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One Click Upsells

Doing Real Transactions For Testing

Doing real-time transactions ensures that Funnels are set up properly and work in a LIVE environment as per your expectations.

You can directly test a funnel to see if it works.

If you are concerned about the gateway fees and want to test the funnel with small amounts.

Here is the strategy:

1. Create a TEST PRODUCT with a value of $1.

2. Mark its visibility as Hidden so it does not show to the end user.

3. Go to the Funnel>Rules and set a new Rule with OR Condition.

4. Go to the Products tab and change the price of upsell product to give a 99% discount. This will usually make upsell amount small.

5. You are all set to run the test funnel in the live environment.

6. Go to the front end and add TEST Product to the cart and make a purchase.

7. Most Important: Once testing is done, don't forget to revert the Rules and Prices as it was originally set up.

- Trigger the funnel
- Accept Upsell Offer(s) till you see WooCommerce Thank You Page
- Go to WooCommerce > Orders and review the order summary