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How to Remove Shipping From WooCommerce Checkout

Editorial Team
December 6, 2023
How to Remove Shipping From WooCommerce Checkout

Do you want to remove shipping methods from WooCommerce checkout?

If your WooCommerce store products or services don't require you to ship any product to the customer's address, then you should remove the shipping options from your WooCommerce checkout page.

Otherwise, customers will have to provide unnecessary information, making the form long and tedious. This can hamper the user’s shopping experience on your WooCommerce store and also result in cart abandonment.

The good news is you can easily remove shipping options from the WooCommerce checkout page. 

If you'd like to provide shipping options such as local pickup, which doesn't need a shipping address, you can still include shipping but simplify the checkout form by removing the shipping details section. 

This not only makes the process smoother for customers but also accelerates the checkout.

In this blog, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to remove shipping options from the checkout page. 

We will also share how you can offer certain shipping options without asking customers to fill out their shipping details. 

When Should You Remove Shipping Methods from Checkout in WooCommerce?

Removing shipping details can be necessary depending on your business and its requirements. 

Here are some common business scenarios that don’t need shipping information from customers on the WooCommerce checkout page:

  • Sell digital products: If your WooCommerce store exclusively sells digital products, such as software, e-books, or online courses, you can remove the shipping details as you don’t need the shipping address.
  • Services: Like digital products, services such as business consulting, web design, or similar services do not require a shipping address. If you offer such services on your WooCommerce store, then you can remove shipping details from your store.
  • Virtual events or webinars: For businesses hosting virtual events, webinars, or online classes, collecting shipping details may be unnecessary. In such cases, removing shipping options helps to create a more straightforward and user-friendly checkout process.

These are some scenarios where you can totally remove shipping from the WooCommerce checkout page. 

When Should You Remove Shipping Details on the Checkout Page?

Sometimes, when you're selling things, you might want to give people the option to choose how their items are delivered, but you don't need them to provide a different address for shipping. 

For example, if you run a local business where customers have to come to a specific location to pick up their items (no shipping involved), you can offer the local pickup option but remove the shipping details option. 

Move to the next section to find out how to remove shipping options from your WooCommerce checkout page. 

How to Remove Shipping Options from WooCommerce Checkout?

Follow the steps below to remove shipping options from the checkout page completely. 

Step 1: Navigate to WooCommerce General Settings 

First, from the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce ⇒ Settings on the General tab.

woocommerce settings

Step 2: Enable the force shipping to the customer billing address

Scroll down to the General Options, and for Shipping Location, choose the value “Disable Shipping and Shipping Calculations”.

Enable the force shipping to the customer billing address woocommerce remove shipping from checkout

Make sure to click on “Save Changes” to update the settings. 

Step 3: Test the checkout page 

Now, try to place an order, and you should see the checkout page, which neither has the shipping options nor asks you to fill out the shipping address. 

Test the checkout page woocommerce remove shipping from checkout

As you can see in the image above, the checkout page doesn't contain any shipping options or shipping details section. It only has a billing details section.

This is how you can remove shipping methods from the WooCommerce checkout page. 

How to Remove Shipping Details from the WooCommerce Checkout Page?

You need to configure shipping options to enable shipping on your WooCommerce store. 

After that, we will set up the billing address to serve as the shipping address, eliminating the need for customers to provide shipping details separately.

Note: To learn more about setting up WooCommerce shipping, read our blog “The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Shipping.”

Offering a Local Pickup shipping method is an ideal situation for removing shipping details as customers will pick up the order themselves; there is no need for shipping details. 

Follow the below steps to remove the shipping details section from the WooCommerce checkout. 

Step 1: Navigate to WooCommerce shipping options  

First, from the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce ⇒ Settings and make sure you are on the General tab.

 Navigate to WooCommerce shipping options

Step 2: Force shipping to the customer billing address

Now, for Shipping Destination, choose the “Force shipping to the customer billing address” option and click on Save Changes.

 Force shipping to the customer billing address

Enabling this option will consider the billing address as the shipping address.

Step 3: Test the checkout page

Now, if you test purchase an order, you’ll see the shipping options but not the shipping details. 

Test the checkout page
woocommerce remove shipping from checkout

As you can see the checkout page no Local Pick up shipping method but no shipping details option.

How do you Optimize the Checkout Page for Better Conversions? 

Removing shipping details is just one of the many optimizations you can implement to improve the checkout process and boost conversions. 

Explore some valuable tips below to optimize your checkout page:

Use multi-step checkout to simplify the checkout process

Make sure to use a multi-step checkout to guide customers seamlessly through the process, reducing complexity and increasing completion rates.

While many prefer one-page checkouts for selling digital goods, you can use multi-step checkouts for selling physical products.

You can easily create a multi-step checkout process using FunnelKit Funnel Builder.

This is the best WooCommerce sales funnel builder that allows you to create either a two-step or three-step checkout process. Read our guide on “How to create multi-step checkout” to learn more.

Add Google address autocomplete to avoid address-related errors 

You can streamline the address input process by allowing Google address autocomplete. This will ensure accuracy and save valuable customer time, resulting in an optimized checkout experience. 

When you enable Google address autocomplete, users see address suggestions when they start typing the initials of the address. Learn how you can add Google address autocomplete using FunnelKit Funnel Builder. 

Make optional fields collapsible to shorten the checkout form 

Making the optional field collapsible helps you maintain a clean and straightforward checkout page. This way, you can collect additional data from shoppers without overwhelming them with a long checkout form and improve the user experience. 

For example, you can provide a collapsible optional field for users to enter their apartment number and floor for a frictionless order fulfillment process.

Note: Learn how you can add a collapsible field to your checkout page.

Allow guest checkout experience to reduce cart abandonment

Guest checkout eliminates the need for shoppers to create an account before checkout, which can be time-consuming and may drive away your potential customers.

Allowing guest checkout is quite convenient for users to place their orders efficiently, reducing cart abandonment.

You can allow guest posts using the WooCommerce default option. Just navigate to WooCommerce ⇒  Settings ⇒  Accounts & Privacy and check the option “Allow customers to place orders without an account.”

allow guest checkout

Add Express payment to speed up the payment process. 

You can integrate express payment methods such as Google and Apple Pay to provide a faster purchasing experience. 

Express checkout helps users complete the checkout process with a single click without having to go through a long checkout process. 

Note: Learn how to add express one-click checkout to WooCommerce. 

A/B test the checkout page to find what resonates with your audience 

The best way to ensure your checkout page is optimized for conversions is to offer your audience exactly what they need. 

You can find out what exactly resonated with your customers with A/B testing. 

With A/B split testing, you can create different variants of your checkout page and find out which one converts better. 

Note: Learn how to A/B test your checkout page. 

If you follow all the tips we shared correctly, you can successfully optimize your checkout page for higher conversion rates. 

You can also check our blog, “23 WooCommerce Checkout Optimization Hacks to Speed Up Buying Process and Improve Conversions”.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I hide shipping in WooCommerce?

To hide shipping in WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce ⇒ Settings ⇒ Shipping, and then disable all shipping methods for all the shipping zones.

How do I get rid of the shipping calculator on my cart page?

To get rid of the shipping calculator on the cart page, navigate to WooCommerce ⇒ Shipping and uncheck "Enable shipping calculator on the cart page."

Ready to Remove Shipping from Checkout? 

Removing shipping or shipping details from the WooCommerce checkout reduces unnecessary steps, making customers more likely to complete their purchases. 

In this competitive world, you should offer your customers the best shopping experience possible. 

Therefore, if your business doesn't require a shipping address, refrain from burdening customers with extra information on the checkout page.

Along with removing shipping, follow the tips we shared as well to get the maximum conversions. You can implement all the strategies we shared with FunnelKit Funnel Builder. 

This ultimate sales funnel builder for WordPress allows you to create an optimized checkout page that streamlines the checkout process.

So, are you ready to remove shipping and optimize your checkout page? 

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