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One-Click Upsell

FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) allows you to create one-click upsell offers to increase your average order value.

You can show offers based on rules such as the order total, order items, payment gateway used, coupon code used, and more.

Using dynamic offer paths, you can create a series of funnel offers such that the next offer in the sequence shows based on the acceptance/rejection of the previous offer.

Access our complete documentation on One-Click Upsells here

Some Important Articles:

How to set rules to trigger the one-click upsell funnel - Learn about all the different conditions you can set to trigger the one-click upsell funnel. You can choose from the basic and advanced sets of rules, and even create a smart combination of conditions.

Creating offers - In this article, discover how to create one-click upsell offers - select a product from the store, configure discounts, set shipping prices, and more.

Designing your one-click upsell offer pages - Create beautiful one-click upsell pages to present your offers. You can add testimonials, product.