changes when you're done.

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