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FunnelKit Funnel Builder integrates with Snapchat to help you track different site events on your website.

But before that, you need to configure the Snapchat Pixel ID first.

Site-Wide Event Tracking

Check the different events to enable them for tracking.

With the site-wide event tracking, you can track the 'PageView' and 'AddtoCart' events on all the pages on your website (even if you've no funnels running).

Therefore, you can now disable all the external event tracking plugins like PixelYourSite, PixelCaffeine, etc.

Enable the events

Funnel-based Event Tracking

Funnel Builder has the ability to track separate events for your funnel pages such as:

  • Sales Page (PageView event)
  • Optin Page (PageView event)
  • Order Bump (AddtoCart event)
  • Checkout (PageView, AddtoCart, and InitiateCheckout event)
  • Purchase (Purchase event)
Funnel-based event tracking for snapchat pixels

Click to enable the different events you want to track on your website.

Once done, click on Save.

That’s it! This is how you can enable event-based tracking in Snapchat with FunnelKit.