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How to Display Multiple Products on a Single Upsell Page

Sometimes store owner wants to sell multiple products using a single offer page. With FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels), you can add any number of products to a single upsell offer page.

Depending on the offer page design requirements you can choose either from Grid or List Layout.

Below are steps to create a multi-product offer page:

Step 1: Add Another Product

Click on Add Product to add another product to the upsell offer.

Add Another Product as upsell

From the search box choose the product you like and click on add.

Search a product to add

This is how your offer page would look:

Second product added

Adjust the quantity and discount rate of the products, then click on Save Changes.

You can add as many products to an offer as you want.

Step 2: Import a Template

Now to accommodate more products, we need to import a multi-product template.

Go to Design and import the template you like.

Import a Template

Step 3: Customize the page

Then in the page editor, customize the page to make it look attractive and on-brand.

Customize the page

Click on Publish when done.

This is how you design a multi-product Upsell page for your store.

You can also design this upsell offer in Elementor. Watch this video to learn more about it:

How to Display Multiple Products on a Single Upsell Page

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