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Replace Order Bump with a Cart Item

Let’s say, your store has a subscription-based product of 6 months and 12 months. 

You can replace the lower-end subscription product by offering them an upgrade by means of your order bumps.

It doesn’t have to be a subscription product only. It can work as a combo offer too.

For example, let’s say you’re selling pillows at $x, but you can provide a bump offer of pillows + covers at $y that replaces your cart item.

Funnel Builder allows you to replace order bumps with items in your cart.

Let’s see how you can set this option.

Step 1: Add the Product as your Order Bump

Add a product to your order bump.

Here, we have added our 12-month subscription product as our bump offer.

Add the Product as your Order Bump

Step 2: Replace this Product with a Cart Item

Check the “Replace Order Bumps with a Cart Item” option.

Type in the product on your cart you want to replace with this item.

Check the “Replace Order Bumps with a Cart Item” option

Once done, click on Save.

Step 3: Design your Order Bump (Optional)

This step is optional. However, on the Design tab, you can style your bump offers.

Read this documentation to create content, choose skins and style your order bumps like a pro. 

Design your Order Bump

Step 4: Set rules for your Order Bump

Here, we will set up the dynamic rules to show your bump offer.

So, we will set the rule of showing this order bump if the cart item contains the ‘6 months subscription’ product. Thus, this order bump will act as an upgrade. 

Go to the Rules tab and specify the rule.

Click on Save Changes when done.

There you go! We have successfully configured this option.

Step 5: Test your Order Bump

Add the 6-month subscription and proceed toward the checkout, you will see this order bump:

When you click to add this order bump, your 6-months subscription will get replaced with the 12-month subscription plan.

Preview of order bump getting replaced with the cart item

There you go! You have successfully replaced your order bump with a cart item.