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When a user takes an action on your website, for example, purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter, it's called a conversion.

You can get conversion-reporting information once you set up the Pinterest conversion events.

Once you've configured the Pinterest Tag ID and Conversion events, you can perform pixel-based event tracking.

Site-Wide Event Tracking

FunnelKit lets you track site-wide events on your website even if you've no active funnels running.

This removes the use of external event-tracking plugins.

Go to Settings in FunnelKit and check the option to enable the 'AddToCart' site-wide event tracking.

Site-Wide event tracking

Click on all the events you want to track.

Funnel-based Event Tracking

You can find various funnel-page events to track pixels on your website such as:

  • Optin Page (Lead event)
  • Order Bump (AddToCart and Conversion event)
  • Checkout Page (AddToCart and InitiateCheckout event)
  • Purchase event
  • Track each step of your funnel

Once done, click on "Save".

That's it! This is how you can enable pixel-based event tracking on your website.