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Checkout Pages


All our Checkout page templates are built-for-conversions.

But you also get a dedicated 'Optimizations' tab to further optimize them.

The Optimizations tab in FunnelKit allows you to equip your checkout with features that make the checkout experience much simpler and smoother for the customers.

Here are the optimizations available under this tab:

  • Google Address Autocompletion
  • Inline Field Validation
  • Collapsible Optional Field
  • Auto Apply Coupons
  • Express Checkout Buttons
  • Enhanced Phone Field
  • Multistep Field Preview
  • Preferred Countries
  • Time Checkout Expiry
  • Prefill Form for Abandoned Users
  • Autofill State from Zip Code and Country
  • Generate URL to Populate Checkout

Watch this video to learn more:

Learn about these options in detail from below.