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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this doc, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions related to pixel tracking.

1. How does FunnelKit fire Facebook purchase events especially when you have installed external plugins such as PixelYourSitePro?

FunnelKit will take responsibility for firing purchase pixels even if a buyer does not finish the funnel.

You can enable Tracking Events from Settings in FunnelKit.

When a buyer completes an order and lands on the upsell page, the purchase pixel of the original order will fire on the upsell page.

Now if they accept the offer, the purchase pixel for the offer is fired on the next step. The step could be another offer or thank you page.

This technique allows purchase pixels to be correctly tracked even if the buyer does not complete the funnel.

Next, even if the upsell funnel does not run, FunnelKit stays vigilant and fires pixels on the thank you page.

So it takes complete responsibility of purchase pixel firing.

FunnelKit integrates with Google Analytics 4 and Facebook (Meta) and can track various pixel events across your website without the need for additional plugins or any custom tracking code.

It also effectively manages all the Facebook and Google Analytics events, and there is no need to use any external tracking plugins or codes.

Therefore, if you have configured your tracking codes within FunnelKit, you do not need to place any tracking codes or plugins elsewhere on your website for the events that FunnelKit provides.

2. What happens if my plugin does not allow turning off purchase events?

In this case, the pixel will be fired if the user reaches the thank you page and either accepts or rejects it.

As per our experience, most users reach the thank you page, so pixels will be tracked correctly.

Only in those cases where buyers leave the funnel midway purchase pixels won't be tracked.

3. How to test if Tracking and Analytics are working properly?

Make a test order and test out if the data is being sent properly.

You can cross-check Facebook Events and Google eCommerce Events using the Chrome tool.

Facebook Pixel helper –

Google Analytics Debugger: 

Google Tag Manager (in case you have set up via Google Tag Manager) –

We will continue to answer your queries here for a quick resolution.