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Set Up Rewards

In this doc, you'll learn how to set up rewards in your store.

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Set the type of reward

Go to the Rewards section in FunnelKit Cart and click on the Create Reward button.

Go to the rewards section and click on create reward

Choose the reward type.

Choose the reward type

FunnelKit Cart offers three types of rewards:

1. Free Shipping

Offer free shipping to shoppers when a minimum cart price reaches a certain threshold.

To enable free shipping, you need to set it from the WooCommerce Shipping background.

Add the free shipping method to the zone you serve. Then, specify the minimum amount to enable free shipping. Check out the official WooCommerce document to set up free shipping in your store.

2. Discounts

Everybody loves discounts! Offer discounts as rewards to your shoppers when their cart reaches a certain amount.

Set up a discount coupon in WooCommerce native first. Then, select that code by specifying the minimum cart value.

3. Free Gifts

One of the most popular rewards that customers love is to have a free gift with their order purchased.

Offer one of your products in your store as a gift as the cart value reaches a minimum amount.

You can choose any one of them to offer as a reward.

Step 2: Create a reward

Here, we will set up a discount reward.

Enter the title and message of your reward.

Enter the title and message of your reward

Step 3: Specify the minimum cart amount to unlock the reward

Now, enter the cart amount for this reward.

For the discount reward, enter the coupon code from the WooCommerce Marketing plugin.

Enter the minimum amount and discount coupon to unlock

When a user adds items worth this amount, they will get this reward.

Note: In case of a free shipping reward, you need to set it up from WooCommerce Settings > Shipping to configure the minimum amount.

You can further set reward messages when one or all rewards get unlocked:

Reward messages

Step 4: Add additional rewards

Please note that you can offer a maximum of three rewards in your cart.

As an example, we have created our second reward to include a free gift here:

Second reward

Once done, click on Save.

This is what our final reward section looks like:

Rewards in the cart preview

This is how you can add rewards to the cart and offer them to your users.

It’ll certainly encourage your visitors to continue shopping and keep unlocking rewards to save money on their purchases.