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The 'Style' tab lets you customize your order bump and make it look the way you want.

You'll find a handful of options here, along with some useful settings that can make your order bump supreme to conversions.

  • Position
  • Pre-selection of order bump
  • Hide order bump after selection
  • Title
  • Toggle color
  • Price
  • Description
  • Product image
  • Box

and many more.

Click on the Style tab to explore this section.

Let's go through each section and understand it in detail.


Set the position of your order bumps on the checkout page.

You can choose from different positions:

  • Above the order summary
  • Below the order summary
  • Above the payment gateways
  • Below the payment gateways
  • Inside the mini cart
  • Above the checkout form

Pre-Select Order Bump by Default

Enable this option to pre-select the order bump offer by default on the checkout page.

As you proceed to the checkout page, this offer or product will already be added to your cart items.

Hide Order Bump after Selection

Turning on this setting will hide the order bump after selection or acceptance.

As you accept the order bump, it'll add the product to your cart and hide this offer.


Here, you can customize the layout of your order bump, including the background color, border style, width, color, padding, and more.

Call To Action Text

Configure the call to action text color, size and padding of default text and hover text.


Here you can customize the color of the toggle that shows on your order bump.


In this section, you can choose to customize the border for the product image.

You can set the width, style, color, and corner radius of the border.


Under this section, you can customize the description text for your order bump.

You can set the padding, color of the text, variation link, and the hover from these options.


Under this section, you can customize the price of the product that you're selling through the order bump.

You can also choose to show/hide the price of the product with the Enable Price option.

Apart from that, you can also set the color of the regular price, the sale price (if applicable), and the font size.

Exclusive Offer Text

Here you'll find the settings to style your exclusive offer text.

You can set the font size, text color, and content position of the exclusive offer text in the order bump.

Once you're done setting these up, hit the 'Save' button.

There you go! You're now done styling your order bump.