Tripwire Funnel: How Top Marketers Are Using This Dead-Simple Hack To Get New Sales

Tavleen Kaur
January 8, 2022
Tripwire Funnel: How Top Marketers Are Using This Dead-Simple Hack To Get New Sales

People don't value free offers as much as they value products they've paid for! That's the simple psychology behind tripwire funnels.

How many free workbooks have you diligently filled out yourself? Or how many free ebooks have you read cover to cover?

Tripwire funnels are great ways to turn ice-cold audiences into instant customers.

The price point is what makes the deal lucrative, so even if you've never sold products before to that audience, they can still feel compelled to swipe the card.

That's why you can get a very high tripwire conversion rate without putting in much effort!

The best part?

You can squeeze more dollars on the backend with order bumps, one-click upsells, and even personalized product recommendations through email marketing.

In this post, we will look at what a tripwire funnel is, some really well-executed tripwire funnel examples, and finally the step-by-step method to set up one for yourself!

Let's begin!

What are Tripwire Offers?

Tripwire offers are low-dollar offers intentionally priced low to make visitors convert into instant buyers.

You don't have to make long arguments to convince people to buy. What you need to do instead is have a lucrative price point - preferably under $50 and reinforce the affordability of your product!

The idea is to get the prospect's foot through the door and then increase their order value systematically.

You can make relevant post-purchase upsell offers to get better returns on your ad spending.

Tripwire offers can be evergreen (as you'll see in one of our examples) or time-limited.

How does a Tripwire Funnel work?

There are two ways to create a tripwire funnel.

You can start with the free lead magnet offer and then pitch the paid product; or start with the low-dollar paid product.

So you can:

  • Lead with the paid offer: This funnel starts with a paid offer (your core offer). You can have a two-step checkout page and capture email address on the first step.

    If the prospect converts, great you have a sale. And in they don’t, you can follow up using emails with a good marketing strategy.
Tripwire funnel - Lead with the paid offer
  • Lead with a freebie: After signing up for the freebie on the opt-in page, you can direct them straight to the tripwire sales page. Skip the opt-in confirmation page.

    On the tripwire sales page, acknowledge the action and then make a high quality pitch for the core product.
Tripwire funnel - Lead with a freebie

There's literally no one winner here! You can experiment with both methods to see what works best with your audience. Scale the winner.

Three Kickass Tripwire Funnel Examples from Top Marketers

In this section, I'll take you through three incredible examples of the tripwire sales funnel.

These tripwire offers are very catchy, lucrative, and presented well.

Their sales pages are strong, include all the important sections that convince people to buy and their price points are under $50.

Let's take a look.

1. Frank Kern’s Tripwire Funnel Offer

Frank Kern’s Tripwire Funnel Offer

If you want to learn offers and master the art of presenting them in a way that they are desirable, there's no one better to learn from than Frank Kern!

He makes a fabulous pitch for his tripwire offer on scaling social media ads.

Priced at $27, his gated video training checks all the right boxes of desirability.

Here are a few interesting takeaways from this tripwire funnel's offer page:

1. Have a single goal: There's just got one single goal of the sales page: It is to convince you that Frank's advertising techniques are simple. From using the phrase 'dead simple' in the headline to sprinkling phrases such as 'two-sentence copy', 'delivered in little chunks' - it's all aligned with the common goal of the page.

2. Incorporate something timely into your message: You can't talk about growing an email list without the GDPR policy. Similarly, you can't talk about Facebook ads without the iOS update! Frank calls it the 'post iOS environment' - positioning the update as something that all advertisers must know and do something about it.

3. Emphasize the 'low price': By repeatedly using phrases such as 'it really is just $27', and 'you get everything today for just $27' - Kern wants to make the deal sound like a steal! Even though prices are always subjective, he doesn't leave a single chance to reinforce that it's very affordable.

2. Kim Garst’s Tripwire Funnel Starting at $37

Kim Garst’s Tripwire Funnel Starting at $37

Kim Garst is one of the well-known social media influencers.

Her product 'Create and sell your first mini course' is an evergreen product.

And unlike Frank Kern's truly limited-time offer, this one's always available to buy through her website.

Like Kern, she also repeatedly stresses how affordable the offer is priced at $37.

Here are some of my takeaways from her sales page:

1. Make it sound digestible: Aren't people overwhelmed all the time? They don't want to pay for things they know they'll never have the time to use. Kim offers priceless instant gratification by calling her training 'mini' and promising the result in a mere 7 days. You too must make the goal tangible.

2. List the problems the product solves: Keep in mind that people always buy products and services to solve problems. So you've got to show them your product is designed to solve those exact problems. I like how she says 'generate predictable revenue without trading time for money' - a common problem for every freelancer.

3. Sweeten the deal with bonuses: I cannot lay enough emphasis on how bonuses lead people to the buy button. Sometimes, bonuses are even more persuasive than the core offer. Garst includes a worksheet, a short training on making any PDF editable and access to her private Facebook group - in the bonus section!

3. Gabby Bernstein’s Manifestation Challenge

Gabby Bernstein’s Manifestation Challenge - Example of tripwire funnel

The New York Times best-selling author on spirituality and personal growth sure know how to make her offer sound compelling.

Priced at $37, she's pitching a live challenge that people can join as soon as they complete the payment.

Key takeaways from the sales page of this tripwire funnel:

1. Help people visualize your product: Through an image shown on the sales page, Gaby makes people visualize the experience of taking up the course. You can see the exact course interface on a tablet and the AirPods on the side! It makes the offer rather compelling.

2. Highlight real comments from social media: No matter how well-worded the testimonials are, there's nothing more authentic than the comments on social media. People trust social media and the accompanying likes and shares further solidify their credibility.

3. Answer as many frequently asked questions as you can: Not only making your FAQ section insightful and loaded helps with SEO, it also helps increase sales! Gaby does a brilliant job here. She even answers provoking questions such as "I've tried manifestation before and it hasn't worked for me. What makes this different?"

How to Set Up a Tripwire Funnel?

Now that you've seen what Tripwire funnels are and what makes them so powerful, it's time to set up one for yourself.

We would be using FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) to show you how to build your Tripwire funnel.

You can download the free version and get started.

To add order bumps and one-click upsells to your funnel and get access to a bigger library of conversion-optimized templates, snag the deal on the premium version here.

Let's get started.

Step #1: Add a new funnel called 'Tripwire Funnel'

For this step, choose or create a product under $50. This could be a mini-training, workbook, ebook, or even a physical product.

And add it as a product in WooCommerce.

Next, go to Funnels and add a new funnel

Add a new funnel

Next, you'll be directed to the templates page.

Select Sales Funnel from there and choose your favorite page builder. Once done, click on any of the templates you like.

Choose your favorite page builder and select Sales Funnel.

You can preview this whole template. As you can see, this funnel has 4 pages:

  • Sales Page
  • Checkout Page
  • One-Click Upsell
  • Thank You Page

Click on 'Import This Funnel' and name it 'The Tripwire Funnel'.

Name your funnel - The Tripwire Funnel

Your template will get imported into your funnel.

Step #2: Edit the sales page of your tripwire funnel

First things first. You need to the landing page to show your offer.

Click on Edit next to your landing page.

Click on edit to start customizing your sales page

Next, click on 'Edit Template' to start editing your sales page design.

Click on Edit Template

Customize your landing page the way you want.

Customize your landing page the way you want

Click on 'Update' when done.

Step #3: Customize your checkout page

Go back to your funnel and click on Edit to begin customizing the checkout page of your tripwire funnel.

Click on Edit to begin customizing the checkout page of your tripwire funnel

You can edit the pre-made template and make changes to the text, add your images, and more.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Add a catchy headline that makes a promise
  • List the problems that the product or service will solve for users
  • Add testimonials to boost the credibility of the page
  • Mention the price on the CTA Button and highlight it multiple times
  • Sweeten the deal with tempting bonuses
Edit the pre-made template and make changes to the text, add your images, and more

Click on the Update button when you're done.

Now go back to your Checkout page and add a product to it.

Add a product to your tripwire checkout page

Save the changes when done.

Step #4: Optimize the checkout page of your tripwire funnel

You can do a few things to optimize the offer page of your tripwire funnel.

Go to the Optimizations tab when editing your Checkout page and:

  • Enable express pay options
  • Enable Google address autocomplete
  • Auto-apply a coupon code (really good to make people complete their purchase)
Optimize the Tripwire checkout page

Click on Save changes when done.

Step #6: Add Order Bump to Boost Order Value

Adding an order bump will help you increase the order value.

You can add the order bump by clicking on the Add Order Bump button below the checkout page, as shown here:

Add Order Bump to Boost Order Value

Name your bump offer and edit it.

Set up rules, add your tripwire products, pick design skins for your order bumps, and more.

Set up rules, add products, pick design skins for your order bumps, and more

Since Tripwire is a low-dollar offer, it makes a lot of sense to have thoughtfully cross-sells displayed on the checkout page.

The users can add them to their order with one click on the box!

This is how the order bump will look on the Persuader template:

This is how the order bump will look on your tripwire funnel

If you're selling a physical product such as a t-shirt - one more of the same at a deep discount can also work wonders.

You'll suddenly see your order value doubling!

Step #7: Edit the a One-Click Upsell offer

You can create a series of one-click upsell and downsell offers or just have a single one-time offer.

The idea is to increase the order value systematically and get a better return on ad spending.

FunnelKit lets you create a series of dynamic offers and interlink them such that on acceptance of offer A, you can direct them to offer B, while on its rejection to offer C.

And at any point in the funnel, send them to the order confirmation page.

To keep things simple, we will create a single, one-time offer.

Creating a single, one-time upsell offer in the tripwire funnel

When you click on Design, you'll be able to select the template and customize it the way you want.

Clicking on Design will allow you to customize the template the way you want

Step #8: Edit the Order Confirmation Page

That's it! This is the final step of your tripwire funnel! 

The FunnelKit thank you pages are way better than the native WooCommerce thank you pages.

You can use this opportunity to acknowledge the purchase and state the next steps.

Some of our customers send users to join their private group on a social media channel. Some others direct people to their latest blog posts.

You can even add a short video to deliver a warm thank you and welcome note!

Take a look:

Preview of the thank you page in tripwire funnel

Add Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails to the Mix

No matter how optimized your tripwire offer sales page is, cart abandonment is inevitable. 68% of eCommerce carts get abandoned.

This goes to show that having a cart recovery sequence in place is the best way to minimize lost carts.

You'll see the best results for your cart recovery sequence, especially in the case of tripwire offers.

Since these are low-dollar offers, even one nudge can help abandoned users convert. You can include 3 or more emails in your cart recovery sequence, but you'll see that the first email itself will do wonders.

Here's a brilliant abandoned cart email from Jill Stanton of Screw the 9 to 5 for her tripwire offer:

Abandoned cart email Example from Jill Stanton

You must take a minute to read it and notice a few factors that really stand out:

  • Link to complete the purchase is in the first sentence itself: You don’t have to look for it!
  • The email is infused with personality: Most businesses keep their abandoned cart emails very bland and all robotic, but not Jill! She brings her personality into it.
  • This was not the only email: Three more emails followed and each of them approached the abandoned user with a different angle!

You can imagine how many sales would have come through only because they chose to follow up with abandoned cart users.

To set up your sequence, get the free version of FunnelKit Automations or the feature-rich premium version of FunnelKit Automations.

Ready to Drive Fresh Sales with Tripwire Funnels?

Tripwire offers are profit-pumping! Consider adding tripwire funnels to the mix to bring new people into the system.

Not only will tripwire marketing funnels help generate leads, but they'll also help you get recover advertising costs instantly.

As we said, it's easy to convert people who've never bought from you through tripwire funnels than through high-priced offers.

So go ahead and follow the simple step-by-step process to set up your tripwire funnel today!

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Author: Tavleen Kaur
Do you know after Amazon implemented the 1-click buy system, their sales shot up year-on-year hitting $88.9 Billion mark in 2014? Jeff Bezos attributed it to a friction-free & streamlined buying process. At FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels), we're determined to give you the tools you need to do the same in your business. I am Tavleen and I help you get there faster.
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