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Order Bump

An order bump is an additional offer for a complimentary product on the checkout page.

The users can accept it with a single click and add it to their order.

FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) allows you to set up order bumps on your checkout page. You can customize the bump skin, sell variable and subscription-based products through it, and much more.

You can even set up multiple order bumps on a single checkout page, allowing users to add one of the many to your order.

Read our extensive docs on Order Bumps here

Some important articles:

How to set rules to trigger order bumps - Rules allow you to show the bump when specific conditions are met. For example, the user's cart total, cart items, and more.

Adding product(s) for order bump - You can add simple, variable, and even subscription-based product(s) to sell as an order bump. In addition, you can configure discounts and flat shipping amounts.

Designing the bump section - FunnelKit lets you fully customize the order bump skin. You can make it look on-brand by choosing some colors and skin.