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One Click Upsells

Purchase Event Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why has One-Click Upsell built-in purchase events?

All 3rd party tracking plugins fire purchase events on thank you pages. They do not expect an upsell process to kick in.

So these event tracking plugins may not trigger purchase events correctly in case the customer abandons the funnel.

This can lead to the number of transactions being under-reported.

2) How does One Click Upsells work?

One-Click Upsell takes complete responsibility for sending purchase data to Facebook and Google. It would work even when funnels do not trigger.

One-Click Upsell fires purchase event of main order on upsell page.

If upsell is accepted, the purchase event of the accepted offer is fired on the next step. The next step could be another offer or thank you page.

If upsell is rejected, no purchase event is fired on the next step.

Using this technique we are able to correctly send data to Facebook or Google.

Note: We fire purchase pixels right on spot. If someone purchased the main product and also accepted it, you would see two transactions in Facebook/Google dashboard with respective purchase value.

3) What is the recommended setup?

We recommend that you disable Purchase events from external plugins from those plugins and get them enabled via our plugin. This is done to avoid sending duplicate events to Facebook/Google.

4) How can I disable purchase events from an external plugin?

It would depend on the settings of the specific plugin. You would have to look into the settings of your plugin to find a way to disable purchase events.

You can disable Purchase Events Tracking for some popular plugins listed below:

5) I have disabled Purchase Event, should I also disable other events?

No, One-Click Upsell only takes care of Purchase Event. Other events related to add to cart or checkout should be kept on. In essence,  One-Click Upsell works in tandem with plugins, it's not a complete replacement of these plugins.

6) How can I verify if Purchase events are firing correctly?

Depends on which marketing analytics system you are trying to verify

Step 1: Install these Chrome Extensions

Step 2: Make a test funnel and go through purchase. Now notice that the Purchase event of the main purchase is fired on the first upsell. Also, notice its value to see if it is the price of the main transaction

Step 3: Now accept the offer and notice that the Purchase event for the accepted offer is fired on the next step. Notice that is the value of the purchase event this time is that of upsell price.