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How to Add a Product to Your Checkout Page

In this documentation, you'll learn how to add a product to your checkout page in FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels):

Step 1: Go to the Products Tab

The products tab is second in the list, right after the design tab:

Go to the Products Tab

Click on the Add Product button to add items to your checkout page.

Step 2: Add a Product

On clicking on the button, you'll see a pop-up window to select the product(s).

Enter the first few characters of the product name and matching options will appear in the drop-down.

Add a product to the checkout page

Hit the 'Add Product' button.

Note: Make sure that your product is added to WooCommerce Products and visible/published to all.

Step 3: Set the discount/quantity (optional)

Let's say you want to sell a pack of three at a discount then you can configure all the settings from here.

Set the discount in percentage or in fixed value. You can even choose to set the discount on regular price or sale price.

Set the discount/quantity of a product added to the checkout

Step 4: Re-arrange the products to display on checkout (optional)

In case you need to display the added products in a specific order, you can always re-arrange with a simple drag and drop.

Rearrange different products on the checkout page

Once done, click on Save changes.

That's it the product is now added to the checkout page.