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One Click Upsells

Confirmation for Upsell Acceptance

This feature helps prevent accidental purchases and it’s just a double-confirm option. Of course, turning it on is optional.

On accepting the offer, a side panel shows up, on which the user is asked to click on the CTA button once again.

When they confirm it, the item gets added to their order.

The upsell confirmation screen also has a decline button as well so that users can click on it if they change their minds.

Clicking on the acceptance confirmation

When you click on the 'Yes, Add This To My Order', a side cart will open asking for a confirmation.

It'll list your upsell item along with the price and accept order button.

Side bar acceptance confirmation of upsell offer

Based on the acceptance or rejection, the item will be purchased or not purchased respectively.


Here's how you can disable or enable the upsell confirmation settings:

Ask confirmation - upsell settings

Turning it on will ask your customer for confirmation to accept this offer.

This is how you can ask for confirmation every time the upsell offer gets accepted.