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One Click Upsells


The rule-builder allows you to set up rules for your one-click upsell offers.

The upsell offers will only show only when the set conditions are met.

There are two sets of rules:

All Rules - Set rules based on products, orders, customer information, geographical details, date/time, upsell funnels, and checkout pages.

So there’s a long list of rules available you can choose from.

You can even use a combination of rules to trigger your upsell offers exactly when you want.

Consider these use cases:

Say you want to trigger an upsell funnel when the customer buys an item from a specific category.

You can set it up this way:

Here, the upsell funnel will show up only if the main order consists of an item from these categories.

Say you want to show an upsell item when the customer ships to a specific country and their first order.

Here’s how you can set that up with the rule group:

Rule group of customer's shipping country and their first order

So as you can see, there are endless possibilities to set up rules to display your upsell offers.

Use your imagination to create highly targeted upsell offers.